Translation Review: [GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte – 02

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (343MB, 10-bit)

Translation: Original Translation™

Wap Level: Full Wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (barely) (>48 hours)


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[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_01.18_[2015.07.31_22.18.12]

OP: It’s good, but I think the ” far-off dream” here refers to that uncle or whoever that was in the first episode.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_23.52_[2015.07.31_23.51.40]

ED: Very good, the translation is a lot less stiffer than I would have come up with.


Main Script.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_00.16_[2015.07.31_22.16.22]


Really wished they jazzed up the imouto’s lines just to show how annoying she sounds.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_03.02_[2015.07.31_22.29.49][GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_03.07_[2015.07.31_22.30.02]


She uses the ka particle between “secure and protect people with power” and “threaten them from using their powers,” and that means “either/or.”

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_05.37_[2015.07.31_22.35.44]


I’d call this something other than “beaten up.”

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_05.57_[2015.07.31_22.37.40]


“Do you think I have time pick and choose?”

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2015.07.31_22.48.29]


Judging by the context, that hai doumo should be “Okay, thanks.”

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_09.04_[2015.07.31_22.50.07]


Literal TL is “Shit! Don’t take up time, we lost him, didn’t we?” and I believe he wasted her time even before the stareoff.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_11.51_[2015.07.31_23.07.00][GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_11.55_[2015.07.31_23.07.09]


I wish they put this exchange in the context of market demand for her undie pics.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_15.06_[2015.07.31_23.13.17]


Hakase actually means “Ph.D.,” and not (necessarily) a medical doctor

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_16.32_[2015.07.31_23.20.53][GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_16.34_[2015.07.31_23.21.16]


Should be, “Maybe they recognize how talented you are. / So what? It’s a music school?”

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_22.16_[2015.08.25_21.08.56]


Kanmuryou de koufun shitsutsu netsukemasu means the opposite of that.


Other Observations

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_17.35_[2015.07.31_23.26.18]

Why not use the word “jamming” like in the original engrish?

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_02.19_[2015.07.31_22.21.59]

Yes, the positioning of the title makes sense, but it’s still hard to read.

[GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte - 02 [63799744].mkv_snapshot_13.56_[2015.07.31_23.09.32]

Is that a lower-case “u” on “Umi”?

Final Grade: B+

Despite whatever issues I had with this release, the script reads clean and solid, so at this point in time Kaylith Good Job! Media and Mezashite are the best choice for this show.

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23 thoughts on “Translation Review: [GJM-Mezashite] Charlotte – 02”

  1. It’s customary to roll out the excuses now, right? Let me know if I should let them loose.

    (By the way, does the ™ sign by “Original Translation” signify anything significant?)

    • Since you know I have been wrong before, explain away :^)

      Also, I think I saw sharkweek use that trademark sign somewhere, and since I’m a follower and not a leader I stole it from him.

      • I don’t think there was anything wrong in your review—I might consider some errors nitpicks and some nitpicks errors but nothing objective.

        I meant excuses more like “our editor and encoder were incapacitated by a plane crash so this release isn’t reflective of our releases as a whole”. There aren’t many fansub reviews here anymore, but back when there were, I remember there being a lot of reviews being responded to like that, and honestly, those comment sections were a lot more fun.

        Also, I was curious about the ™ because occasionally it’s used to mean “they claim it is but we all know it isn’t” as in “Coming Soon™”.

      • Funny thing about that line, I actually did mean it as “doctor at a hospital”, but for reasons I can’t really comprehend.

        I assume my brain just understood the Japanese line as “maybe my daughter will be good” and doctor children are more common for English-speaking parents to brag about than professor children, so I typed “doctor”. And I guess I was too focused on whether to render daijin as a specific position or just as a generic politician and never noticed.

  2. “ED: Very good, the translation is a lot less stiffer than I would have come up with.”
    Isn’t it “less stiff”?

  3. There was also that line where the glasses dude asks MC-kun what he’s going to do for lunch or smth.

    And the “aim to stay away from cameras” line, idk too literal I guess. >aim

    But who gives a shit? Aniplex’s is terribad; fansubs win.

    • Interesting you pick that line out specifically because it was originally “try to stay away from the cameras” and got changed during editing.

  4. >But who gives a shit? Aniplex’s is terribad; fansubs win.

    They can’t win. Subs simply are NOT final product. It’s the cartoon itself.

    • The subs are your means of watching the cartoon as close to the creators’ intention as possible. so unless you speak Japanese fluently, subs are basically the final product.

        • Yes, I’m sure it’s completely irrelevant when people misinterpret lines, like with that scene from Snafu, or when Death Parade aired an ANN’s review was complaining about the direction the episode was going in when in reality he misinterpreted the whole thing because of a TL error.

          Stop being dumb.


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