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Poll’s up, review queue’s updated. Lemme know what ya want. Nothing tonight, but review(s) tomorrow.

Vote for me
Vote for me

Why the poll?

Figure it’s best to give ya the reviews you want.


Where’s the poll?

Scroll down and look to your right.


Why now?



Captain Morgan?

Tastes terrible.



Do note that if you vote for Photo Kano, your vote is likely wasted. That show is fucking terrible and I’m gonna weasel my way out of ever touching it again.

40 thoughts on “Poll up”

  1. Valvrave is worthy enough to be listed twice on a poll? I guess if Dark_Sage likes it so much, i’ll just have to start watching it now.

  2. even though Zettai Bouei isn’t getting much talk this season, I’m curious what comes out on top between HS vs. Oyatsu vs. CTSS

    I’ve got a favorite I think, but I’d like to see how it shakes out here

  3. Spoilers: Every anime on the poll with less than 200 votes is terrible. (although Leviatan is decent at times I suppose)


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