Apparently I’m Not Reviewing Fast Enough…

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…so choose the exact review order to light a fire under my feet. (Tamako 6/7 and Hyobu 6/7 need to be edited/released before I start on the reviews, though.)


My GJ-bu reviews for Anime-Koi and EveTaku are nearly done (I started them a while back). So they’re not in consideration for this poll, cuz I’m not delaying them any longer even if you want me to.

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Maoyuu groups up pending episode 7 script comparisons. If they fail the fansub litmus test again (will check tomorrow), I’ll remove them from the poll.

59 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Not Reviewing Fast Enough…”

    • I was heavily considering not doing them. The first minute of Da Capo III’s first episode was the worst thing ever. I doubt I could stand a full episode.

      • I’ve heard from various places that it’s necessary watch most of the previous seasons before watching the newest Da Capo. Maybe you want to take that as an excuse to not do the reviews?

        Do make sure to do the Chihayafuru review though. Simply because I love everything about that show and I want as many people to become fans as possible.

        You’ve got all these reviews to do, combined with all those episode that you need to watch. It seems like an impossibly high mountain to climb.

        • Honestly the only reason I’m still watching it at this point is because, dammit, I watched all of the previous seasons and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna quit in the 11th hour.

    • I’m just curious on what he says about our subs xD Even when he bashes on the things I still get a kick out of it and can hopefully use it to make better subs.

  1. I was actually going to request Jojo cour 2 / Battle Tendency, it’s not /that/ different a show now, but some more groups are subbing it I think.

    MMM I think has improved a bit and people are saying they are the go-to, I’m using them personally but I wanted to know what you thought / review it

    But now I don’t have to and can just vote for it.
    Cool shit.

    I also wish to steal your image, would you allow me to do that?

      • Those were a… random two to pick. I’d guesstimate 20% for Anime-Koi and 50% for Hatsuyuki. Honestly, Notepad++ doesn’t give me numbers and I’m not going to sit here counting lines to get an accurate count.

        • Out of curiosity, what’s your arbitrary editing threshold? Considering the fact that we (Anime-Koi) TLCed every line and edited a fair amount of the script, I figured we’d at least be worth a review. We do spend a lot of time on the show – I certainly spend enough time editing it, that’s for sure.

          • I don’t have any numbers I work off — I just look at the scripts side by side and if it seems like you spent 30 minutes or more on the script, it qualifies.

            How long did you deliberate on whether or not to turn “amazing” into “awesome”?

            • That? Maybe a minute or two. I really don’t see what’s so bad about changing “sugoi” to “awesome”, but hey, I’m biased.

              As for the whole script, a few hours. I did edit more than what’s in that screenshot, and we fixed some not-quite-accurate lines as well, as we do in every ep. A lot of our edited lines are big improvements, but sometimes lines don’t need to be changed. I’m not going to reword every line in the script just because I can.

              Lastly, I don’t know how ours measures up to the other groups’ releases, but it’s certainly better than CR’s. The translation errors we correct are enough of a reason to recommend us over CR, at least in my opinion.

              • I didn’t have a problem with amazing -> awesome, I was just commenting it didn’t require a lot of work to do. If you think you put enough effort into editing the script, fine. I’ll throw you back up on the queue.

  2. DS, you once posted a link to a blog that reviewed translation accuracy in one of your comments. Any chance you could post the link again? It was a blog with a black background.


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