Okay, review queue back up

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Poll coming in (days) later.

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If you’re new to the queue, its location is right there in the menu bar (or whatever it’s called) next to the Review Summary.

Its primary function is to let you know what I have left on my plate to review, and what priority the shows have. In other words, you can use it to plan your entire life around my upcoming reviews. I highly recommend doing this.

General questions about what I plan on reviewing and when I plan on reviewing it should go there.

Examples of acceptable comments:

  • “I noticed you’re missing []’s release for ___. Might wanna add it in.”
  • “Most people want you to review ___, but I think they’re faggots. Review Doki’s DokiDoki Precure now plz.”
  • “I broke my hymen while reading one of your Hadena reviews. Please take responsibility.”
  • “So you know all those reviews you promised back in 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2008? Yeah, when are you gonna get on those?”

Now you no longer need to ask me those in random posts. Convenient, ain’t it?


Okay, back to the reviews I go~

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