Sakura-Con 2015 ‒ Day 0 ‒ Thursday

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Don’t get mad if you didn’t know you could hang with me at this awesomesauce con; I mentioned I was going like… twice or something.

In case you’re unfamiliar with my con articles, all of the following shit actually happened. I played around with the times a bit, but yeah, “boring” ain’t exactly in my con vocabulary.


Main players:

  • puddi, fansubber, secret admin
  • Rekyu, fansubber, anime protagonist
  • shcboomer, fansubber
  • Ippikiryu, fansubber
  • Tetrus, fansubber
  • Inushinde, aniblogger
  • Eduardo, Sekai Project TL




3:00 Konnichiwa Seattle-san desu

Jumped off my plane all genki-like in a fucking business suit and Eva headphones, ready for a weekend of shenanigans.

If you want class at an anime con, you'd better bring it yourself.
If you want class at an anime con, you’d better bring it yourself.

Made my way to the train to get downtown and met up with Rekyu. I recognized him because he was the only person on the train platform, and he recognized me because I was the only white guy in Seattle.


3:45 The Trail of Tears

After spending our train ride comparing anime cons and various other items of interest, Rekyu and I met up with puddi, who was supposed to use his powers of having lived in the city for-fucking-ever to lead us to our hotel.

But he Hachikujis the fuck out of us.
But he Hachikuji’d the fuck out of us.


8:20 Sheraton v.Seattle

When we finally made it to our hotel (located five minutes from the train station), I used my powers of saginess to try and woo the front desk manager into getting us a more convenient room than the one puddi checked us into earlier.

As I was doing this, puddi gracefully reached into his bag and pulled out a giant cucumber covered in cellophane, presenting it to Rekyu with a flourish.

Manager's reaction.
Manager’s reaction.

I went full damage control (as puddi and Rekyu started playing around with the cucumber) but the manager was too fixated on thoughts of the poor maid to listen. But whatever, I got what I wanted (as per the usual) and we headed off to our chambers.


8:30 Zeni Zeni

As Rekyu and I got up to the room (puddi was grabbing his stuff from the original room we were in), we noticed a hundred dollar bill lying folded on the floor.

Used to rascality, we ignored it and went inside, waiting for puddi to come and get #pranked.

>puddi comes to the door
>”hey puddi, see that hundred dollar bill? how about you pick it up?”
>he does
>it’s real
>”Well… looks like Benjy’s treating us to dinner.”

Life Rule #1: Don't be poor. We certainly started the night off right.
Life Rule #1: Don’t be poor. We certainly started the night off right.

At this point it’s 8:55, and press badge pickup ends at 9, so rather than fixate on our newfound wealth, we booked it down there.


8:59 Stop the press…room’s doors from closing

Party don't stop till we say when.
Party don’t stop till we say when.

My boy SoupRKnowva wasn’t able to make it to the con, so we sweet talked our way into allowing Rekyu to get a press pass in his stead. Worked out pretty well cuz Rekyu hadn’t even pre-regged. Was it luck, or am I foreshadowing something I already spoiled in the intro? Guess you’ll have to read the next post to find out~


9:00 So bourgeois we don’t even use coupons

puddi had wanted to hit up the Cheesecake Factory at Sakura-Con 2014, but it was too busy at the time. 9 PM on a Thursday, though? Yeah, that seems more manageable.

Bring on the keiki!

Awaiting us was a meal of opulence. Salted opulence. Super salted opulence. Basically if the factory workers can’t pour salt and/or a bucket of sugar on their food, they don’t consider it worth serving… which was fine by us cuz we knew we’d work it off later that night.

At the end of it all we were pretty stuffed. We grabbed a slice of cheesecake to share, but it was too much to fit in our bodies. Still, Rekyu decided to try “for the meme”, so to save him I just slam-jammed my napkin into the cheesecake. (Didn’t see a slam jam coming did ya, puddi? Second con in a row, bro!)

Waitress probably thought we were assholes (especially considering puddi’s ill-fated attempt at mixing drinks), but for the hot tips we gave her, I don’t think she cared in the end. And all totaled up, the diabetes only ran us $5 each. Not bad.


10:30 Got back to our room and shot the shit until SHCBoomer arrived with his pal, Ippy, and my man, Captain Morgan.

Ippy hadn’t seen Aizen vs. Music yet so we put that on and had general boyish shenanigans until the hotel gestapo knocked to tell us we couldn’t fool around with each other so loudly or they’d kick us out.

Bitch, I'm platinum. Let's go.
Bitch, just try.

Some composite of the room held me back, and we had nothing better to do, so Boomer and Ippy left and the rest of us turned on sleep mode to prepare our bodies for what was to come on Friday.


Oh, and I won’t tease you if you missed it last year. Enjoy Aizen-sama’s serenade.

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  1. Actually, the story with Benjy went more along the lines of…

    >puddi knocks on door
    >Rekyu looks outside to confirm status of Benjy
    >Benjy is MIA
    >Rekyu tests to see if puddi will tell the truth
    >puddi plainly admits he picked it up

    Moral of story:
    Rekyu should’ve realized puddi wasn’t poor.

  2. Would it be a good idea to post about your experiences at this year’s cons on ANN? Like a summarized version since you’re an experienced con goer?

      • Yea, I could write mini-articles on the forums about your experiences at cons. If you can make a separate blog and copy and paste everything onto there, you can direct people there to read the full version of you, Cally, and Puddi’s experiences at cons.

        Edit: Copy and paste, because is a illegal site according to the eyes of ANN. Links to fansubbing sites are not allowed there.


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