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Fall 2013 cleanup, and looking ahead to Winter 2014.

Fall 2013 Reviews

All dropped. Would you expect any less from me? <3


Hey D_S Whatcha Watchin’?


This experiment went a lot better than I had expected it would, so I’m wondering what you’d like to see done with it. I’m leaning toward making updates on a weekly basis in an independent post, but if that gets too episodic bloggy, we’ll revert back. Either way, I’ll be putting more into this than I did for Fall 2013.


Weekly Poll

The Danganronpa polls from Summer 2013 were rather successful. I hope to bring them back in some sense in Winter 2014. Ideally, we need to find a show where a lot of people die.

But since I scoped out Winter 2014 already and it looks like Japan’s pulling some “no death games” bullshit, I’ll probably just switch out to a different show’s cast each week. That way it won’t be as painfully predictable as the Dangan threads were.

Or at least I hope so.


New Avatar


Cuz I know you fucking care.

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Spoiler for


She’s wearing a hoodie cuz it’s fucking cold outside.


Aniblog 2014

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

I can confirm an Aniblog (re)start in January, before Ohayocon 2014 begins. The reason why involves reasons, many of which shall never be known.


New Year’s Resolution

Kill la Kill - A Mans Word

I promise to pump my liver full of enough caffeine that I can actually get through a season without having an entire month where I spend my free time on aimless internet browsing.

I’m sure my body will drop dead by 30, but by then Crymore will be on its way out anyway. (Only for, of course, the redesigned – minimalist – cryless. Which one of you wants to be Gray_Sage?)


Feed Me

Non Non Biyuri more like

All right, hit me with your Christmas list. Other than masturbating to increasingly niche porn, my primary hobby is Crymore, so I’ll take any feedback you’ve got.

(No need to waste your time on “Post more, post faster, post harder”. I already know.)

31 thoughts on “Things & Stuff and More Things”

    • Summer, yeah, my bad.

      And another Let’s Read, huh? I lost motivation after completely screwing up on my second one (the camera’s positioning was not so great). But I could continue the series, sure. Might as well add King of Youtube to my list of internet achievements.

  1. I think you’re narcissistic, in the habit of thinking your opinion matters more than it does, but while also suffering from the unfortunate condition that I call “your opinion is wrong, how the fuck did you manage that.” The only reason you’ve experienced any success (let’s be honest, success is an overstatement) is because your blog fills a tiny niche, and no one else is autistic enough to try. Also fansubbing is dying (thank you CR) so hopefully you’ll come to your senses and shut the blog down within a few seasons.

    Of course, the only people who visit this site are people who for some reason or another support you and your blog (inadvertently or not), so let’s just enjoy the circlejerk-y echo chamber up in here.

    (My opinion isn’t worth much as I have yet to provide actual evidence~)

    • In terms of hits/community involvement, Crymore is doing better than ever. The death of fansubbing (even UTW can’t come close to HorribleSubs’s numbers now lol) clearly doesn’t matter one bit to the site. And if it ever does, I’ll just move onto something else, like Naruto fanfiction.

      By the way…

      Spoiler for

      …would you like some more jelly?
  2. “I can confirm an Aniblog (re)start in January, before Ohayocon 2014 begins. The reason why involves reasons, many of which shall never be known.”

    … what the heck? Crymore becoming an aniblog?

      • No, I mean you dropped this season review right? For archiving purpose, just tell which group is the best for each show not yet reviewed (I’m just suggesting. If you don’t want to do this then I’m okay with it)

        • Err, I can’t really do that without compromising the principles that cause me to do reviews for every group in the first place.

          I can give you an unoffocial overview for shows, I guess. EveTaku’s Kyousou was good, sage’s Gundam was as you’d expect from a group run by a Gundam fangirl, and m.3.3.w.’s Non Non Biyori… well, it’s watchable.

          Honestly, I wouldn’t put much stock in those impressions, because I have nothing to back them up other than my faulty memory.

    • Yeah. Unfortunately a lot of (work-related) things came up last season. And by the time I had free time it was way too late to jump on things. Not the best season for Crymore in terms of content creation.

      Let’s hope Winter 2014 ends up better.

  3. “I can confirm an Aniblog (re)start in January, before Ohayocon 2014 begins.”
    Oh, sweet. Aniblogosphere drama is so much more entertaining than the usual aniblogosphere… something. Can’t wait for the unavoidable major aniblogger circlejerking shitstorm to begin with the obligatory “I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT HE’S SAYING ONE BIT! SEE HOW MUCH I CARE? CAN YOU SEE THAT? YES, ZILCH!” rants.

    I’ve also said this the last time you attempted going somewhere with this and didn’t particularly go anywhere in the first place, but neither do I think you will have all that much time during the beginning of a season due to an influx of fansub reviews (or is the rate always the same throughout a season?), nor does it make a whole lot of sense to do that at the beginning of a season with all the first impression posts flooding aniblogs, consequently making things less representative unless you decide to dig a bit deeper. Just my 2 cents.

    • I see what you’re saying, but one thing I’m not good with is waiting. Blogs will get a fair shot, though. I expect to lose many, many hours as I read insufferable twats’ meaningless opinions on things I don’t care about.


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