Fakesub Review: [FFF] Golden Time (Episode 01)

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Expecting anything from FFF is like hoping a hooker will give you a freebie. Hey Eien, you should make me your lead editor. I can do nothing faster than your retards can.

Check out these megas differences between the official subs and FFF’s. Ellipses were sometimes replaced with periods. Celebrate good times!

Top-tier fansubbing
More fansubbing.
More fansubbing.


So what does Eien – FFF’s wise leader – think about this?

Session Start: Sun Oct 06 19:28:41 2013
Session Ident: #FFFpeeps
03[19:28] * Now talking in #FFFpeeps
<Dark_Sage> Yo, who edited Golden Time?
<~Eien> ?
<~Eien> collectr did
<Dark_Sage> Did it take him 5 minutes or something?
<Dark_Sage> I think a rock would be more effective
<Dark_Sage> There’s no noticeable difference between your script and Crunchy’s. Thought you had a bit more pride than that, Eien-kun.
<~Eien> I’ve talked to him
<~Eien> he feels the script is good enough and doesn’t need many changes
<~Eien> I believe in his judgement.
<Dark_Sage> Duly noted.
Session Close: Sun Oct 06 19:47:19 2013

Well there you have it, people. I hope you weren’t expecting much from a group whose sole recruitment metric is “ability to spell your own name”. Looks like the staff on this release got that requirement waived.


So, what do FFF’s fans think about this release? Leecher democracy, best democracy, right?




If you want to blame the decline of fansubs on anyone, I can tell you Crunchyroll’s not the only one at fault.

Till next post, earth cowboys~

39 thoughts on “Fakesub Review: [FFF] Golden Time (Episode 01)”

  1. I have a question, then.

    Let’s say that CR’s base translation really IS that good. Wouldn’t adding karaoke and typesetting to it provide the superior release? Because if it’s as good as Collectr and Eien stated, editing needlessly might introduce some translation and English mistakes, thus making the script worse.

    I get that the purpose of these posts is mostly to review editing, but this makes it seem as if FFF (and the other groups who do things like this) are providing subpar releases, but CR’s really stepped up its game (well, in some cases) over the past few years. If adding typesetting and karaoke is all it takes to make it an A release, I see no reason to point people away from it.

    Again, assuming CR’s base script is good, and I really have no idea as the show’s not really my thing, so when I watched it, I just kind of half paid attention.

    • I watched FFF’s release. It was pretty serviceable, but I didn’t like plenty enough of the wording. There were too many 1:1 phrasings and kind of mediocre lines (but not really so much as to be stiff).

      Check the screenies above. Even if you don’t want to TLC CR, there’s definitely room for improvement without guessing in errors during edit.

    • Under the assumption Crunchyroll’s script is an A+ and your editor has absolutely nothing to add because adding one single new word would break the fragile balance of the greatest script in the world, you need to find a new editor because that’s never going to happen.

      As temp said, the CR script doesn’t hit what would be considered A-tier due to a variety of “I get what’s being said, but I wish it was done in English” lines. Collectr just doesn’t give a shit.

    • I actually wondered about that, too. IMO if the script is good, it doesn’t need to be destroyed by unnecessary edits. I don’t watch HS releases, because of the way they style the rips, and the obvious absence of TS and the like. But if it is as the gurus here say and the script could use plenty of improvements, then someone should step aside and let ppl edit, who actually know how to.

      If D_S would read some of the already edited light-novels on baka-tsuki, he’d probably hang himself. :D

    • Yeah, well, not like the typical leecher cares very much about script quality either. I’d hope that doesn’t discourage people from actually putting effort into their releases.

      • “Yeah, well, not like the typical leecher cares very much about script quality either.”

        Considering how Hadena still manages to get downloads, that’s kind of a given.

  2. I said on /a/ back a couple of seasons ago that FFF were changing, and that before long their subs would end up as commie + honorifics. I thought I was only trolling at the time.

    Well at least we can trust FFF not to go all ‘here there be Eotens, yackity-smackity’, right…?

    • I think you could probably find older examples of them barely editing CR scripts.

      They have chosen to retain honorifics and such, which was a welcome change from the “change onii-chan to brother in every situation” approach to localization they used to have.

  3. FFF really disappointed me when they just basically said fuck it on their last couple episodes of Love Lab. They were providing reasonable release time windows. Then, convex went on a “trip” then afterwards they all just didn’t give a shit. 1 week for one episode? That’s bullshit. It could have been 2 weeks, I stopped counting days after the first week.

    • Not the first time that there were large delays at fff. There was the Nyarlko 2 debacle a while back which had humongous delays. Then there was DxD new, which about half-way through started having serious delays, with the reasons becoming more and more stupid.
      I only stayed with them for DxD New because the alternatives were yackity-smackity trollsubs from Commie or… SubDesu. (No trolling at least in the latter, but that’s pretty much the only good thing about it.)


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