This site will be around until I die (site update post)

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plz no hitmen.

New Avatar


We’re gonna pretend I found the source pic in a local art gallery rather than an especially productive night on 2chan.

Full image:

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I don't know the source either

If she were a flavor of ice cream, I would bathe in her every day.


New Off Topic/Review Queue/Now Watching






New Poll


I’ll reset it after Seirei airs on July 14th. Then you’ll have no excuse for voting like a liberal in Detroit.

What’s that? Politics on an anime blog? Well now this is the edgiest site on the internet.


New Review Policies


Sub Sourcing Switch

I’ll be switching from Tokyo-Tosho to Nyaa as the primary site I check for new subs. Apparently if you wanna catch ’em all, ya can’t stay in Kanto forever.

(Calm down, Doki. To cover all the bases, I’ll be checking your site too. Enjoy watching your hits double.)

Updated Disq Format

Last season a bunch of fansubbers were bitching about how I too frequently disqualify groups for being lazy sacks of shit. So I guess I’ll have to play Catholic priest and put on the kiddy gloves for them. Wouldn’t wanna hurt our fansubros’ feelings, after all.


New Promises

ryuuko best form

P-Tuesday Polldays return!

There will be posts that involve opinions!

I will be 12% less distra


Newd Pics of Kirito

Spoiler for

Kirito so Best Kirito so Greatest Kirito so Love

For real, how great is that new season gonna be?


74 thoughts on “This site will be around until I die (site update post)”

    • None of the new groups know what TT is, so it’s either leave them in the cold or keep reviewing only established groups and any new ones that somehow manage to find their way onto my radar (generally by you all going “hey, review this shit, D_S”).

      Here’s hoping this’ll help me find some new blood to breathe some life into this scene, cuz the endless circlejerking’s killed any spirit it once had.

        • If weak-willed leadership wants to sacrifice their download numbers just to make Daiz happy, then there’s not much I can do about it. It’s sad what fansubbing’s turned into, but I’m not gonna start avoiding reviews for groups like EveTaku just because lyger’s a simpering cunt now.

          • Yeah, fansubbing has turned from a scene where lots of groups submit to TokyoTosho into an almost identical scene where about ten groups less submit to TokyoTosho. It brings a tear to my eye to see what non-submitting-to-TokyoTosho monsters we’ve become.

            • No, it’s more that the goals have changed. Used to be groups battled over downloads. But now, it’s just about jockeying for position at Nyaa.

              There’s no reason for groups to pledge to never upload to TT otherwise; it’s a process that takes about ten seconds, can be automated, and leads to more dls via an expanded user base.

              • As I said below, you could make that argument for hundreds of other torrent trackers and aggregators out there. There’s no particular reason TT should get special treatment.

                • If you think creating a signed boycott for a site where you outline reasons why you’re enacting the boycott and give an exact date for when the boycott is to begin isn’t “special treatment”, you may need to relearn the English language. Your cognitive dissonance is really something else, Xythar.

                  • In my case, it’s really just ending the special treatment. Others might have different reasoning, for all I know.

        • I don’t really understand why groups would choose to limit their reach for no real reason at all. Kind of funny that the people running Nyaa are running this campaign against their rival, and people are eating it up. No agenda there at all, clearly.

          And of course groups are going to show their support. “If we pledge our support, you’ll make our account trusted and give us the occasional A+ release, right, Daiz-sama?”

          Or at the very least, perhaps those that continue to choose to upload to TT may find their releases marked as re-encodes or their trusted status removed.

            • Hey, man, I see what you’re doing. It’s cool. Trying to kill off your only major competition, so that people are forced to use Nyaa. More people using Nyaa means more ad views, which means a greater inflow of cash, right?

              • I don’t think this will really make any difference to TT. Other people can and will submit our torrents themselves, so I suspect everything will end up there regardless of what we do. The difference is that we won’t have to do it.

                It shouldn’t be the responsibility of content providers to distribute their content to every alternative index, distribution channel, and aggregator out there. Do blogs and news websites explicitly submit their articles to Google News after posting them? Of course not, because Google New scrapes said sites automatically like any sane aggregator should.

                All we’re doing is treating TT like the hundreds of other trackers out there that we don’t bother submitting to. I have nothing against them, but I also don’t see what makes them special enough to deserve personal treatment.

                • I don’t see why that requires a campaign to get everyone to sign on to not use them though. If you don’t think it’s worth using them and that Nyaa offers better features, wouldn’t it be better to just…you know, use what you like?

                    • “I care so little about this subject that I signed a petition and will vehemently defend it regardless of how stupid I look doing so.”

                      Xythar, if you really think what you’re saying you do, you should have just ignored TT and Daiz’s little temper tantrum altogether.

                    • It’s funnier to see you guys come up with conspiracy theories about the big bad Nyaa empire trying to kill off their biggest rival, an aggregator that just republishes their content anyway.

                    • Why don’t you tell us about all this content that Nyaa creates, Xythar? I think we’d all love to hear about that.

                    • I’d be more interested in seeing you publish a torrent to TT without uploading it to a real tracker first.

                    • A real tracker like Nyaa, where the tracker will get pulled at the first sight of danger? Yeah, sure. Nyaa is first and foremost an index.

