Things I would do for Itsuka Kotori if she were my sister

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A comprehensive fantasy involving the best girl of Date A Live.

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Wake her up with tickles, just to hear her laugh and see her smile. ^^

Wash her hair. Not in a sexual way.

Smell her hair. In a sexual way (I hope she realizes my true feelings soon!).

Make her breakfast. Omelettes, of course. Those things are delicious.

Put her shoes on for her. She still needs her big bro for that! ^^’

Hold her hand as we walk on our way to school.

Get hit by a bus and die.

Blood splatters over Kotori-chan, and her mind is shattered.

Her right arm too, cuz the bus hit her when it killed me.

After years of mental rehabilitation, Kotori finally comes to terms with her loss and can re-enter society as a normal person.

North Korea attacks, destroying the world. Kim Jong Un wasn’t fucking around this time.

Good end.


I love you kotori

35 thoughts on “Things I would do for Itsuka Kotori if she were my sister”

  1. I am sorry, but I just cannot let this repulsive fantasy go unchecked. I mean, omelettes? For breakfast? You sick fuck. What’s next, you gonna eat kiddie snacks for lunch? Hope they lock you up and throw away the key.

  2. Better than… (*tries to think of any romance OTHER than Twilight so as to be witty and original*) Romeo and Juliet.


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