New Youtube Series: Let’s Read

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I’m about to do to literature what Yogcast did to video games.

Episode 01: Alice the 101st, Volume 1




I’ll let you all pick the next video. Let’s make this a team effort. :)


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20 thoughts on “New Youtube Series: Let’s Read”

  1. Truly a genius idea.

    It kept me glued to my screen the entire 23 minutes, and I hope that we can expect more brilliant reading from you soon.

  2. Visual Review

    None. What is this, HorribleSubs?

    Rating: Fail x2

    There wasn’t any. Clearly missed two shirts and a manga title.

    Damn, yo legs hairy! Girl, get yo self a razor, stat!

    Script Review

    Main Script:
    Not a single line was properly translated. Terrible.

    Audio’s atrocious. Couldn’t hear a single word.


    Watchability: Unwatchable.

    Visual grade: D-

    Script grade: F-

    Overall grade: A+

    Fantastic. Would watch again.

    • bias. no. really.

      And before I vote, I’d like to clarify if the Beast Master is a job in Disgaea. If not, perhaps I’ll go with Bus Gamer or Beyond My Touch.

  3. …W-What IS this? Certainly, this *can’t* be real!!

    Unless… Ohohoo! I see. ;)
    Adding fake leg hair to confuse us even more.
    You, dear lady, are a genius!!

    On another note: this actually was the first time I’ve read a manga in hard copy format.
    Thank you for providing the opportunity!


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