Dark_Sage at Anime Revolution 2015 (& other assorted meta bullshit)

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Meta posts may only count for a fraction of actual content, but take what you can get, right?

Anime Revolution (Vancouver, BC)

Normally, I like to get the hype going at least a week or two before the event, so people can make last-minute plans to meet my idyllic self… but then I find myself furiously typing this up last-minute in the hotel room so I can start drinking before we get bored.

And apparently I'm not writing fast enough.
And apparently I’m not writing fast enough.

puddi’s hyped this up as the second-greatest con of all time (behind Sakura-Con), so my expectations couldn’t be higher. In fact, if this con results in anything less than me getting rim-jobbed by Seiko Oomori, I’m gonna have to strangle puddi for letting me down harder than Prison School.

And no, Seiko Oomori hasn’t announced herself as a guest; that’s why I’m making this post.

Got this all planned out.
Got this all planned out.

Anyway, I’m here, and my friends are here, so come hang with us for a panel or a couple drinks. I promise you I’m everything my dreams are made of.



  • puddi
  • shcboomer
  • Rekyu
  • lunr
  • Sena Wong

<Dark_Sage> Sena, you’re in Vancouver, we’re in Vancouver. Let’s Anime Revolution.
<Sennachi> not interested
<Dark_Sage> D:
<Sennachi> expensive, no seiyuu I like there
<Dark_Sage> Sena plz, it’s not about the seiyuu, it’s about getting into shenanigans with me-sama & crew
<Dark_Sage> When else will you get to do body shots off cosplayers?
<Dark_Sage> Rekyu’s there, puddi’s there, lunr’s there… it’s basically EveTaku: The Anime Con.
<Dark_Sage> You could even poorfag it and just hang around without a badge
<Dark_Sage> \o/
<Sennachi> “not interested” means “no”

Okay, maybe not Sena. But we will also be hanging with roux (from the utaite scene), so… I consider that a trade-up.

Vancouver's great, by the by.
Vancouver’s great, by the by.




Again, I don’t like to wait this long, but here’s where my avvy this season comes from:


Also happens to be my current background cuz it’s so damn cash.



The Site

I’ve kinda not been writing much, cuz life is kinda draining me like a goddamn lich, and not the sexy kind.


All I have to offer are excuses, albeit good ones, but I still gotta apologize. Y’all deserve a consistent amount of content, and I’m struggling to find ways to give it to you that don’t turn Crymore into something I’ve never wanted it to become. It’s not easy, and we’re not at this point because I “don’t care anymore”.

Just wanted to break character for a second and address that, because both you and I deserve better than the current status, and it’s not at all in the back of my mind, even if it seems that way.



Final Fantasy Tactics


…is still objectively the best game ever.


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