Out at Ohayocon. o/

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“Hey Dark_Sage, I sure hope you wrote all those posts you promised you were going to yesterday instead of reading Molester Man last night for like 3 hours.”

ano hana - menma
My bad

So yeah, right now I’m out being social and neglecting responsibilities. Didn’t bring my computer either, and it’s a bitch to write on my phone. tl;dr: no reviews from me till Monday.

So… maybe bug koku or Caly for posts.


Again, if you’re gonna be at Ohayocon, hit me up. I promise no more than one abortion joke per minute.


Pelf/Seki Guy lemme know what y’all decided.


With that out of the way, I’m gonna treat this thread like the tweeters throughout the weekend and waste your time with a bunch of bullshit that will make livejournal look like a literary nirvana.

Hope you’re a masochist.

25 thoughts on “Out at Ohayocon. o/”

    • Nobody warned me how well the chapters flowed. There are no bookmarks with that manga.

      I only got halfway through since apparently humans need sleep, but it’s definitely a priority when I get back home.

      Not as good as Fap Note, but good nonetheless.

      • Really? I thought it was actually better than Fap Note.

        Is it sad or inspiring that randoms on 2ch come up with better stories than professional mangaka?

      • Well, I may have spent my evening reading all of Molester Man. I don’t know what I expected, but it was really good. On to Onani Master Kurosawa now I guess cause real fans don’t need sleep.

  1. I would have gone but traveling a state over to have my expectations met or disappointed over the Tumblr anime fandom sounds terrible.

    Don’t die out there, Sage. We need you to eventually become the Citizen Kane of Aniblogs.


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