Whine-Subs Summer 2013 Plans Announced

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Prepare your (finely-toned) bodies.

…for disappointment.

Whine-Subs is going on hiatus for Summer 2013.

My bad~


Sorry, fujoshi. No Free! from me. But if I kept every promise I made to a lady, I wouldn’t be single right now. So, in a way, you’re now one step closer to living out your favorite Dark_Sage fantasy. Lucky you.

20 thoughts on “Whine-Subs Summer 2013 Plans Announced”

  1. What you should do this summer 2013 is to retire,you would do a great favor to “all your fans” that appreciate your bull crap.

  2. And not a single peanut was given about that show (and yes, I did watch the episode). Or more like, just finish The Unlimited already, OK?

      • Holy shit. Didn’t expect such a quick reply. Life is actually going pretty great actually. Been dating the girl (yes, 3D) of my dreams for almost a year now, opened up my own video game studio (have no money or no “real” job, but whateva), and am generally just enjoying life. How’s about yourself?

        I didn’t even know Whine existed still after the old URL died. I’ve been faithfully downloading pretty much every worthwhile series since I vanished,

        (sorry about that by the way, life got real hectic real quick (Spark Notes: got promoted, got arrested, best friend committed suicide, got fired, got kicked out of house, etc. etc. and I just had to bounce. Which reminds me, do people think I’m a murderer? This line from FFF’s 3rd Anniversary post confuses me, “Many inaccuracies were pointed out in our Aquarion EVOL releases. And we found out that we had a murderer in the group.”)

        but am just now getting around to actually watching some. Like, just finished Mirai Nikki, Accel World, C^3, Sword Art Online, and am about to finish Psycho-Pass, so yeah, been focusing mostly on gaming and the creation of such.

        How are things with you? I’ve been seeing your name pop up pretty much everywhere I download. I’ve wanted to stop by IRC so many times over the past year and a half just to chat with people and see who is still around, but I would just never get around to it.

        • You see my name everywhere because I am everywhere!

          Geez, that’s a lot of shit to go through! If you need a friend, you know I’m here. :-)

          Sorry for the clipped replies on IRC when you did pop on the other day. The 48 hour game challenge is over, so we can chat whenev!

          I have no idea about the murderer thing. I’ve never heard about it, at least!

          Also, you lucky bastard for getting a girlfriend. Anyone left for me?

          • Super late reply is super late. New job fucking blows and sucks away all my time. D: I need to download irc for my laptop so I can chat at work. Going to AWA with the gf in two weeks though. Pretty excited.


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