Fansub Review: [Doremi] DokiDoki! Precure (Episode 02)

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The only thing I hate more than stupidity is willful stupidity. And by god is Doremi committed to the cause.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (376 MB, 8-bit), LQ AVI (179 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Some Japanese words untranslated (omurice, manju).

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

SubCompare screenshot comparisons:!_precure/


Visual Review


[Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_00.38_[2013.02.17_00.46.23] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2013.02.17_00.47.11]

Opening. no no no. If you’re going to have romaji, you damn well better put some effort into it. (Also, it’s “every day” in this context.)

Rating: Bad.

[Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_22.57_[2013.02.17_00.44.22] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_23.23_[2013.02.17_00.44.55]

Ending. Who the hell greenlit this?

Rating: Bad.




Oh No! What have I gotten myself into?


Noticing Doremi’s styling was quite shit, I decided to pop on over to their IRC channel to see what was up.

<+Dark_Sage> I came to see what was up with your styling — if it was a mistake or if it was a “feature”.
<&Ladholyman> you mean trebuchet?
<&Ladholyman> we’ve used it every precure
<&Ladholyman> for consistency’s sake
<&Ladholyman> it’s readable and simple

And there you have it. This shit is intentional.


An \an8’d, TL Note typeset. Doremi: pushing the boundaries of fansubbing.


<+Dark_Sage> Comparing your Push Me to Commie’s… are you honestly trying to argue that yours is better?

Spoiler for

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_19.48_[2013.02.16_21.56.10]


<&Ladholyman> no ours is not better
<~Maceart> but it’s not worse either

No, it is worse, Maceart. It is much worse.

[Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_20.19_[2013.02.17_00.24.14] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_24.13_[2013.02.17_00.38.00] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_24.22_[2013.02.17_00.38.14] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_24.36_[2013.02.17_00.38.33]

Look at that typesetting~

<+Dark_Sage> Why not hire a typesetter?
<&Ladholyman> we aren’t looking for typesetters though
<~Maceart> it’s not exactly a priority
<~Maceart> besides why fix what isn’t broken

Doremi: best group.





I can only assume they’re using share raws based on that left-sided black border.


They wanted you to know who to blame for this release. What nice people.



Script Review

Main Script.


Someone throw these kids a tampon — their scenes are bleeding.


Only three minutes in and so have I.


You mean a long fall?

[Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_03.31_[2013.02.16_23.13.27] [Doremi].DokiDoki!.Precure.02.[1280x720].[325FE5F8].mkv_snapshot_03.35_[2013.02.16_23.13.34]

Dirty tricks revolve around King Selfishness? What the fuck is this?


The crab’s crabbytalk is completely untranslated in this release. Not gonna count it against Doremi, but it was a nice touch in Commie’s.


They didn’t translate his “Love, love, love~” death scream. That’s… less acceptable, especially considering they TL’d it for the other monster in the episode.


Dammit, Doremi, you stupid shits. The fight is over.


You mean “on”.


Looks to me like more than just the cloak is adorned in gold, but what do I know?


Now’s as good a time as any to throw this out there: the subs are pretty stale. (Here, “isn’t there” would be better suited to the line.) The word choice is less varied than a note you could scribble out on a napkin, and there’s no wit to be found anywhere.

Beyond that, I didn’t feel much characterization from the subs, and it seemed like “flow” was only something their TL only vaguely heard about in the one English class he didn’t sleep through. Commie’s is easily superior on the enjoyment front.


<+Dark_Sage> Commie had 10. You had 12. Who’s right?
<+Dark_Sage> I was under the impression both groups had closed captions.
<&Ladholyman> let me check
<&Ladholyman> it’s 10 good catch macearttttttttt



This world not want live anymore.



Yes, “omurice” and “manjū”. I don’t lower scores for wapsubs, but I’m starting to wish I did.


Multiple levels of QUALITY.


can -> could


Oh, what? How does Commie have it?

“This street belongs to me!”

Much better.

(I like how you have to refer to both releases to get the full picture… for a fucking children’s show.)


“You fool”? It’s a cat.

“Why you little…”//”Get off my road!” would work better.




I want your QC to shove that glass tube up his urethra and punch his dick until it breaks.

…in a friendly way, that is. I’m not a meanie, after all.




Watchability: Hardly watchable.

Visual grade: F

Script grade: D

Overall grade: D

Slower than Commie and worse by every measure. Avoid.
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57 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Doremi] DokiDoki! Precure (Episode 02)”

      • Nah, it’s just that every Commie release starts from 80% of positive votes for perfect script. When there’s something noticeable wrong, ratio usually falls below 50%. If you take stuff like this into account MAL suddenly become useful (referring your article about avg scores).

    • Then hire more. Or is this show such a low priority that you simply don’t care? If so, why are you even doing it?

      Compare this with your group’s (former) main project, that had a ton of people (including you and Maceart) working on it, yet has been left to rot for pretty much half a year now with no sign of progress.

      • Two episodes of Dokka~n are in QC. Should have the entire thing translated by June.

        Precure has always been done like this. Nothing has changed since Smile and we got an awesome B- score a year ago.

        Dark_sage just being dark_sage.

