Translation Review (Pass/Fail): [FFF] Working!!! – 01

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The last entry of the most oversubbed series of the season, if that were possible in this day in age.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (208MB, 10-bit)

Translation: Crunchy edit

Wap Level: Quarter Wap (no honorifics, but “Senpai” used)

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]





[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_22.34_[2015.07.26_09.59.45][FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_22.36_[2015.07.26_09.59.55]

Mostly good, but I would argue the two words are “whole” (as in “whole cake”) and “fudgy” since it makes sense for the show’s theme song to have mixed food metaphors.

Main Script.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_01.20_[2015.08.01_12.29.37]

Other groups would put down something stupid like, “It can’t be helped that Satou bullies you, Taneshima.”

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_01.27_[2015.08.01_12.30.01]

Finally, a group that’s aware of restaurant jargon.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_01.58_[2015.07.26_09.24.41]

I’m crying tears of joy now. Still can’t believe only one group got the title right.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_03.07_[2015.08.01_12.32.45]

Forgot to mention this in the m.3.3.w review, but this line alone puts FFF one step ahead of them in my book.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_03.40_[2015.07.26_09.28.00]


Seriously, why is everyone allergic to just calling her “Boss”?

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_04.51_[2015.07.26_09.29.47]

I like how they rendered the literal “I’ll kill you.”

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_06.42_[2015.07.26_09.32.27]


Would have went with “…And I ended up feeding her.”

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_06.52_[2015.08.01_12.37.44]

For dame da. Putting this down in my memo (same with DDY’s “Yikes”).

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_07.25_[2015.07.26_09.33.18]

Did not fix this error.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_09.15_[2015.08.01_12.40.56][FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_09.19_[2015.07.26_09.36.27]


Popura Poplar was speaking in “what ifs” not “right nows.” Also, wish they applied at this point the idea they had in a later line, instead of just going with “senior” stock translation. I was too incensed by the “senpai-kouhai” part to point it out in the Horriblesubs review.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_10.05_[2015.07.26_09.37.46]

Thank god they fixed the “happier kouhai” dumbfuckery in a way that makes sense.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_10.22_[2015.08.01_12.54.39][FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_10.27_[2015.08.01_12.54.53][FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_10.31_[2015.08.01_12.55.05]

One of the longest Yoda translation I’ve ever seen.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_11.19_[2015.07.26_09.40.33][FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_11.22_[2015.07.26_09.40.41]



What the fuck was she doing here, then?

“I was just a bystander in some melodrama surrounding my crush (and yet I’m strangely not put off by it.)”

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_12.39_[2015.07.26_09.44.09]

Totally forgot they had drinks that time. But I really don’t think Kirio’s supercilious speech pattern would allow for a “bro.”

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_15.44_[2015.07.26_09.48.48]

No, only happiness for Yamada because Yamada is all about Yamada.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_17.13_[2015.08.01_14.20.27]

Apparently the one group to get this sound effect right.

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_17.29_[2015.07.26_09.51.57]

Almost, but didn’t quite fix this line. He was talking specifically about hunting down Mrs. Otoo-san.



Other Observations

[FFF] Working!!! - 01 [720p][348B33FB].mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2015.07.26_09.31.43]

Yes, FFF engages in a bit of the dreaded Script Writing (for example, this could’ve been TLed as “Sorry about that.”) but for the most part the revisions work and keep the script fresh and interesting.

Final Grade: PASS

It’s basically a dead heat between FFF and DDY, with m.3.3.w back by a head. But if I were to examine the photo finish, and much as it pains me to say this for an old rival, I would say things like the episode title put FFF ahead by a hair.

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11 thoughts on “Translation Review (Pass/Fail): [FFF] Working!!! – 01”

  1. Meh. I’ll take whatever victories I can get.

    >Still can’t believe only one group got the title right.

    Guess which group has a subber who has actually seen All Quiet on the Western Front? It’s worth a watch. Sadly not available through any streaming service.

    >Totally forgot they had drinks that time.

    Nice to see that the time spent tracking down when they last met wasn’t a total waste. For the curious: their last animated encounter occurs in Working’!!, episode 12; it starts after the eyecatch, around the 10 minute mark. Drinks make their appearance around a minute later (~11:15).

    • Honestly, that’s a great touch to your work, referring back to their first meeting. If I didn’t have my own group and hadn’t wanted to work on this show in particular so much, your script would be a great option.

      Just curious, did you work on the first two seasons at FFF?

      • Confession time: the only reason I bothered to go back and find out what what happened last time was because convexity pointed out that this probably wasn’t a throwaway line. The original line (“We met after that”) was pretty blah, but the first half hadn’t been touched before I got my hands on it.

        No, I didn’t work on the previous two seasons. Technically I didn’t work on any shows for FFF until last season (Hibike, DanMachi, Souma… and Rinne. Can’t win them all, I guess). Just Vivid, UTW, and GotWoot before that.

        And for a very brief time, KnKF. But we don’t speak of that time.

        • Ah, well that’s entirely understandable. TL/TLC input is crucial. I know that personally I often spam my TLCs looking for more context when I edit. Regardless, good job. Overall impressive script.

    • Of course, you’re supposed to read and watch a bunch of stuff if you wish to get references. Sad to say, I remember doing over half a season of a show totally unaware I was supposed to be using Lovecraftian terms -_-#

  2. >But if I were to examine the photo finish, and much as it pains me to say this for an old rival, I would say things like the episode title put FFF ahead by a hair.

    Rival? FFF was just better.


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