Banner Contest Over – Winners Announced!

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I didn’t really wanna pick one winner, so in no particular order, the superior banners are…


Crymore Banner 08 Crymore Banner 07 Crymore Banner 06 Crymore Banner 05 Crymore Banner 04 Crymore Banner 03
Crymore Banner 02


They have all been added as Crymore’s new banner. Please enjoy.

Edit: Uhh, I did want this stuff to rotate, but I kinda fucked the code up while trying to do that, so I’ll ask one of the secret admins to help out later today. Until then, just stare at the banner up top and pretend it changes everytime you refresh the page.

27 thoughts on “Banner Contest Over – Winners Announced!”

  1. Do you still want the banners to rotate?
    If so, I might be able to help you out. I have an old php script lying around, which works quite well as an image rotator. All you have to do for it to work, is to save the script as “index.php”, put it in the same directory as the banner images, and set the banner’s image source url to the directory path.


    The script, in case you’re interested:

  2. Hey, D_S.
    I just noticed that my browser kept caching the banner, which meant that it would only actually rotate, when I did a hard refresh of the page (navigating to new articles, reviews, etc. would not change the banner).

    I’ve modified the script a little, so this is no longer an issue as long as you’re using my server as your banner host, but once you get it to work locally, be sure to add the line “header(“Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate, no-store”);” right before “header(‘Location: ‘.$folder.$files[$rand]);”.

    I’ve update the pastebin, so alternatively, you could just copy that again.

    Anyway, just a heads-up.

  3. Best banner:

    On a side note, could you align the banner height? In cases where the banner takes a bit longer to load (than the rest of this pages) it’ll move the content (in height) when I already started reading. : x
    Apparently it’s just the Monokuma banner with 12px more in height.

    On a second side note, whenever I see this banner ( it’s smaller in width than the others – the same way it appears in this blogpost, although its size is no different from the others (well, except the Monokuma banner).

    • Oh wow, that banner is so good, it’s actually good… wait… never mind.

      As for your second side note, that was my fault. Banner 2 was smaller when I initially downloaded it, and I never got around to updating the banner list when the proper-sized one showed up. Anyway, I’ve fixed it… now that it doesn’t matter any more. :P

      • Well, this change is temporary and basically my way of saying I’m gonna start posting again. I’ll switch back to your banner switching-ma-jig in a day or two, but I don’t feel cool about stealing your bandwidth regardless of whether or not you’re fine with it, so that will likely only last till the end of the month.

        • Fair enough. :)
          Hopefully, your secret admins will find a way around the permissions issue in the course of this month, then.

          I actually have a slightly weird idea on that, and while I have no particular reason to think that it’ll work, it might. Seeing as how users can access individual images (such as, but not the parent folders, you could try adding an image extension to the folder name, making it something like “Banner.png”. This might trick your system into thinking that the folder is, in fact, an image and allow users to access it as such.
          As already indicated, I have no real reason to think that this will work, but it might be worth a shot.


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