AniMinneapolis 2015: Dashcon 2 Minnesota Boogaloo (Part 1)

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First AniMinneapolis, and hopefully my last. For the record, this is the second-largest anime con in the state, right behind Anime Detour. We Minnesotans… don’t have a lot going for us.

Animinneapolis Attendance
If you think this con has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.



Friday (Day 1)

12:00 Badge time

Walked into the Con Ops room, asking for press badges. Some random just asked for what name we wanted on our badges and… yeah, that’s it. Apparently that’s all you need to qualify for a press pass at high school cons.


12:30 Lunch

Headed to some Vietnamese place for lunch. But it was a trap. Instead of Vietnamese, the only option was microwaved Chinese, which didn’t taste real. Like, how corner-cutting do you have to be to serve plastic broccoli?


1:45 Dealer’s Room

Picked up an art book.


The other artists I wanted shit from only took cash, so they didn’t score my business. Luckily this meant I got to avoid blowing a couple hundred bucks on closet decorations.


3:00 Truth or Dare With a Titan Shifter

The panelists started out by announcing that the panel would need to be PG-13 because they themselves were only 13… and that one of the panelists’ dads was in the audience.


We still sat through it, cuz the notion of spending another hour doing walkcon in the two hallways the con had was… unacceptable, to put it mildly.


4:45 Chipotle

Calyrica went to grab the con’s offered free oatmeal and rice, but I don’t do poverty, so I hit up a Chipotle two blocks away. Little did I realize how fucking awful sofritas are, and how shitty the quality of the food at this particular location was, so I was left saltier than my margarita.


6:00 Spend a Day at the Phantomhive Manor

Another truth-or-dare panel, another set of underage panelists. IIRC this is the one where they decided to play the pocky game, and fake-propose to each other. Due to the audience participation, it got weird.

Kuroshitsuji - All Smiles
I was basically Ciel for the duration of the panel. Couldn’t feel my mouth by the end of it. …Reminded me of college.


7:00 Walkcon

The panel ended so Caly went to wait for the next panel, while I decided to play walkcon.

Erryday Rikka's Shufflin

I’ll go over the walkcon results in the cosplay post. Cuz that’s the point of walkcon anyway.


7:30 Truth or Dare With the Phantomhive Servants

Yes, apparently every fucking panel at this con is character-themed truth or dare. Again, the panelists were underage, and again, it got weird. Like, the panel started off with each panelist “twerking” while the primarily middle-school audience was shrieking with autistic fervor.

As soon as someone was dared to go into another panel room and ask for -record scratch- toilet paper

Trying hard not to laugh but totally laughing dot jpg

…two-thirds of the fucking room followed the person out “to make sure they actually did it”. We left as well, but only to find a place to vomit.


8:00 Karaoke Krypt

Karaoke Krypt - AniMinneapolis

Unique to this karaoke contest was the rule that you could only sing a song if it came from their approved list of songs. …and none of those songs were anime-related at all.

Well put, Tor.
Well put, Tor.


8:30 Tanto Cuore

Caly ambushed a couple who were setting up a game of Tanto. Asked if we could join them, and they very reluctantly accepted.

Basically went like this.
Caly’s attempt basically went like this.

Somebody who didn’t understand the game had jacked half the cards, so we were left to play with the remainder.

We gave it a valiant effort, but the game was impossible to salvage. Should’ve known; if fansubbing’s taught us anything, it’s that playing with a half-deck will never end well.


10:00 The dankest hour

Caly spent about an hour using my laptop to browse fucking memes on imgur, while I placed an order for pizza and waited for it to arrive.

Had to put laptop-chan out of her misery after that.
Had to put laptop-kun out of his misery after that.


11:00 Pizza party

Got some goat cheese/sundried tomatoes/artichoke hearts pizza from a highly rated local pizza place. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was good from that description, cuz it tasted like cream cheese on a soggy piece of bread.

Swear to god it almost made me this emo.
Swear to god it almost made me this emo.


12:15 Hit up the rave


12:20 Left the rave, sleep time

Fucking eventful night, as you can tell.



Next up: Days 2/3. Somehow the con got even worse. Fucking AniMinneapolis.

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