Animay: Another Month of Stalled Posts

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I’m gonna be going to three cons this month. This post is about those.

If you wanna get in trouble, baby, I am your man

D_S - Nee-san Form

As with every con I go to, if you’re headed to one of these, then hit me up like we’re playing cops & black guys. We have a mutual interest in me, so it won’t get awkward, promise.




May 8-10: Minneapolis, MN

Spoiler for

AniMinneapolis 2015

Expected Attendance:

  • Calyrica


It’s not too far from my house and the banner said it would be epic, so I’m in.



May 22-25: San Jose, CA

Spoiler for

FanimeCon 2015

Expected Attendance:

  • puddi
  • Rekyu
  • conkerer
  • denpa (real version)


I would like to note that we will no longer be covering otaku speed dating as originally planned.

Speed Dating

I had tried to offload the task on Rekyu/conks, but was informed I was throwing my “conrades” under the bus. This was wrong of me, and I would apologize were I capable of it.

To make up for this, I will offer one (1) platonic friendship to any reader who wants one. If you want to progress the relationship level beyond that, good luck, but you’re welcome to try.

Real talk, it's hard to compete with my mirror.
Real talk, it’s hard to compete with my mirror.



May 28-31: Atlanta, GA

Spoiler for

MomoCon 2015

Expected Attendance:

  • Darais


Momo say Yolo
This isn’t even one of my mock-ups.

I am extremely apprehensive about this, but I’ll be in town for work anyway, so…



That’s my entire planned con schedule for the rest of the year. Obviously, this won’t be it for 2015, but I really haven’t looked past next month. If you’ve got any recommendations, suggest away.

Oh, and if you know anyone who does cosplay commissions, also hit me up. I’m too lazy & incompetent to make my own shit, but I’ll gladly pay someone else to do it for me.

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  1. I’ll be at fanime selling figures and such in the dealers room, would be cool to talk to you if you come by! Booth name is Kochira Kawaii


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