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Figured I’d try my hand at an episodic aniblog post again.

“Better include a girl taking a picture so it doesn’t seem so creepy.”
“Are you fat and ugly? Might as well shove a dress on and hope that covers up the defects. Touhou 4 life!”
“We have no budget.”
The show opens with a bunch of hideous girls getting their pictures taken by crowds of betas. For some reason, the scene is set in a rundown parking garage.


Among the gaggle of creepers, we’re introduced to this stuttering piece of shit who is apparently experiencing the wonder of the #1 cosplayer in Japan.

“So hot!”
After that amazing shot, he decides he wants a pic where she’s looking right at him instead. This is pretty much how it goes:


And this is where the show really started to piss me off. I came for an anime about some weirdo who takes pictures of girls so he can get his rocks off to them later at night.

What I got was a story about a guy who befriends — and eventually dates — a girl with a lazy eye.


Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but when I’m watching deep animes about couples with troubles, I’m looking for defects like “and one of them is in a wheelchair”, or “and one of them has severe psychosis issues”, or “and one of them is transgender”. You know, so I can look down on them and feel better about my relationship status. But a lazy eye? She’s not broken enough, Japan, and that’s not acceptable.

Rating: 2/10. Series dropped. I’m just going to go watch Koi Kaze again instead.

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  1. Start watching -> wow this guy seems pathetic -> wait a minute he was dreaming -> he’s even pathetic in his dreams? -> lol dropped

  2. > “and one of them is in a wheelchair”
    > “and one of them has severe psychosis issues”
    hmm ‘kay, fine.

    > “and one of them is transgender”
    NFW! what happened to your taste? what happened to
    Select ‘all girls’ From Girls where

    • I should probably definitely have written it better, but let me explain it.

      The ending to the article was pretty much my way of saying “fuck you” to the people who only like romance anime (or anime in general) where society disapproves of the characters for things they can’t ~really~ help. See: Hourou Musuko, Koi Kaze, and (if the second season comes) Usagi Drop. “lazy eye” could be replaced by anything, but it stands for “anything that’s not edgy and controversial”.

      Specifically, it’s targeted at those who who only go for those kinds of shows and ignore anything they can’t circlejerk to — basically, SRS meets anime elitists.
      “Oh boy, a show about a disfigured cross-dressing boy who falls in love with a mentally handicapped janitor? That sounds like a beautiful relationship, but I bet people are gonna say it’s abnormal, those bigoted jerks.”
      “Oh what? A show about a heteronormative relationship? lolnothanks, gross, too much privilege.”
      They’re talking out the side of their mouth, and boy do I fucking hate that kind of shit.

      I was by no means making fun of transgenders, but rather those who openly support them as just regular, normal people while inwardly labeling them as abnormal (hence me using “defect”). These people do exist and you can find them talking about “privilege” unironically.

      • I did not intend to start a possible alarming issue re: transgender. Thanks for saving the day.

        Additionally, you enlightened my thinking with the first two that I quoted. However, Hourou Musuko is still a no for me – where I did not even finish the first episode -, but I am fine with Usagi Drops as the show did not focus too much on the old man and maid’s relationship. And if I understand it correctly, then we are in the same Cruise Ship which has a banner of “Second Season NOW!”.

        Lastly, I am yet to watch this animu (got me interested, credits to Amagami). But after reading this and some other message boards, I might end up not to.

        • I believe Ichika Takatsuki is not mentally handicapped but an alien not familiar with Earth and some ways of how human deal with his/her everyday life. Nanami Aoyama too.

      • I think incest is still a choice – unless there’s a new name for it… siblisexual maybe? So yeah, I liked Koi Kaze because it was good, not because society disapproved of the romance :P

      • >Specifically, it’s targeted at those who
        >who only go for those kinds of shows and
        >ignore anything they can’t circlejerk to
        >— basically, SRS meets anime elitists.

        I KNEW there was a reason I kept thinking “Dropped!” when MC-kun went on for five full minutes about how fucking boring and normal he is.

    • Seriously, it’s a 1/10 for me. I suffered through the first minute I watched to the degree that I have absolutely no intention of returning to the show on my own and will likely be dragged back to it only by the results of the “what to review next” poll.

          • This season is full of “bullet-bites” anyway. Only show I really (oh please let there be some kind of font customization here) enjoyed so far is Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (ye commie, >san<) W. It actually wants to be dumb and succeeds with flying colors, imo. I thought this weird scissors show would place buttom this season, but sadly enough it takes 2nd places thus far for me.

            tl;dr Spring 2013 season = lol

  3. D_S, just admit you were in photo club and this brought back some repressed memories, then get back to actually reviewing the show for its merits.



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