Poll Reset & Other Things

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I know you like updates.

Poll Reset

The poll has been reset because some of you may wish to change your picks now that half the season is already done with.

A friendly reminder

Due to previous reviews having been posted for the following series:



Servant X Service

They’ve been prioritized and will be reviewed before anything else. Thus, you won’t find them on the poll.


Like always, reviews will generally be posted in the order the poll tells me you want to see them. Don’t worry, I’m sure your fellow readers will pick right.



Banner Switching


We’d been relying on Zeta’s site to switch up banners for about a month and a half. But now that Firebird figured out how to do it internally, that opens up some avenues for fun times. Shenaniganfest 2013 begins.



Translation Parties


Down for the moment due to PHP issues. It was either TL Parties or security risks from running a non-upgraded version of WordPress. It can’t be helped.



My New Avatar

Comes from this lovely little image.


Yeah, that’s not a cellphone she’s holding, as much as it looks like it in my avatar.

25 thoughts on “Poll Reset & Other Things”

  1. Pffft, I didn’t just figure it out. You just have an odd setup so I had to do it a different way to the first method I sent you… okay that does sound like figuring it out. FUCK YOU D_S.

    Why don’t you have FTP access? :< Also, go see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa; it's hilarious.

    • I do have FTP access (you can tell from how terrible the FTP looks). I just couldn’t figure out your instructions because I suck at tech.

      That movie seems too British to watch. I could hardly even understand Shaun of the Dead.

  2. What with all the grammar nazi’ing going on around here, I feel compelled to mention that there’s a comma missing in that Xythar banner (since “Xythar” is a direct address aimed at Xythar (duh), it needs to be separated from the surrounding text).

    Good on you, Firebird, for solving the banner rotation issue.

    My favourite anime is shit? Well, what if my favourite anime is Haruhi? … …BWAHAHAHA!! TROGDOR STRIKES AGAIN!

    • Just an in-joke. I’ll explain it, cuz whatever.

      Xythar was an old member of this community that commented heavily on this site for a few years and then flipped his shit when he got a low score in a review and has since swore to never ever come back here. Like 90% of Commie’s staff members, he still reads this site, despite a self-imposed exile (I don’t recall exactly what caused that, but they were made at something). So every now and then, commenters (or I) will throw shit their way, knowing it’s gotta piss ’em off since they can’t comment with their usernames or their buddies will give them shit for posting here.

      The banner in this post, specifically, came from Sakagamitomoya who generally appends a “fuck xythar blah blah blah” to his name. His schtick is that he hates Xythar. I’m not quite sure what the story behind that is, but he’s been doing it for years, including back when Xythar was a decent dude.

      tl;dr: Just a bit of circlejerking. We like to have fun.

    • The other truth was that D_S was incrrredibly mad because of Tamako Market fansub shenanigans teehee

      If you have time, go read that stuff, it was mad levels of fun reading everyone throwing shit at so many people (herkz vs D_S takes the cake). It’s in a Tamako Market fansub review post, so yeah. I still think that was the second best thing I read here, closely following the Aniblog tournament results.

      ohhhhhhhh D_S your audience craves another aniblog tournament…

    • Feel free to ask here, we gots lots of anime experts.

      Though if you’ve got a lot and don’t want to spend a while refreshing the comments section, we do have an IRC channel as well. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll just show you to a web-based one: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/

      In the Connect drop-down box, choose Rizon. Choose whatever you want for your nickname and choose #whine-subs for the channel.

  3. >Dark_Sage
    >in charge of not fucking up
    You could have prevented this by posting whatever it is you used for the translation parties as free, open source software.


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