Translation Review: [Commie] Love Lab – 02

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I used to have a high-school biology teacher named “Huggy” (of course this being Minnesota, her actual last name was Hugstad-Vaa).

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (285MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Almost none (eastern name order, last names instead of first)

English style: American English.

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


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[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_01.49_[2013.08.07_18.58.15]

OP. It’s pretty much perfect. This line here might go on for two verses, but it says what needs to be said.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_23.18_[2013.08.07_20.26.41]

ED. Also as good as one can hope for.


Main Script.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_01.10_[2013.08.07_18.54.30][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_01.13_[2013.08.07_18.55.09]

This girl says doushiyou three times in a row. Commie decided to vary it up. I like it; other people might not.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_03.03_[2013.08.07_18.59.05]


[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_04.01_[2013.08.07_19.00.43][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_04.02_[2013.08.07_19.00.59]

My first impulse looking at this line was to say, “try harder, Commie,” but I suppose this nickname has the same WTF factor of “Waki” (from [wa]irodo no [ki]mi), so it passes.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_04.48_[2013.08.07_19.04.20]

“My body moved on it’s own!”

Just kidding, but it’s clear they are trying to steer clear of *that* well-worn phrase from shittily translated hentais. However, it’s too long, so they need to try again. Go with “ I didn’t want to but I did!”

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_04.53_[2013.08.07_19.05.58][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_06.11_[2013.08.07_19.08.48]

I laughed.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_06.49_[2013.08.07_19.10.41]

She said yaba so this expletive is allowable.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_20.18_[2013.08.07_20.14.34]

Dialogue-wise and the fact that this is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy, this expletive comes out of left field.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_08.00_[2013.08.07_19.15.02]

Can’t tell if she’s talking about herself or Maki.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_10.00_[2013.08.07_19.21.35]

Didn’t bother to typeset the word “conscience” on Riko’s chest. Buuut it’s not important since it’ll be covered up by the dialogue anyway, right?

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_10.03_[2013.08.07_19.21.59][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_10.04_[2013.08.07_19.22.22]

Oh wait, it is important.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_11.11_[2013.08.07_19.26.45]

Commie… not Americanizing a line? That’s unpossible!

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_11.13_[2013.08.07_19.28.44]

I thought Huggy was the one running.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_14.34_[2013.08.07_19.42.34]

Why in fuck’s name was this not typeset?

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_16.07_[2013.08.07_19.47.23]

I would have went with “staffer.”

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_16.37_[2013.08.07_19.49.44]

For RILLS for rills. Simón que si, homes.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_17.11_[2013.08.07_19.52.21]

I like their use of “voyeur” instead of the overused word “pervert.”

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_17.57_[2013.08.07_19.54.51]

There is a word that means “monetary calculations,” ya know. Actually, I can think of at least three different ones off the top of my head.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_18.45_[2013.08.07_20.06.55]

The ginger was saying a bunch of things here that wasn’t subbed.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_24.25_[2013.08.07_20.30.56]

I would have just went with “Sayo and Eno Declare War.”


Other Observations

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_07.33_[2013.08.07_19.11.32]

Forgot a space.

[Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_12.41_[2013.08.07_19.33.51][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_15.35_[2013.08.07_19.45.39][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_18.01_[2013.08.07_20.00.41][Commie] Love Lab - 02 [155EF1F3].mkv_snapshot_19.34_[2013.08.07_20.12.08]

As is their wont, Commie has a whole bunch of lines that are way too long. In the first ten minutes alone, I counted at least 45 “red lines” (yes, I know that trunk build is old).


Final Grade: A-

There were no written translation mistakes besides the minor nitpicks, and the script had a nice flow and appeared to be written for a literate English audience. However, since I count omissions in typesetting as translation mistakes, I bumped them down a grade.


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  1. Please, do FFF’s review. I’m curious about whose better. But I’m trying to avoid commie’s by default, so I watching this show with FFF.


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