        • Calling people out on poor work certainly is DS being DS. And I’ve been noting these kinds of errors since at least Suite, so maybe its time to look up a few new QCers if nothing else.

  1. Taken from Doremi’s forum:
    “Another comment on fansubbing, by Maceart – Fansubbing should technically require only 2 people: A translator, and someone who does everything else. That, we believe, is the fastest and the most efficient way to fansub. Also, editors are irrelevant if your translator actually knows how to type in 4th grade level English.”

    >shitty timing
    >no TS
    Still slower than Commie.

  2. Y’know, as for the manjuu and omurice… it’s what they are. I don’t want those translated into something comparable or something different. The show is based in Japan, they should be eating Japanese food. It doesn’t take away any enjoyment from the subs, and if I get curious about it, we live in an age where I can find out about it in seconds. And really, omurice is kinda obvious, even without hearing it before I was able to instantly guess “omelette rice”… I rather hate translations that change these things that are obviously Japanese in a Japanese setting just for the sake of “the viewer;” if I have to do a two second look up for something, it’s not going to bother me. My mother watched the episode with me, actually, and having no idea on basically anything Japanese, she didn’t worry about what those were. They were simply food she hadn’t heard of, and not she has. That’s pretty damn easy to understand, and I don’t need English references for it, just like I didn’t need Viz changing the idol references in the Ceres manga to American musicians and the like…

    • The macron (manjū instead of manju) and not having omurice as “omelette rice” were useless “we so Jappy” additions to the script where much better options were available. I’m not suggesting they translate manju as jelly donuts.

      • Respectfully: no. First, “manju” (rather then manjū/manjuu) would be spelling it wrong, simple as that. Second, you’re suddenly turning French (or some other ordered language), not English. Linguistic puritanism is the fucking devil and exists in some languages but has no business amongst proper English speakers. We do not invent random new words to substitute for perfectly good existing words just because ARYAN PURITY XD. When a normal English speaker goes to the store and is interested in a croissant or a pizza, do they ask for some special English version of that? No. They ask for a croissant or a pizza, because that’s what they fucking are. Similarly, if I wanted a manjuu (or any other proper noun) then that is what I would request, because I speak English, not Shithead. As far as I’m concerned people who refuse to learn vocabulary in the age of the Internet are cretins who should be spit upon when not being ignored. It is absolutely no different from complaining about someone using English vocabulary beyond the highschool freshman level because it’s “elitist”.

        Granted, people who use perfectly translatable words (“kawaii!”) unironically are also trash, so it’s certainly necessary to aim for the balanced ideal. Something like “omurice” might arguably fall on the dark side of right and wrong, in that it’s a pseudo-anglicism anyway. But there is no need to try to come up with tortured neologisms just because a word is “foreign”. A proper English speaker will just steal it, because we’re the fucking best and any other language should feel honored to be in any way assimilated by the English hive-mind collective.

        • Well then make it manjuu. I only suggested getting rid of the macron, not replacing the word with something functionally similar. English speakers don’t use macrons.

          • Oh, well if that’s your issue then sure, I have no problem with that. You’re right, and a double-vowel is the standard way to romanize that shit anyway, not a macron. I suppose I read too much into “much better options were available” after just hearing one too many whines about vocabulary, though the target in that case was a British author.

            And as far as pseudo-anglicisms go I have mixed feelings, I wouldn’t blame anyone for going either way (that’s also not a Jap thing, they’re used worldwide, sometimes with hilarious results when the foreigners actually think it’s a real anglicism).

          • PS: not that any of this nitpicking would have the slightest impact on the grade of this release, which would barely merit a D if not for Hadena and co. creating an excessively low floor for F.

        • I think you have to strike the right balance with food in anime – I mean, we call pizza and croissant that because there’s no English word for them. They didn’t exist in our meals before they were introduced via Italy and France respectively. Similarly, things like sushi and ramen have already entered the English language as there is no Western equivalent that we’d understand (raw fish and noodle soup don’t quite cut it).

          However, you have to be careful with it. If there’s an English equivalent, or if the Japanese name describes something we already have in English (hamburger –> Salisbury steak, for instance), then the lines on whether you should translate it or not blur a little. Omurice is a good example. It makes much more sense to a Western ear as “a rice omelette” so why wouldn’t you put that?

          I think foodstuffs should only be left untranslated if there simply is no English equivalent. If it’s just a different way of cooking chicken, then slap it down as chicken. No one’s gonna sweat the details just so we’re true to the nth degree to the Nihongo.

  3. “basically he is a 15 year old autist getting angry over free subtitles for a cartoon aimed at 9 yea rold girls”

    Fansub reviews… Talk about having NO fucking life at all.

  4. I personally think you should penalize for wapsubs.

    Also, I did personally prefer “All roads bow to me!”, but I don’t watch the show so it might not have made sense in context. The…stick figure police car thing was essentially saying that it lords over or ‘owns’ the streets, right?

  5. “And there you have it. This [use of Trebuchet] is intentional.”

    Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is wrong with Trebuchet, other than the fact that CR happens to use it? Granted, almost nobody watched it, but nobody complained when I used it for my Touka Gettan re-release a couple years go. Or when Serin used it for the original TV release back in 2007, for that matter.


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