Translation Review: [Kaylith] Sakura Trick – 02

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More funny lesbians.

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (221MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Almost full wap (“Haruka-oneesama” became “Ms. Haruka” otherwise honorifics kept; “Harupoppo”, etc.)

English style: American English.

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


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Group website:  on the Twitter at:

IRC channel: #[email protected]



[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_01.27_[2014.01.22_14.46.41]


OP. Mostly good, but I still don’t get why this isn’t translated into “I don’t want to let go of you,” or some other variant.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_23.04_[2014.01.22_16.33.36]

ED. What the hell is a “hiasobo”? Anyway, let’s just say the official lyrics come out this week.

Main Script.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.01_[2014.01.22_14.50.08]

Here’s what they had for the literal TL: “I only used them half-way”

They do good work.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.13_[2014.01.22_14.51.30]

I guess the non-Japanese-speaking audience is supposed to suss out from the previous typesettings (which lasted all of half a second) and from all those formulas running behind Haruka that Yuu wrote the answers to her math problems in Haruka’s classic lit. notes.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.31_[2014.01.22_14.53.11]


[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.53_[2014.01.22_14.56.00]

More like “Was that you [who can be a strict class-representative type] trying to act cute?”

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.56_[2014.01.22_14.56.08]

So which two of the girls is she talking about here?

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_03.02_[2014.01.22_14.56.38]


[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_03.21_[2014.01.22_14.58.58]

Superliteral second-year ESL-student translation of this line is “Why when it was a fight this reaction becomes?” But it’s obvious that they had those two girls in mind.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_06.04_[2014.01.22_15.17.05]

“Then that would mean she she would kiss anyone who lets her crash at their place.”

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_08.56_[2014.01.22_15.29.54]

Actually two different thoughts packed into one line. Yes both say korya ichidaiji da, but Haruka says it in a sense that “This is huge! (They’re all over each other!)” while Yuu says it in a sense that “This is an emergency! (They crashed into each other!)” so they needed to find a phrase that will neatly encompass both ideas.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_09.12_[2014.01.22_15.31.40]

or “I’m actually glad you like my place because it’s so close to school.”

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_12.31_[2014.01.22_15.38.18]

Actually the sign should say “Leave School.” She might still be able to graduate. She’ll just have to do it at a different school because the current school won’t take in any new students next year.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_13.01_[2014.01.22_15.41.47]

Fansubber discussion over this line:

{lit harden my heart}{Just have to bite the bullet and help her study!}{idiom might not quite fit but seems better}

What you’re looking for is “tough love.”

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_18.37_[2014.01.22_16.18.34]

“Well, if that’s what it takes to help her graduate on time/avoid an expulsion.”

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_19.23_[2014.01.22_16.20.50]

“Do you have something against me?” This is the second time Haruka snapped at Yuzu for no good reason.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_21.57_[2014.01.22_16.24.51]

Forgot the part about her hoping that Yuu is not falling asleep.


Other Observations

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_00.09_[2014.01.22_14.41.27]

Good font choice.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_01.57_[2014.01.22_14.49.01]

The fact that the typesetting here isn’t noticeable is the testament to the effort Kaylith has put into the visuals of this release. I’m sure they will put as much effort into the signs in the rest of this episode as they did here.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_02.22_[2014.01.22_14.52.43]

Okay, nevermind then.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_13.58_[2014.01.22_16.03.46]

puddi, pls.

[Kaylith] Sakura Trick - 02 [720p][14ECBB3B].mkv_snapshot_01.54_[2014.01.22_14.48.20]

There’s supposed to be a gradient, but I don’t see it.


Final Grade: B+

There were only about a couple lines which I felt were completely wrong, the rest I noted omitted too much detail or left too much room for misinterpretation for my liking. However, I think they may still be able to argue this script up to an A-. For example Yuzu’s “Wow, you’re a natural actress,” could be an instance of sarcasm which I failed to detect.

There has been a recent tendency to immediately judge a line a “mistranslation” if the line was not translated exactly the way the reviewer would have done it. This script is full of those lines in which they obviously went in a different direction from what I would normally expect. In my view, a mistranslation is a line where I would imagine at least one or two other translators also agreeing is wrong, whether in a literal sense, liberal sense, dynamic equivalent sense, or what have you. Everything else is just nitpicking. Too much nitpicking will sap the will of groups to take chances and become creative with their scripts. That would be a shame, because I want to see more scripts like this.

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19 thoughts on “Translation Review: [Kaylith] Sakura Trick – 02”

  1. >What you’re looking for is “tough love.”

    Tough love wouldn’t actually work here, since it would mean that Haruka is sticking to her guns and letting Yuu study on her own to teach her a lesson/help her grow. What actually happens is that Haruka gives in because she’s afraid of Yuu failing and not being able to graduate with her.

    • Actually, at that time, Haruka knows she can’t let Yuu just copy the answers off her notes because that won’t help her pass any test. So that why she wants to practice some tough love and get her to study the right way. But the joke is that Haruka almost gave in to Yuu’s bishie bubbles and lent her her the notebooks anyway.

  2. Also, I think that Shizuku’s line was referring to the kiss resulting from Kotone liking her house for its proximity to their school.

    “betsu ni gakkou ga chikai kara, watashi no ie ga suki tte no mo, zenzen ureshii kara, nakatta koto ni shinakute ii…”

    I took the “tte no” to indicate a noun phrase (which logically would be the kiss on the cheek). If I remember correctly, “no” can and does act as a substitute for a noun phrase when it’s already implied by the context.

    Either that or I’m 100 years too early to be translating with the big boys. :(

    • Well, in this case Shizuku was referring back to her previous argument with Kotone where the former was accusing the latter of staying at the house for reasons (in this case being close to school) unrelated to the opportunity of them being together. But now Shizuku says she’s glad Kotone picked her house because of the proximity since she gets to be with her all the same.

      Anyway, that’s just valederp, that doesn’t make you unqualified or anything.

      • If you take the “zenzen ureshii kara” to be like, separate from the previous part of the sentence, in the sense that she’s happy in general about them being together, then I guess your explanation makes a bit more sense actually. At any rate, this was a really weird sentence as a whole…

  3. When I compared three scripts for 01, HS seemed like the worst one (obviously, I didn’t even consider Doki) because of overly literal style… and honestly, after reading the reviews I just can’t see why CR got better grade.

  4. Haruka actually worried about Yuu forgot what Haruka taught her English lesson by fill in the blanks with the most accurate answer and not paying attention when answering her exam questions.


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