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If you don’t have anyone this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be your date. Hell, I’ll be your date even if you do have someone.


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Yeah, I know we just got the new ones, but Valentine’s Day is too heartless to care.

LoveMore Banner 2015

This is gonna be added to the rotation from now until… uhh, Sunday-ish. Though I’ll probably come up with something kawaiier when I have some liquid inspiration in me.



LoveMore Posts

I’ll theme posts where I can this week. Just keep in mind that Monster Hunter is launching on Friday, so weekend postery might be spotty. As such, I’ll be trying to get some content out to you during these next couple of days.


Tonight: Pollday

Wednesday: Chu-2 BD Subs Review

Thursday: …Saekano Fansub Review?

Friday: Anime Opinions

Saturday/Sunday: Aniblog Tourney, Let’s Read, me playing Monster Hunter with my friends

I'll be rolling Hunting Horn, ofc.
I’ll be rolling Hunting Horn, ofc.



LoveMore Puddi

TL Parties have been fixed through Spring 2014*, thanks to best boy’s efforts.

*Parties prior to Spring 2014 need special adjustment that I’ll be doing in my off-time.


Puddi, I still have a stock of free blowjob coupons from the raffle, so just let me know if you wanna redeem one at Sakuracon.



LoveMore Atlanta


For some period of time, I’m gonna be stationed in Atlanta for work. If you wanna hang, just toss me an email or something.


14 thoughts on “LoveMore 2015”

    • Oh, I do. It’s objectively shit. But I ended up sinking a couple hundred hours into it in couch co-op with a couple friends, and we’ve got a four-man group for 4U, so I anticipate enjoyment.

      And yeah, New 3DS is the way to go. Gotta roll with class. Assuming it operates on NNIDs, I’ll be ReiAyanami. Guess I’ll find out on Friday though, since doing research sounds like effort.

      • It does. If there’s one piece of research you do, make sure you look up how to do a system transfer correctly, ’cause Nintendo’s system is a little bit archaic. Whatever you do, don’t just log into your New 3DS with your old NNID (because that would make sense). This video from Nintendo should cover the basics, though other guides will probably go more in-depth.

  1. Maybe this will be the first time I will pass a Valentine with someone… Or maybe not, I’m still unsure if I’ll get invited or not, ;_;.

  2. >Puddi, I still have a stock of free blowjob coupons from the raffle, so just let me know if you wanna redeem one at Sakuracon.
    D_S confirmed pedo


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