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And with this, the last of the season prereqs is done. Time for content.

New Avatar.

Sauce (NSFW):


So I hope the next time you think about me, pierced nipples come to mind.


Now Watching updated.

You may be surprised to find that I haven’t watched a damn thing yet.


Off Topic has been refreshed.

But if you visit it regularly, you already knew that. Caly has an AMA going.


Poll is up/Review Queue updated.

Note that you’re gonna see fewer TL Parties this season, just cuz of the late start. I prioritize the actual reviews over the Parties.


The following will not be making an appearance:


Cardfight!! Vanguard

It’s the sequel to a series that no one cares about.

Nandaka Velonica

I am neither 8 nor retarded, so this is out.


Not anime.


How the hell is this still airing?


Are the blobs edible or something? I don’t get it.

Chou Bakuretsu

Not anime.

Kutsu Daru

Not anime.

Disk Wars: Avengers

Not anime.

Lady Jewelpet

You didn’t even watch the first season; don’t pretend you can jump in now just cuz the MC is kawaii. There are procedures to be followed.

Pretty Rhythm All Star

I almost remember watching some of the first season. Almost.

Fairy Tail 2014

While I do love Fairy Tail, I’m not even going to try catching up to this series. Surely there’s been enough plot and character development that anyone who only watched the first 40-some episodes would be lost watching it now.


It’s a sequel to some 200-episode series from the 60s. I don’t know why they thought 2014 would be ideal for its resurgence.

Tenkai Knights

North America has had this for a year now. If you really wanna watch Tenkai, just go for the superior English dub.

Duel Masters Versus

This series is still going? Why?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V

I ain’t opposed to reviewing this, cuz fuck yeah YGO, but I’ve been out of the card game for so long that I’d just fuck up the terminology in the reviews.

Love Live!!

Was this the idol show every idol fan loved, or was that Pretty Rhythm? Either way, I won’t review it.

Abarenbou Rikishi

Cuz no.

DBZ Kai Majin Bu

Who the fuck would rewatch DBZ?

Hero Bank

I just can’t do it. Memories of [C] still haunt me.

Dragon Collection

RIP the almost okay manga.

Monster Retsuden

You wouldn’t vote for it anyway.

Ping Pong the Animation

Not anime.

Kantoko Fuyuki

Not anime.

Himitsu Kessha

Not anime.


The following are in-scope, but short, so they’ll only be pass/fail:




And these are sasugas. Note that Monogatari S-whatever is missing. I’m only interested in reviewing that one if some groups of worth bother this season. UTW and Commie have already proven they’re incompetent, and I’m not gonna waste my time on their shitty guesslations and FOBglish.



And there we go. Now time for me to download some stuff and jerk off to my reflection for a bit.

57 thoughts on “Dark_Sage is a lazy liar”

    • At least you didn’t get sucked into Naruto. With your watching ethic, I think you’d die once the 100 episodes in a row of filler (yes, really) started.

  1. “Who the fuck would rewatch DBZ?”

    I’m still surprised by how much some adults are still obsessed with DBZ. I talked to this guy on MAL who thought that the pacing in Kai was too fast. He then proceeded to type out an essay detailing how great all of the filler in DBZ was and how he re-watches the original series all the time. He also saw that I gave it a low score on my MAL and asked me to change it so that the rankings wouldn’t get dragged down.

          • Xythar, what kind of schedule are you guys planning on for Bokura wa Minna Kawaiso? Are you shooting for Fridays or is this one of those, “it’ll be out when it’s done” type of situations?

            • Whenever it’s done, I guess. I usually have the episodes edited within around 12 hours after air, but it isn’t my project, so that’s all I do.

          • Really Xythar you’re defending fucking DDY now? I get you defending Commie since it’s your group and all but DDY? Are you ̶s̶c̶r̶i̶p̶t̶w̶r̶i̶t̶i̶n̶g editing for them as well?

            • Nope. This may shock you, but most of the comments I make here are aimed at correcting misinformation rather than defending the honour of groups I’m not involved with (or barely involved with, in Commie’s case).

                  • Stop the presses.

                    One of their releases has a line that, while being an amusing reference, may also be interpreted as an epik maymay? Unacceptable. This blatant and inexcusable butchering of the noble and valiant art of fansubbing is outrageous. They dare to mock the efforts of hard-working and selfless fansubbers that strive to deliver the highest quality subtitles to legions of fans? Absolutely despicable. Their release, nay, their entire group is clearly a troll, and as such must be purged.

                    • >one
                      They did it on Noragami and Nourin. If you’re don’t know what you’re talking about please shut the fuck up.
                      The one on Nourin is barely acceptable since that scene is a direct reference to Death Note, the one on Noragami isn’t.
                      But epic memes are fine as long it’s not Commie doing right???
                      >hard-working and selfless fansubbers
                      I never saw any other group beg for donations like DDY so one thing is for sure they’re not selfless.

                    • Sounds reasonable to me. If that’s how they treat their subs, they should expect people to treat them likewise ;)

                      Also, maymay is not an acceptable way of mocking the word “meme”.

                  • As the comment thread wont go any further, I don’t “beg” for donations. I have never once asked for donations to keep us operating in a blog post. I HAVE however, asked for donations for blurays as those are additional expense that I and my team members cannot afford. Feel free to check for yourself. ANY reference to donations in a post is for blurays.

                  • Also, does including one meme in an entire show really make it “meme-filled”? The Death Note meme was also only included in the “Weeaboo” track assuming that that crowd might appreciate the joke more.

              • We actually originally did not include the meme. only after overwhelming response from viewers did we include it in the batch. It also was actually a reference to another anime, Bleach iirc, as a joke. Meaning the anime itself intended it to be kind of a meme. Much of Nourin was like this.

  2. I had to sit through the first episode of Hero Bank at a recent con, so I thought I’d give you a nice rundown:

    – It’s not [C].
    – It doesn’t borrow finance terms for bullshit like [C] does.
    – It doesn’t try to look smart like [C] did, so while Hero Bank looks really stupid, you’re expected to know what you were getting into.

    – It’s a stupid kiddy show made as a companion for a fighting game for the 3DS; so the suck factor is high by default.
    – Said fighting game is made by SEGA, and we know how good are they at games lately. So yeah, not even the game is good.
    – Lots of shotacon fanservice, even in the OP.
    – The synopses available for the show on the Internet make you think it’s gonna be about the kid getting into debt and trying to pay it off, but they’re lying. The “debt” factor is handled like Ouran Highschool Host Club, that is to say, just an excuse to get the plot rolling instead of it being the principal source of conflict.

    • I kinda figured he was making a throw-away joke by comparing it to [C], but I’m sorry to hear that you had to watch it long enough to be able to compare the two.

      • Be more sorry that I know enough of [C] to be able to make the comparison, too. Both examples are enough for me to say that shounen shows about money is a guaranteed bad idea.

        • I enjoyed [C], to be honest, but I think that’s just because I ignored the nonsense about economy and focused on what the anime was really about, horny girl on girl action.


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