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Yup… new.

So, turns out I took Crymore offline for… 15 hours, all for nothing. There’s not one good goddamn commenting plugin out there. They all either hang up on the import, look like shit, or are severely terrible.

It seems the best way to fix the comments is by changing the theme to one that doesn’t suck, so we can utilize all that white space at the bottom. And no I’m not gonna fucking do that right now. People would think Crymore died again if I left the site offline for another day. So, sorry, but that’s gonna have to wait.


Oh, and just for an idea of what I’m bitching about, here’s what a comment thread on disqus looks like:


Can you tell what the fuck’s going on there? Cuz I certainly can’t. That’s because Disqus limits threaded comments to 4 threads only. Our regular comments are threaded to level 10, and that’s still not good enough.

Also, I can’t disable the upvotes/downvotes, and that’s a fucking dealbreaker.


So yeah, we’re back to the shitty old system. If you have any brilliant ideas for how to fix this shit, I’m all ears, but for now we’re stuck with something that’s functional, albeit functionally retarded.

29 thoughts on “New Comments System Up”

  1. Maybe you can get Livejournal’s comments system from somewhere. Unlimited thread depth, comments collapse after a while, but you can easily load them with a click. You can also view threads starting from a comment, which eliminates that problem where replies to replies to replies to replies to replies become of long column of single words.

    I don’t remember comments being editable, but who knows.

    And yes yes, livejournal has cooties and all that, but the comments system is fantastic.

    • I tried looking for it, but I don’t believe there are any options out there for that kinda commenting system to be implemented on a WordPress blog.

    • This, right?

      [00:37] <Minami> go away
      [00:38] <flipr> righty then
      02[00:38] * flipr (——-@——-) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
      01[00:38] <&Dark_Sage> What the fuck Minami

      I’m sorry about that. Minami was probably having an off-day or thought you’d interpret it as a joke. I was typing a “hello” to you but you left before I could finish.

      Honestly, the channel’s not usually like that. If you’re an IRC person, give us another chance and if someone’s a dick to you, let me know. We’re a decent crowd.

  2. Novles fucked around with the CSS and fixed some issues with the comments. I don’t think you’ll lose text from sight when you reply now, and the spoilers work properly inside the comments.

    Thanks, Novles. <3

    • Haha, thank you. If I do figure something out in regard to space management then I will let you know. On the other hand, if you have a spontaneous idea shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do.


    • There was a fix for this problem. However, if you wish to know why it’s not implanted talk to sakagamitomoya/noteventhrice he’s the one that petitioned for the name overflow.


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