Ohayocon 2014: Good Time, Party Time?

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


I will be at Ohayocon 2014 (Jan 23rd-26th). If you’ll be in the area you should at least say hi.

Featured guests:

Burning with enough passion to require a doctor’s visit!
  • Dark_Sage.
  • SoupRKnowva.
  • Soup’s friend. I don’t know her name but I’ll probably ask before the con ends.
  • Will. He comments here every now and then.
  • You. If you’re going and aren’t afraid of Dark_Sage.




So many activities!
So many activities! You’ve just gotta be hyped!


A scavenger hunt… of sorts!


And… uh… TBD!




It’ll be fun!

So yeah, I’ll be at the con. If you wanna meet up and hang for a bit, I’m down. Shoot me an email or something.


Also, I don’t really have a schedule lined up for cons this year, since my main man Soup’s going to be leaving for South Korea right after this one. So if you’ve got any con suggestions, I’m open to the idea. (American cons only. I don’t speak foreign.)

11 thoughts on “Ohayocon 2014: Good Time, Party Time?”

  1. I’ll have the time. It’s the money that could be the issue. At least, I won’t have to shell out for a hotel room though. Also don’t know what my friends are planning for sure, and as you’ve said yourself, going to a con alone is not a good idea. Did that a few years back with Matsuri Con I think it was.

  2. I’m gonna have to toss in a suggestion for MechaCon if you have never been. One of the better cons in the southern United States IMO.


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