Buyfagging: A Darker Side to Living la Vida Baka

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


Most people agree that buyfags are the greatest human beings to ever walk this planet, but did you know there’s a sinister side to the hobby?

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Sometimes it’s hard being perfect.

That’s right: alphabetization.

An example of the oppression
An A-Z example of the pains enforced upon collectors

Every day, alphabetization affects buyfags like Dark_Sage. Even one new manga could require entire rows to be shifted to allow for a more complete display.

So what happens when the buyfag has work for one day and can’t just change things up on the fly?

Things just pile up and, well, this results:


Please stop this persecution. Contact your local official to let them know the alphabet needs to be abolished, such that displays of bad financial judgment need not be oppressed by the narrow confines of proper order.

Only you can prevent buyfag sadness.
Only you can prevent buyfag sadness.


Thank you,

Dark_Sage – A concerned Dark_Sage

45 thoughts on “Buyfagging: A Darker Side to Living la Vida Baka”

  1. D_S, confirmed for being a Kashiwazaki Sena FC member.

    No pity for you for doing something like that to precious mangas. Cthuko is mad.

    • I have the Yozora version too, as you can see. (You’re right that I think Sena is the best though.)

      I can’t really help the manga situation, but I do have a mass reorganization planned for this weekend. Hopefully I’ll find a way to get everything up, but I’m not sure building another row on the wall will fit all this shit.

      • omg. Do you have Kobato too? And yes, Sena surely is the best. I’d burn all my h collection just to have her as my waifu.
        >I can’t really help the manga situation
        Liar. And do not consider that putting those precious mangas inside a box is the solution. Else, you’ll have me knocking on your door with a shotgun.
        3rd photo, girl with long black hair. Is that Yamato Nadeshiko?

          • Wallspace? How much were spent for those then only wallspace? Why don’t you create another room. More like, create a Library. When you buy an expensive laptop, you don’t put it on a $10 bag >:(

            I knew it. I saw something like that from a friend and read it. Afterwards, I searched for the anime. Time well spent lol.

            • I’m not sure I understand the question. Anyway, the full wallspace might end up holding about 2,000. I’ll have to drill more shelves into the walls. (Holes are easy to fill in. An entire new room isn’t.)

              I’m not spending anymore than I’ve already spent on the architecture until I’ve bought my own home instead of just renting a place out. And I haven’t done that yet since I’m not sure where I want to work for the long-term.

              • Different circumstances for us then. But, if that will ever happen to me, I’d create a Library. In the long run, that’s a better solution, I believe.

                Can’t help but laugh when I started thinking how you would fare when you need to move to another state or to your own house. Haha

      • oo and I remember the party you and koku did. Are those what koku meant?

        >You better come sooner rather than later. I swear to god, his mancave was like an otaku’s paradise, I’m still starry-eyed (◕‿◕✿)
        as per koku. yes, I effin search for this >:)

        • Well, he was actually referring to the whole collection that spreads across three rooms. I only gave you a snapshot of what I’ve got.

            • I’d rather not have anything but my complete, ordered collection shown to people (unless I’m using it for a post like this). I’m just really proud of the collection, so I didn’t want it shown in the disarray it currently is.

              • Hmm, understandable. Though I admit, I thought koku was lying.

                And hey! Even Solaristicss experienced the same thing. You should consider taking a look.

    • On just the manga? Take a guess. 3500 volumes not including artbooks * however much you think I spent on each, on average.

      The answer is more than I should have.

      • Both you and 2coloured had issues with replies here. If it’s actually a case of the system screwing with you, I may have to check with one of the secret admins to fix it. Was that the case or just a slip of the reply button?

        And I’m not gonna give any numbers, but 25k is a bit on the high side (I haven’t technically estimated things out, but I’d skew that average a bit lower). It’s more than I should have, whatever the final amount is.

  2. I look at pictures like this, and I’m glad I’m relatively poor.

    If I had more money, there’s no telling how much random crap I’d have laying around…

    • What’s the point of the question? Do you have money you need to spend or something? I dunno, Persona 4 Golden is better than any game that will ever be on the 3DS, so Vita > 3DS. When it comes to the manga, that depends why you’re buying it. I wanted a huge manga collection, so I bought it. If I wanted a collection only of stuff I knew I’d read, I’d have a much smaller collection.


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