                      But they key point of my post is that “Nyaa” doesn’t “create” one bit of content. And hell, the only content *you* create is subtitle files. You’re just a redistributor, don’t get ahead of yourself.

                    • The only person who’s using the word “create” here is you. Five times on this page, in fact.

                • What the hell do they teach kids at fansub school these days? Jesus Christ.

                  Xythar, you’re right. It’s not your “responsibility” to distribute semi-modified content across the internet. That’s a given. But depending on what you consider your objectives as a fansubber, it’s generally the primary goal. I understand that in your case you see fansubbing as a social game. Climb that ladder, get the pats on the back from people you consider your friends. But in the scene I joined, fansubbing was a competition.

                  Create the best content, release the fastest, get the most downloads, get your site the most hits, etc. etc. Whether that’s the way the game should be played is up for debate, but it certainly creates better content than the circlejerk trash like you have initiated. Where’s your motivation to do a good job? Come on, convince me you’re actually trying.

                  Two years ago if you told me groups were banding together to reduce their download numbers just so they could all sing kumbaya more harmonically, I’d have told you you’re fucked in the head. Tell me why I shouldn’t say the same today.

                  • Firstly, I don’t really care about DL count. In fact, less downloads generally means less people bitching, which is quite all right with me.

                    Secondly, I’d be interested in seeing some kind of proof that TT is worth submitting to, or at least more worth it than submitting my torrents to all those other trackers out there. Shouldn’t I be submitting to Anime Index and Anirena too? How about ThePirateBay? Lots of people use that! I guess I’d better upload my stuff to Usenet and a bunch of DDL sites too.

                    Or I could just make the subs (which is the part I actually care about) and then submit them to the one preferred site that 95% of people use. It’s the 80/20 rule in play, except in this case it’s more like the 95/5 rule.

                    • I have stats back from when I was actively subbing that say TT+Nyaa is the way to go. You can measure that now based on how many hits TT give to your site versus how many hits Nyaa give if you want an idea of its current value. As for your dismissal of DLs, I hope you realize that until the Megaupload fiasco, most groups provided DDLs as a means of distributing their subs. And most groups still, I believe, utilize XDCC as an alternate distribution method.

                      Piratebay is generally seen as too mainstream for anime, but I know groups used to upload their batch files there and Demonoid as well (RIP). You are aware bakabt is a thing too, right?

                      As a history lesson, since you’re still relatively new to the scene, groups used to have a position called “distro”. It was literally that person’s job to handle all the aspects of distribution, making sure that the release was sent out as many ways as it made sense. If you think Nyaa’s the only way to go for you, fine. Just realize that circlejerking won’t get you much further than from where you started.

                    • Somehow I don’t think stats from 2009 are still relevant today.

                      I don’t even track hits to my site (didn’t even link to it until this season) but everyone I’ve asked who does has said they only get a tiny fraction of referrals from TT.

  1. Nice new avatar, D_S. BTW, there’s “happy” written on her face, but she doesn’t look happy. I guess she just woke up and is groggy. ;D

  2. This site will be around until I die (site update post)

    gg said the same thing and now they’re pretty much dead.

  3. Wow ds, totally didn’t see this thread last season shortly before letting the site do nothing for multiple weeks

    • It’s a general update post, so yes, you should have seen it last season as well as other seasons before it. How else would you know what the source pic for my avvy is?

  4. Shame that you’re supporting Nyaa now, Dark_Sage, after all the BS they’ve done.

    Though I will admit that Daiz is right about one thing. By his little “Oh, Tosho sucks, stop posting there~”, it’s going to be very hard NOT to post to nyaa. It’s hard enough as it is.

    Though I wish he wouldn’t have lied in his little petition. “As long as you have an account, NT allows you to freely manage your torrents (change descriptions, adjust information, adjust visibility, etc).” is a complete lie, seeing how I’m apparently not allowed to delete my own torrents, and if I attempt to, they’ll be undeleted and placed under and anonymous submitter.

    • Are you sure that’s Nyaa staff doing it? Remember, anyone can upload a file really – if you’ve deleted a torrent that was publicly available, someone might have just reuploaded it.

      • Yes. I deleted it after a couple of comments had been posted, and when it came back, the comments were still there.

    • I’m not “supporting” them, but I don’t have too much of a choice, if all those groups in that list have truly thrown away their pride to play kiss-ass.

  5. The people over @ Commie (Xythar & Daiz) are always coming up with some kind of bullshit. First Xythar came up with Eotens, the fucking fagget. Now this pleb ass mother fucker Daiz is making some bullshit boycott? Wtf is wrong with you guys, how much more butthurt can you get? The fansubbing scene has officially turned into The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why don’t you guys just stop using the internet? You’d be doing everybody a huge favor.

  6. If you just want an RSS feed of releases, my aggregator feed might be of interest.

    It aggregates:

    Kickass Torrents (Anime)

    (yes, I know some of those aggregate from each other as well – in that case there will only be a single entry as it’s based on the torrent URL).

    Where possible I only take the verified or non-remake releases.

    I also process the titles and add overrides where necessary to get the seasons right – I’ve just updated the season parsing for the shows that have come out in the last week (FeedBurner may take some time to fix itself up). For example:

    [Migoto] Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~ – 01 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [E85403DF].mkv


    Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~ – 2×01 (720p 10bit AAC) [E85403DF].mkv


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