Anime Central 2013 – Cosplay Collection

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I was only being mostly sarcastic in my previous post. Unfortunately, Anime Central didn’t have much cosplay we wanted to get pics of. (Part of this may be a consequence of going to cons for the panels.)

Half the pics are from Soup, half from me. Jakeman95 was rolling with us for some of these too. (Click the cosplay pics to enlarge if you want.)




Fucking dignified pose. (And the only pic worth grabbing on Friday. Thursday was non-existent except for Avengers costumes for some reason.)





I think this is Teresa. Not sure, cuz they all look the same in the manga. But Claymore cosplay gets insta-respect, regardless of character.


Soup: “Because Ranka.”

Fair enough, Soup. Fair enough.


She’s from League of Legends, but I dunno which character. Gears-chan?


If there’s a girl in a dress, Soup’s gonna grab that pic. She was super fucking cute though, goddam.


Everyone loves Chinese Batman (except for me, truth be told; I found s2 to be the only watchable season).


Best RPG of all time. This was not gonna go un-pic-takened.


And he runs Dual Blades in-game too. Excellent taste.


We saw these two at Ohayocon this year but never managed to grab their picture, so Soup ran up with the quickness and snapped away.


I’m glad people actually bothered to go for Mondaiji cosplay. Top taste.


Mirai_Nikki_-_Group_[Anime_Central_2013]_2 Mirai_Nikki_-_Group_[Anime_Central_2013]_3

We thought the Yuno was a girl at first. But you know what? Still would, no regrets.

Jinrui_wa_Suitai_Shimashita_-_MC-chan_[Anime_Central_2013] Jinrui_wa_Suitai_Shimashita_-_MC-chan_[Anime_Central_2013]_2

jakeman caught this girl Saturday night. Took me a second to realize she was cosplaying as the main character of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, but I was pretty psyched when it clicked.

As a reward for recognizing her (due to us not being casualfags), she gave us stickers.

~Like this~





Those wings have gotta be a pain. Soup was all about this, but I didn’t bother grabbing a shot cuz I haven’t seen the show yet. (I know I should, but I’d rather watch Seikon no Qwaser or something better first.)


This girl was pretty stunning in that kimono. (I guess something good came out of Hell Girl.)

Sorry I couldn’t get a good enough pic to get that across, though. Fucking shitty S4.



And that’s it.

For a 25k+ attendee convention, I was thinking this would be cosplay mecca. Though there wasn’t a shortage of cosplay (half the people were in costume), I try to only take pics of the rarer stuff, or the really impressive outfits. So I didn’t end up grabbing much. And Soup came up pretty dry too.

Maybe if all the Homestuckers bothered to cosplay as actual anime characters, we’d have some more pics. Come on, anime fandom, get your act together.

19 thoughts on “Anime Central 2013 – Cosplay Collection”

    • Oh, you mean Jake? Fuck, you’re right, I forgot to grab a picture of him. If he brings the costume to Anime North, I’ll snag a pic then.

  1. Wish you’d gotten a better snap of Watashi with some proper lighting.

    And that Yuno isn’t a chick? OMG. Next, you’re gonna say that that Kurousagi ain’t a dude.

  2. >Everyone loves Chinese Batman (except for me, truth be told; I found s2 to be the only watchable season).
    >I found s2 to be the only watchable season

    What the fuck did I just read?

  3. “I found s2 to be the only watchable season”


    also, the masked guy from Mirai Nikki is an awesome cosplay if I want to enter the place cheap and then I could just get the mask off :]

  4. I’m the Watashi~.
    I’m so glad I found another picture of me. I was only able to wear the outfit saturday – sadly. I’m also glad you guys got to see me, and snap a picture. Sorry it wasn’t in better lighting!

  5. >I think this is Teresa. Not sure, cuz they all look the same in the manga.

    If that’s a blonde wig, then it’s Galatea, who is unique among the Claymores by having long blonde hair.

    • Regardless, its a good thing that they snap one and posted it here. Though, it would have been much better if there were more pictures from different angles.

      OTOH, why no Taiga Aisaka >:(


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