Aniblog 2014: [Day 494] What it is + disqualifications/brackets

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Has it really been this long since we started? My, how the time flies. I wonder how my lovely aniblog scene has been doing without the guidance of its king.

Aniblog 2012

A Brief-ish History

Spoiler for

Back in early 2012, when we were still Whiners.Pro, one of our staff (Kyonyuu) suggested we enter an anime blog contest, because “Hey, why not?” So we did, not quite realizing how much entertainment we were setting ourselves up for.

Oh me

If you want to relive (most of) the experience, I suggest reading the earliest Aniblog posts in tandem with the Aniblog tournament blog. You’ll miss out on what was happening on IRC, social media, and the other blogs, but about 80% of the most amusing drama was on here and the tourney blog.


Anyway, the gist is… anime blogging was (and is) even more insular and circle-jerky than fansubbing is today. So when we joined the tournament, nobody had any idea what Whiners was about, or even that we were (and are) one of the ten largest anime blogs around. And in a popularity contest, being popular is apparently a really good way to get very far.

Since I didn’t want to enter us and just leave the polls to the aniblogger scene, I decided to involve Whiners in the tourney… by reviewing (almost) every blog in each round, and suggesting which ones people should vote for. It got quite sagey~


Well, suffice to say, the aniblog community was not pleased with the course of the tournament after that. I kept writing about blogs, and people kept getting mad I was influencing the results and calling their blogs shitty… God, it was such a fucking high. Like, the random screenshots I’m posting don’t hold a candle to the drama that ensued.


Shit continued and we got to the finals, where we won on a technicality — turns out the other finalist blog (Metanorn) had been using proxies to vote, and stupidly bragged about it, causing them to get disqualified.

Yup, we totally won.
Yup, the tourney organizers (who were apparently really good friends with Metanorn staff) totally disqualified them.

But whatever the results, all the drama around the tournament turned the tournament organizers off from ever creating another aniblog contest. And they announced that they were done, and thought that would be the last of it.

Final point of order is that I’m not going to be running any of these things myself. I got fucking sick of the whole thing, and it’s not like I’m paid to put up with this.

…so I decided to make one on my own. And here we are, 494 days after the fact.



Aniblog 2014

Aniblog 2014 Processes and Procedures

In the spirit of Aniblog 2012, all polls are open to the public and will not be tampered with by the tournament organizers.


Aniblog 2014 Disqualifications

My departed friends, I love you more than you could ever know.

Here’s a list of the dead. It totals to 62 blogs, out of the 195 that were still in the tournament.

The only prerequisite for death is fewer than three actual posts in the past three months. Sorry, but “I’m still alive!” posts don’t cut it; I’ll be the judge of that. Also, keep in mind since the blogs are dead, the odds of them being infected with malware when you click through… well, I wouldn’t suggest cracking them open without an e-condom and Febreeze handy.

Spoiler for

~Ageha’s Adventure Diary~
A Certain Blogging Tobiichi
Adumbrate & Resilient Love
Aizen Gamer
Amateur Rambling
Analog Housou
Anime Anemoscope
Anime Audiolog
Anime Club
Anime Picks
BD77’s of Figure & Plamos
Blue Sweater Story
Buy First, Regret Later!
Chromic Aberration Everywhere
Cosmic Latte
Denpa no Sekai
Digimon: System Restore
Drastic My Anime Blog
Engendered Dilemma
Experimental Gonzo
Eye Sedso
Golden Sneer
Gundams with Justinius
Hanners’ Anime Blog
Hashihime – Anime Voices
His Personal Joy
Just Another Anime Podcast
Just Another Heaven
Let’s Anime
Life is just…
Life of a Future Mangaka
Love-Colored Sky
Otosu Otome
Pretense W/ Glasses
Riyoga’s Ramblings
Saimoe Update Blog
She’s Lost Control
Shiizumi’s Anime Blog
Stereo Otaku
THAT Shoujo Manga Blog
The Awesome Critics
The Blazing Neko
The Check-in Station
The Manga Habit
The Monologues of a Bored Man
The Rabbit Haul
Tsukiyo no Hikari
Uguu Cage of Love
Valahuir’s Otaku Den
Zone Otaku


Aniblog 2014 Brackets

The following are still active by the loosest of all standards.

