[UTW-Mazui] Toaru Majutsu no Index (Movie)

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I’m busy.

Turns out that a M-F 8-5 job + a MMORPG = no life. Who knew? Anyway, that’s why there have not been any reviews. I’m so behind on even watching anime! It’s also why this review is so short.

Only reviewed the first 30 minutes, but I watched the whole thing. Visuals were really nice, but I was kind of disappointed anyway. I guess I really do like the Railgun side of the franchise better.

Filesize: 4.2gb (90 minutes 720p… Why the huge size, guys?)
English: American, honorifics



This release is full of songs. Completely full of them! And all except the ED is treated this way. No fancy effects or anything until then. The color choices don’t always make sense, like these two. Later, they use white text with a light green outline, which is blurred like the second screenshot here. This would be fine if the background wasn’t green half the time it’s on screen! Makes it impossible to read.



Because you really can’t rearrange things so that some text goes on the empty bottom part of the screen? This looks so non-symmetrical that it makes my OCD twitch.


Wow, I sure do love libass issues!


Nice font choice here. Though it’d be better if it were bolded (if it’s not already).


The way this poster is the focus for like 15 seconds makes me think that it’s important.



No comma needed.


Powers is plural, so you want “them”, not “it”. Otherwise, you’d have her say, “if I had a power”, which sounds kind of stupid.


Because we’re in the 90s again!


This is an editing nitpick, so just my opinion here.


So I can’t think of a way to explain this that makes sense. But I think that as-is, it’s a weak statement. It should be, “I’ll make sure to let you know” or something like that. This makes the action fall upon Arisa, not Touma and Index. And since Arisa is making sure that she’s doing an action, not making sure that Touma and Index are, it just works better or something?


Another editing nitpick.

The “What … for?” construction can simply be replaced with “Why … ?” It’s shorter and doesn’t end sentences with a preposition.


Because we’re too hip to use “all right”!


This doesn’t make sense.

If she thinks it’s the best time to ask, why is she prefacing her question with “but”? Wouldn’t it be, “You know, I don’t think this is the best time to ask, but…” Then again, if it is the best time to ask, the question should probably be prefaced with something like “so”.


Because “wheelchair girl” is totally a thing.

> It’s not as bad as a bandaged [up] girl in a wheelchair who’s wearing pigtails! (or twintails if you really prefer that)


Whenever the word “the” is involved, you need something after that. The what? And if it’s not actually said, that’s because the person trails off in disbelief, which is exactly what happened here. So make the subs reflect that.

> What the…?

tl;dr: Nothing really wrong with these subs. A few things here and there. Whatever. I’m going to pass out and cry when my alarm rings. (As an aside, I do love my job, really. I just hate early mornings. Also, I’m in meetings from like 9-4 tomorrow, so it’s going to be busy stupid hell.)

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  1. > and doesn’t end sentences with a preposition.

    “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.” – Winston Churchill

  2. “It’s not as bad as a bandaged [up] girl in a wheelchair who’s wearing pigtails!”

    I’d say no to this one. It sounded more like the wheelchair was wearing pigtails.

    “It’s not as bad as a bandaged up and pigtailed girl on a wheelchair.”

    • Eh. 0.10.1 roll up was released last October though, and while the version in ass.h got bumped five months ago 0.10.2 still isn’t out. It’s reasonable for a normal person not to want to go build it from the repository and integrate it with whatever they’re using. Everything will probably step forward by the end of the year, in the mean time just have to deal with the issues list. It’s not that fast moving a project.

  3. My busy lady, may I make a suggestion for a show to be reviewed? If your time permits it, could you please do ‘Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom’ by Underwater, Inferno and (only if possible) Nekomimi? I’ve heard good things about the show but am not sure which group to go with. Thank you.


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