Drama in Nyaaland!

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I’m getting tired of writing review stuff, so have this.

A Troubling Tale

I woke up this morning to messages on IRC from people telling me I had lost trusted status on Nyaa. (This is where you gasp.)

Morning Sage
A somewhat-irrelevant-to-the-story-yet-accurate depiction of Morning_Sage.

For those of you not hip and in the know, “trusted status” is a visual flair that various user accounts on nyaa.eu get if they have friends on Nyaa staff. Beyond a status symbol, it really doesn’t matter in the long run, so having it removed is effectively the same as the remover glaring really angrily at you for a while and then handing you a note that says “I don’t like you”.

But because nobody told me why they removed my status, it’s more the equivalent of someone glaring at me from behind the curtains of their house, and then putting an anonymous, angry note in my mailbox. And that, my friends, is different. That’s an unsolved internet crime.

Which means…

We have a mystery on our hands!
We have a mystery on our hands!


Mystery Team, Assemble!


All right, so let me retrace my steps and see what caused such an act of petty vengeance. There were three things I did on Nyaa yesterday:

  1. Told someone in the Nyaa chatbox that Nyaa was more like a publishing company than a library. (Image unavailable because the chatbox is gone.)
  2. Asked alduren if he intended to continue subbing Suisei no Gargantia. (Image here.)
  3. Told alduren the reason why his MKV torrents were being rejected by Nyaa staff was likely because they didn’t want his speedsubs of Suisei no Gargantia to compete with UTW-Vivid’s release. (Image unavailable because that comment was deleted.)

…Oh. Well I think we’ve detectived our way into a clue. And I daresay we have enough to get a line-up going.


Prime suspects:

  • __ar
  • Kusion
  • Xythar
  • aers


Inspection time!
Inspection time!

__ar’s always been fansubbing’s golden boy. If you sold his body to cash4gold, you could afford to feed a country like Africa for years. But I believe he was busy with real life last night, namely sleeping, so his alibi checks out.

Kusion may be Kusion but he’s also Kusion. So he’s off the list.

Xythar. Dude legit hates me, but he takes fansubbing too seriously to commit an internet crime.

aers. You’re off the hook, but I’m watching you.

Which only leaves one person…



Red Herring

Ha! I knew it! But, hey… Hold on a minute… It can’t be Red-Herring — Red-Herring’s been offline since 2011.

So if it’s not Red Herring, then who is it?



~The Big Reveal~


holy fucking shit

Old Man Nyaa?! But why’d ya do it?

<~Nyaa> I’ve always hated you Dark_Sage. Your carefree attitude, your beautiful blonde locks, your piercing blue eyes, and your breath that smells of cinnamon flowers. You confuse my heart far too much!

<~Nyaa> But you did something yesterday that pushed me over the edge. You said that my staff and I were keeping people outside our circlejerk down.

<Dark_Sage> So to prove that Nyaa.eu staff don’t play favorites or punish those they disagree with, you…

<~Nyaa> …deleted your comment that said we did that and then demoted you on our site. And I didn’t tell you that I was responsible because I was afraid you might get mad at me, so I hid on my IRC channel all day long, hoping you wouldn’t call me out on it directly. And then when you did call me out on it, I went back into hiding and refused to talk to you because I was afraid you might internet bully me with mean words and sharp wit. And also I want you in me.

<Dark_Sage> …

<~Nyaa> …



32 thoughts on “Drama in Nyaaland!”

      • ZOMG SPOILERZ!!!11

        I don’t really get this – do you mean you have an account named “Dark_Sage” on Nyaa that’s not automatically affiliated with a group? Or is it the “Whiners” one that got the status-drop (in which case it could be another member of the group who ignited the fury of nyaa~)?

        • I’ve had my name as my release account (with trusted status) for my groups since… 2010. It’s relatively common for random names to get Trusted — it doesn’t have to be the name of a group.

          • But now I’m more confused. How can a random name (not a group name) be “trusted”? I don’t really understand this trusted status junk – I mean, it would make sense if it had a bearing on quality, but groups like gg and Commie have it when they’re pretty inconsistent with their quality at the best of times while the Lag-Taka release of Shingeki no Kyojin (that you QC’d, no less!) isn’t counted as trusted.

            So if it’s not to do with quality, maybe it’s to do with how famous you or your group is? :s

            These questions have probably already been asked numerous times before, but I haven’t really been au fait with the torrent side of things since scarywater was the go-to place, so yeah, I get confused by simple steps forward/sideways in torrent distro :D

            • By my first question, I mean: why would a random name be put in the trusted column? You could easily go off after gaining trusted status and distro Hadena releases, which makes a mockery of the system entirely.

              At least if it’s tied to a group name, you have the *group’s* reputation to think about, which is much less likely to be besmirched due to us all wanting our groups to be the very, veyr best!

              • Trusted has nothing to do with implied quality. It just means you’re probably not gonna upload guro under the guise of Naruto_Shippuden_Episode_999. That’s the ideal, but really it just involves you asking for it and getting it if the Nyaa staff like you and not getting it if they don’t. No one outside of a sampling of fansubbers even knows what it means, so it’s pretty fucking useless beyond a colorful way to stand out on the tracker.

                • I’ve come across quite a lot of people who don’t download subs unless it’s from a “Trusted” user. So it can affect the number of downloads quite a bit unless you do something that no other sub group is doing. But with that it’s 50/50 mostly the users on nyaa wouldn’t care and just download anything but anons that lurk on nyaa would probably wait for a trusted release. I probably just contradicted myself, but I think you get the point (I hope) from where I’m coming from.

  1. Hmm maybe the mystery of why Nyaa’s chatbox missing again also solved, they didn’t want another person to bring up about this Suisei thing again.

    If it’s me I could even got banned


    …but I’m too busy playing games and ignoring my other responsibilities.

  3. You’re not the first nor will you be the last, D_S. NyaaTorrents is pretty much exclusive place for him and his buttbuddies to circlejerk each other. If only the general public knew what a douche he actually is.

    Anyway, I digress.

    Welcome to Anime Index :)

  4. Kinda anti-climatic. You accused them of doing something and you lost trusted because of it.

    Whether they did it or not is another matter. If you came into my house and started accusing me of god knows what, I think I’d be displeased too.

    Equally, whether they criclejerk or not is irrelevant.

    If they really are deleting stuff for others to get more downloads, then that’s what you should be making a drama post on. Not losing trusted. I’m guessing that’s what you’re currently attempting to uncover. They never deleted any of the stuff we released first that other groups in the accused circlejerk did, though.

    I did find Nyaa’s description of you amusing. You and your damned good looks!

    EDIT: I also didn’t notice the post date of this, I just came here after being linked the UTW-Vivid review results >_>


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