Best EDs/OPs of Fall 2013

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End of the year means lots of retrospective bullshit. I hope your body is ready.

EDs/OPs in alphabetical order. Mostly because I don’t want to deal with any bitching about ranks.


Best EDs




Gundam Build Fighters


N/A because Japanese copyright holders and Youtube are lousy sacks of shit.


N/A because Japanese copyright holders and Youtube are lousy sacks of shit.

Reason: I like that hand-reachy thing in the beginning.


Hajime no Ippo Rising

ED (Super LQ)


Reason: Cuz it almost made me want to watch the show. Hey everyone who fucking bitched to no end about me not reviewing it, maybe you’d have had more success if you weren’t the only ones to bother with watching it. How’s it feel being old?


Kyoukai no Kanata



Reason: Pigeons are the best of all the great birds.


Miss Monochrome

ED (Not like this normally; image fucked up to avoid copyright controls)


N/A. I dunno if there’s even a full version out yet.

Reason: Cuz it’s a show about some Vocaloid. How the fuck would it not have a good ED?


Non Non Biyori


N/A because Japanese copyright holders and Youtube are lousy sacks of shit.


Reason: I don’t have to explain myself to you.


Samurai Flamenco (ED Alt, episode 10)


N/A. I guess nobody was cool enough to upload this shit to Youtube. And don’t fucking look at me; I don’t have the time to deal with that shit.


N/A. See above.

Reason: Yeah, it was a shitty segue from the end of the episode, and yeah, it was a fucking lazy 10 frame-ED, but goddammit that song was sugoi.


Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!



Reason: This is proof the show should have been about stupid idol bullshit instead of fucking wrestling. Come on Japan, did you really think I could get off to girls screaming in pain for 24 minutes? I can’t fucking last that long.


Unbreakable Machine-Doll



Reason: Hype hype hype.




Best OPs


Spoiler for





Whether you agree or disagree doesn’t really matter cuz these lists are objective fact.

39 thoughts on “Best EDs/OPs of Fall 2013”

  1. I’m the best OP?

    Awww, thanks~ <3

    All seriousness? Best OP/EDs for this season are:

    Tokyo Ravens OP – X-Encounter
    Freezing Vibration OP – Avenge World
    Strike the Blood OP – Strike the Blood

    This season's music felt kinda blah to me tbh.

  2. Best OP – Kyousougiga, Log Horizon, YowaPeda, Galilei Donna, Kuroko’s Basketball 2, Kyokai no Kanata, Tokyo Ravens.

    Best ED – Kyousougiga, Log Horizon, Kyoukai no Kanata, Galilei Donna.

  3. >Implying nobody watches Hajime no Ippo
    >Season one of the anime is ranked #313 on popularity ranking (myanimelist)
    >Manga is ranked #150 on popularity ranking (myanimelist)

  4. Kyoukai no Kanata: good themes, good visuals, meh everything else
    Samurai Flamenco: the first ED theme I’ve ever preordered
    Machine Doll: not a fan of it in general, but the intro/extro (“hai!”) were entertaining enough for me to merely skip most of the ED

    Maybe I need to watch Non Non Biyori since a friend keeps gushing about it, but all she seems capable of saying about it is “cute”.

    デートTIME has had a few clean versions on YT, but they’ve all been taken down within a week or two. All I can find now is a bad E4 chop job and some sped up/slowed down full length versions.

    I also rather enjoyed Log Horizon’s ED. I admit that half of my enjoyment came from laughing at Yun*chi’s hilarious pronunciation of “zutto”. The closest word to her very clear “zueta” is “tsumeta”, so it became known as the “I’m full!” song at my house. The other half is just the sugar injection after the snooze fest that nearly every episode of Log Horizon has turned out to be.

    • Non Non Biyori pretty much only has “cute” going for it. It’s not really my kind of show, but if you like slice-of-life, you’ll enjoy it.

      SamFlam’s ED song wasn’t bad. The ED itself was just lazy as fuck, so I didn’t put it up here. Same thing goes for Log Horizon’s ED.

    • YZQ is my second-favorite show of the season, but the OP didn’t do much for me. I’d probably be more favorable of it if it didn’t shit out halfway through with the tone shift (right around the hiroiatsumeta/old man council time).

      I actually wish the entire thing was just Hime walking around the cardboard cutout town with people appearing over the buildings and doing shit.

  5. Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware Maware

    Best Ending :D

          • The fights are portrayed with a sense of realism. Generic couldn’t be farther from the truth.

            Dark_Sage sticks to the currently airing shows with little to no exception. Because of work and site stuff and all that. But should you ever have a sudden desire to visit the classics, Hajime no Ippo should rank among the top of your list.

          • m8 you trolling me right now?

            >not liking Ippo’s opening
            >not listing Kamen Rider Gaim’s opening as the best of the year

            Do you even Japan you filthy casual?


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