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This is an archives post, which means it wasn’t good enough to post when I wrote it, but wasn’t bad enough to scrap. So read it if you’re bored, I guess.



So I guess this is a great way to start us off. Some shitty fucking MSPaint picture, branded with the group’s logo, and a link to some fucktard on DeviantArt.

Well, let’s see how deep this shithole goes.


What is this fucking font


No, tell me this isn’t going to happen throughout the rest of the episode.


Okay, it is. Thanks, T-N. My eyes were a bit dry before but now that they’re fucking bleeding that’s no longer an issue.


You fucking with me? For real, is this deliberate?


Now it’s OP time and they apparently decided to… translate the Japanese staff credits as their own names. Awesome.



What the shit is this karaoke? And did they even bother to read what their “translation” for this shit is?

If you showed any five year old kid in America this, the first thing out of their mouth would be “Why did those faggots fuck the OP up so badly?” How do you expect me to answer that kid? Huh, TV-Nihon?


There is no fucking way.

You know what, no. We’re done here. Bad game, I’m out.




I guess there’s a reason tokusatsu groups have the reputation they do. Goddamn.

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19 thoughts on “Archives: Dark_Sage vs. some tokusatsu group”

  1. I don’t know, that was the best review I’ve read in a while.

    Granted you haven’t done, say, a Hadena review in a while. So I guess it balances out. Or something.

    Why am I still awake?

  2. they have great name yo
    because they save lots of toku shows
    not mentioned how fuck their shits in every show with same errors like that…
    but well, doing that literally at 2012 till now i think they’re look fucking dumb now…

  3. “I guess there’s a reason tokusatsu groups have the reputation they do. Goddamn.”

    You mean, there’s a reason TVN has that reputation. Despite the amount of shows they’ve done, they aren’t the only group on the scene. Check out O-T.

  4. I used TV-N for GARO once(which I need to finish)

    Obviously it’s enough to switch over to a different group that somebody linked to me after I bitched about their release where lines aren’t even translated, and they bother to subtitle a line in romaji even though that kinda defeats the point of TRANSLATION.

    Basically, never again , even if they’re the only group for something, I can’t bear the subs at all.

  5. The dorama and tokusatsu scene has always been miles behind the fansubbing scene (same applies for the scanlation scene, I guess) because it’s far less populated by groups, so you get the kinda subs you’d expect in 2001-2004 because there’s no real competition and no drive to make the subs better than they are.

    I’ve seen a couple of decent drama groups (who have anime subbers among their staff) but they’re few and far between. If you’re used to fansub releases, don’t expect to find the same quality when watching drama releases.

    • Yeah, I do use jokes from articles I never intended to post in the first place. I don’t want to let them go to waste if they’re decent. You really shouldn’t expect anything from Archives posts.


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