Spookymore 2013!

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Welcome to the dawn of the day of All Hallow’s Eve. Today, Crymore will be having all sorts of scary (in a fun way!) tricks and treats.

You know it, ~boo-desu!
Believe it, ~boo-desu!



Today’s Frightening Menu of Terror

Listen close
Listen closely, kiddies

Sometime – A journey through Dark_Sage’s Dungeon of Dastardly Deeds. Will Dark_Sage make it through without tripping over his stacks of manga? Spoilers: No.

Sometime – Watch as Sentai Filmworks turns into Sentai Spookworks. How will our intrepid hero survive this horrorific horror house of horror?! You’ll just have to wait and find out!

Sometime – A ghastly get-together will go down. Share silly snacks with your friends and let your voices be heard in the spookiest viewer’s choice polls Crymore’s ever hosted!




Bring a pillow to hug tight, because tonight you’ll be in for a… fright!


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  1. Do you know what would be spookier than that banner of yours, Ms. Dark Sage? Oh, hmm, I don’t know, perhaps releasing Hyobu? 2spooky4me.


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