Crymore Banner Contest 2015

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Refresh time.

Has it really been a year since we’ve had new banners?

I guess it has.
I guess it has.

And because I’m only handy with myself, I’m pawning the fix for this situation off to you. Please make Crymore some new banners.


Stringent requirements:

  • 1024×200.
  • The “m” in Crymore should be red.
  • PNG; I can do joke banners on my own.


I’ll post the winners (of my appreciation and gratitude) sometime Saturday night. You can still submit banners after that, but you won’t get an awesome thread dedicated to you.

43 thoughts on “Crymore Banner Contest 2015”

    • Attempt #2: The two best “communist-red grills” from Madoka.

      Look at those low-res yandere-faces. It is almost better than Kaminas manliness. 20 min digging in my computer archive to look for some anime pic with red, and then 5 minutes PSing=profit?

      • And attempt #3:

        Some random chick from Guilty Crown. Didn’t nail the communist-red this time around :(

        This banner challenge is pretty fun: Find the best fanservice pic with a red M in it on the interwebs, and then PS and add “cry” and “ore”.

          • Hmm, maybe I should change the font… The R does indeed look a lot like an A. But Qrius ‘C’s and ‘G’s are two letters that look very similar to eachother everyday, no matter the font or handwriting ;)

            The chance of me changing the font is minimal because the chance that anyone will use that .png as a banner is minimal. I don’t think that it looks pretty/sexy/nice/good. Quanitity>Quality is the rule

            • Hmm, the colour of the red is not really blood colour. In periods the endometrium of the uterus sheds of (mainly necrosis I think), so it is maninly deoxygenated blood cells which gives the period the disgusting dark red colour and not the nice bright red/pink colour in the banner I made.

              And another detail is that period stains on cloth don’t generally appear on the front of the pants. If she didn’t use any kind of “protection” then it is more likely that her butt would be covered in blood that the senario you are pricturing. (I don’t really know if I am trolling or not anymore)

              If there is anything in the world that should just go and fucking die it is periods.

      • Can’t be helped; everything I touch turns to perfect. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

        Actually, it’s only the former, now that I think about it.


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