Inactive community? No hits? Fear not; you still qualify for my sagey attention! And you can’t opt-out, so don’t bother asking.

Spoiler for

24 Frames Per Second
A Case Suitable for Treatment
AngryJellyfish’s Blog
Anime Anthology
Anime Aura
Anime Instrumentality
Anime Tree
Anime Vice
Anime Viking
Anime World Order
Annalyn’s Thoughts
Aria Thursday
AstroNerdBoy’s Anime & Manga Blog
Atelier Emily
Avvesione’s Anime Blog
Awesome Engine
Behind the Nihon Review
Beneath the Tangles
Cacao, Put Down the Shovel!
Caraniel’s Ramblings
Cartoon Leap
Curry Curry Chronicles
Cutfilm Tovent
denpa’s blog
Diamonds in the Sea
Dynamite in the Brain
Experiments in Manga
Gagging on Sexism
Gaijin Gunpla
Gar Gar Stegosaurus
GN Particles
GoodGuyDan’s Gunpla Blog
Gundam Guy
Gundam Model Kits & Figures
Gundam Model Kits Review
Haruhichan’s Blog
Hau~ Omochikaeri~!
Hinano’s Game Babbles
Hybrid Universe
Isn’t it Electrifying?
Itadakimasu Anime
Japan Powered
Lemons and Alpaca in Anime
Loli Salad
Lost in Anime
Lost My Thesis
Lower Mid-Table
LuRa’s Anime Blog
Mainichi Anime Yume
Manga Report
Manga Therapy
Manga Xanadu
Mecha Damashii
Mirror of Paranoia
Moe Alternative
Moonlit Asteria
Moving Towards the Future
Neko Magic
Neo-Shonen Fujoshi
Ngee Khiong Ex
Ninety’s Blog
NuKo no Himegoto
Nyaa! Figurines
Ogiue Maniax
OtaCoolTure no Saka
Otaku Dan
Otaku Generation
Otaku Lounge
Otaku Overdrive
Otaku Revolution
Pirates of the Burley Griffin
Project Otaku
Random Curiosity
Reflective Boundary
Reverse Thieves
Sakura Doujin
Sankaku Complex
Sea Slugs!
Seventh Style
Sophie’s Japan Blog
Star-Crossed Anime Blog
Subdued Fangirling
Swabulous Max
Tenka Seiha
Tentacle Armada
The Beautiful World
The Cart Driver
The Geek Clinic
The G-Empire
The Glorio Blog
The Infinite Zenith
The Otaku Spot
The Pantsless Anime Blogger
The Untold Story of Altair and Vega
Through the Looking Glass
Too Old for Anime
Visual Novel Aer
Visual Novels and Eroge Review
Wrong Every Time
ZakuAbumi’s Anime Blog

Over the course of a year+, all surviving blogs were promoted in tournament rank. Congrats, guys. You don’t deserve it, but I’m merciful.

Aniblog_2013_Reviews_Bracket_Base_64_v11 Aniblog_2013_Editorial_Bracket_Base_64_v11 Aniblog_2013_Figures_and_VNs_Bracket_Base_64_v11 Aniblog_2013_Niche_Bracket_Base_64_v11


tl;dr: This should be fun.

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    • Current plan is to have the Aniblog limited to Saturdays. Of course, there are usually good odds I’ll be doing normalfag things on the weekend so if that prevents me from posting content, Sunday will be the spillover day.

      You can reasonably expect a minimum of two full rounds each weekend before I get bored and drop this whole thing at the end of the month.

  1. The 4 winners should totally go against each other and in the end against Crymore and see who is the ultimate bestest anime blogger.
    ( ¬‿¬)

    • Why, I would never enter Crymore into this sacred tournament. That would be a conflict of interest; #Aniblog2014 is about ethics in anime blogging!

  2. inb4 obligatory “Yes, I write things and put them on the Internet, but I do it for my own enjoyment, so I should be free of all criticism.” posts


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