Sakura-Con 2015 Cosplay Pixtures

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I didn’t take many pics, so I’m gonna filler up the space with stories around each one.

Note: If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the bigger versions (that are ~30 GB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.

Thanks to SHC for some of the pics. (My camera settings were fucked up for a bit cuz I forgot to reset them after my co-workers went full retard on my S6.)



Spoiler for
N/A. We were too captivated by one another to focus on others.




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[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Nekozawa_-_Ouran_High_School_Host_Club

The rarer the cosplay, the more interested I am. And Ouran? C’mon, y’all fujoshi know I got your back.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Captain_x_Worst_Girl_-_KanColle

A man and his waifu, even if she is a shit one. I don’t usually see scenes this beautiful without looking in a mirror.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Happy_x_Natsu_-_Fairy_Tail

We had to.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Last_Exile

There was apparently a whole crew of these dudes at the con, but I only caught these two. While we shot the shit about season 2 being sux, I nearly let it drop that they probably watched the version I worked on before remembering that nobody gives a shit about fansubs now, nor have they ever. Awkwardness avoided!


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Various

Conversation went kinda like this:

“G Gundam girl! And the yellow RWBY! And, uh… what are you from?”


“Is that like a Vocaloid thing?”

“No, it’s–“

“Cool, get in the picture anyway.”

I got yelled at the the last time I did this, but now there’s a chance one of you can actually appreciate her cosplay, so who’s in the wrong now, tumblr?

Well, I will be if this turns out to be some Homestuck shit. Touche, tumblr.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Meme_-_Me!Me!Me! [Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Chiyuki_-_Death_Parade

Saw this Meme hanging out with a Chiyuki from Death Parade. Me!Me!Me! cosplay? I mean that’s rare, right? Had to grab the Chiyuki right afterward, cuz duh.

Apparently the Chiyuki non-ironically likes Death Parade, which is… something. Sorry Roux, I know you’re reading this, but… Death Parade? Sometimes style needs substance.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_The_Utena_Scouts_-_Shoujo_Kakumei_Utena

I don’t even like Utena, but I knew Juliet and the girl from Game of Thrones would be crowd favorites.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Friday_Hachikuji_Mayonnaise_-_Monogatari

Dude didn’t seem to appreciate that I needed to interrupt his conversation for this pic. Wonder if he’ll appreciate the file name I chose for it.




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[Sakura-Con 2015]_Saturday_-_Kuro_Usagi_-_Mondaiji-tachi

“Wait, where are your ears?” Chick was psyched that we actually knew she was from Mondaiji. C’mon, we don’t do basic here. Turns out the ears she had were the wrong color so she was gonna roll Yuno for the rest of the con instead.

Y’all know I fucking love Mondaiji and Yuno (hell, I was wearing my Yuno shirt), but we were hungry and wanted some dulce de lece caramel crepes, so I decided not to stalk her back to her room. Also, cuz that’s apparently illegal in Obama’s America.

I actually saw her Yuno cosplay on Sunday, but I had AMVs to get to, so you’re just gonna have to imagine what could have been.


[Sakura-Con 2015]_Saturday_-_Kaitou_Kid_-_Magic_Kaito

Boomer, Rekyu, and I were returning from — well, you can wait for that write-up to find out — and caught this guy hanging out with his girlfriend (or something). So I snap my neck and snap a pic. I don’t think he was too pleased with our behavior, but it was 1 AM and Drunkcon was in full swing so I think he knew deep down that we couldn’t be faulted.

Also, this might be a girl.




Spoiler for

[Sakura-Con 2015]_Sunday_Junk_-_Rozen_Maiden

Only scored this pic on Sunday. Had to explain what Junk was to everyone cuz apparently only old people know what Rozen Maiden is nowadays. RIP my life.

I didn’t expect much here, but I was at least hoping to find a decent Senjou cosplay or something so I could say “Happy Easter Tsundere”. …Yes, I’m still kicking myself about missing that opportunity.


That’s about it. Next up: more S-Con articles. And maybe I’ll do something about this season if you’re good enough.

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      • Wait, now that I think about it, most of the stuff I was gonna preview is already out.

        Howsabout just a first episode impressions post? I’ll binge tonight.

        • First impression posts aren’t nearly as fun to read though. Would be better if you posted your thoughts as if you weren’t late. You could always do a first impressions post later.

          • All right, fine. I’ll just go on a media blackout for the remaining previews and we can all pretend I didn’t drop the ball. \o/

  1. >While we shot the shit about season 2 being sux, I nearly let it drop that they probably watched the version I worked on

    Past tense? Then: Last Exile episode 21 .avi version where?

  2. Don’t be sorry man, you are absolutely right. I’m 100% self-aware and have come to terms with the fact that I’m emotionally invested in an utter garbage of a 12-episoder.

    It looks like you had a good time at Sakura-con!! It was so cool (unofficially) meeting you and I still wish we got a chance to chat. Hope to see you again soon!


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