Spookymore v2015

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Spooky_Sage woke up late today, so we’re gonna drag this into Sunday.


Ghoulish Offerings

Not very ghoulish, but I guess it ticks the offerings checkbox.
Not ghoulish, but I guess it ticks the offerings checkbox.
  • Fall 2015 Anime Opinions – Episode 02
    • Because focusing on posts one-sentence, episodic opinions is clearly Crymore’s final form.
  • Officialsubs Review: Monster Strike
    • Someone told me the show was worth watching. They were wrong.
  • P-Tuesday Pollday
    • OPs/EDs. Making the webms will take me a few hours, so expect this sometime during the day on Sunday.
  • ???


I can guarantee you’re gonna get some tonight, cuz that’s just the kinda sage I am~



Halloween Avatar


I’ve got a better one coming in for November, but I couldn’t resist repping a wobbly witch for Halloween.



Rare Halloween Banners

Crymore Banner 21_Halloween Crymore Banner 23_Halloween Crymore Banner 24_Halloween Crymore Banner 28_Halloween

Taking ’em down when I go to bed tomorrow, so consider yourself lucky if you can catch ’em on the main page before then. Collect the memories while ya can.



More Meta, Cuz You’re Here Anyway

Still would
And zombie ass, cuz ya made it this far.

Review Queue

The Queue is gonna be offline for this season. I can’t post fansub reviews at the frequency I used to, and the scene isn’t even in a state where doing that would be a beneficial use of my time anyway. Yes, you’ll still be getting posts, they’ll just be rather infrequent.


Upcoming Cons (2015)

I’ll be at GP Atlanta with puddi in about two weeks. I don’t even like Magic… but if you’re gonna be there, drop me a line. I’m always down for daydrinking my way into shenanigans~

In December, I’ll be hitting up Akiba Expo with a significant chunk of the meme crew (puddi, Rekyu, real_denpa). This’ll get a post of its own with more details, but if you’re interested in dropping by a California anime con in December, give this one some thought. It looks stupid in the best way.



I know I had a few more things to say, but I’m running on empty and this post needs to go out before Halloween is over. So uhh, guess we’ll call this good for now, and you can let me know what I’m forgetting as y’all always do. <3


Spoiler for

Top Spooks

Didn’t think you’d make it out of here without a good old-fashioned spooking, did ya?

5 thoughts on “Spookymore v2015”

  1. You could do shorter reports, just like 8thsin used to do, you know. Detailed reviews are great, yeah, but knowing which release to go even better.

  2. holy crap! the butchering of the banners (including the ones I made) is over 9000! I didn’t know that was possible. did you spend hours in paint to accomplish that?

    • Surprisingly, the actual editing only took about five minutes total for all the banners. I think the most time-consuming piece was finding the Halloween images to incorporate into the banners, since I only found them as a side effect of looking for Halloween porn on Sankaku Complex.


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