Anime North 2013 Cosplay Pictures

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Apparently the reason I wasn’t able to grab many photos was because most of the best cosplayers gather outside the convention center’s parking lot for the sole purpose of being photographed. Sorry, but I wasn’t about to spend my entire weekend in a fucking Canadian parking lot.



Well it started off right with a Seras Victoria. But by the end of the day, this was all I had.

“S’okay, I’ve got Saturday and Sunday,” I thought. …wrongly.





And again, the day started off shit-flippingly awesome with some Blue Exorcist cosplay. Fucking love Mephisto.



But throughout the rest of the day, this is the only shit I could find that was worthy of showing y’all. And League of Legends isn’t even anime.

Do you see how hard I had to stretch for you? I’m like a sexier, more disappointed version of Luffy.




Not a goddamn pic.


Anime North easily had the worst cosplay of any con I’ve been to, and that includes Anime Detour (which is only a 3,000-person convention). But I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from Canada, which is filled solely with people too poor to live in America.

Never again, Anime North. Never again. Let’s hope Youmacon is better.

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  1. The biggest con from where I from has a whole hall(About as big as a soccer field), air-conditioned, just for photographing cosplayers. Also for people to sleep in and wait for the concerts at night.

  2. >which is filled solely with people too poor to live in America

    To counter your argument, I’d say, America’s capitalism and oppressive laws are great than Canada’s. Take that! ( ¬‿¬)

    • Yeah, to be fair, most of the US is filled solely with people too poor to live in America :/
      Your great insult doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though, at least grammatically. :P

      • My bad, I realized I made a bit of mistake. I was trying to say that there’s more capitalism and oppressive laws in American than in Canada. For example, Black Friday was invented by America, and Canada somehow got infected by it as well. However, Canada isn’t really crazy about it, while America is really crazy about it. Get it?

        • From my perspective, Black Friday sounds a lot more morbid than a formalised shopping date (though people manage to die directly from said date regularly in America, I believe). Also, don’t Canadians have a different date for Thanksgiving (what the hell kind of a holiday is Thanksgiving, anyway)?

          • At Wal-mart at least. At least two different occurrences in my memory. As for Thanksgiving googling it is your best bet.

  3. 1. Detour is 5,000 people, not 3,000.

    2. I got quite a haul of cosplay pics from Detour this year. Or I would have, had I not spent 8 hours on Saturday playing mahjong.


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