Crymore Banner Contest v.Winter 2015 Winners

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


It was a brutal battle, but 11 banners came out on top of the 40 entries. Also, have some minor site updates, cuz why not?

First, and most importantly, the 11 new banners for Crymore:

Crymore Banner 18

Courtesy of Humanity, who’s always made sexy banners for us.

Crymore Banner 12
One of my all-time favs.


Crymore Banner 19

Courtesy of Ellis, who implied they’d be entering multiple times, but let my sagey heart down.


Crymore Banner 20

Crymore Banner 22

Crymore Banner 25

Courtesy of MegaPear, who is MegaPear.


Crymore Banner 23

Crymore Banner 24

Courtesy of Aura, who went 2-for-2. Those fucking colors <3. The last banner’s really busy, but I loved the creative rule interpretation.


Crymore Banner 26

Courtesy of pizzalove, who probably didn’t realize I hate Trigun. And also, Vash has absolutely no thematic link to the blog, so I don’t understand the fascination.


Crymore Banner 21

Crymore Banner 27

Crymore Banner 28

Courtesy of lololol, whose strategy of “enter as many banners as possible that fit the Monokuma and Asuka theme” actually worked out.


I’m hype for the refresh.



Meta, not worth its own post:

New fansub review queue is up (here). Review order is now decided based on comment votes. We’ll see how it turns out.

Translation parties are still broken. You can thank the instability of PHP in WordPress and WordPress’s compatibility-breaking updates for that. I don’t know when these will be fixed, but I will try upon the next WordPress version update.

11 thoughts on “Crymore Banner Contest v.Winter 2015 Winners”

  1. I’m pretty surprised that 3 of mine were picked considering the sheer amount of incredibly well done entries from other participants.
    Not so surprised that my ragyo one did not pull through.

    Anyway, congrats to those who made it into the rotation!

  2. Dark_Sage, if you have problems with coding, you can always ask my friend from Maid Forge to fix it for you. He’s an expert at webdesign.

  3. 3/20 times I reload the your blog I will be reminded of my PS-skills and cry out of happiness. I would also say that my success rate is pretty high: 3/6 banners is now a banner for some random site on the internet.


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