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Fansubbers can’t even do drama right these days.


So here’s the tl;dr: over the past ~24 hours, fansubbing has literally died, Twitter is off limits for all anime fans, and consequences will never be the same.

Lose your fucking shit!
Lose your fucking shit!

Yes, all this because three whole fansubbers got their twitter accounts suspended after they reported each other to a dmca-takedown Twitter account.

...come again?
…come again?



Take that, rewind it back

D_S got the writing that make your heart pit-pat
D_S got the writing to make your heart go pitty-pat

Just because it’s been boring in the years since fansubbing died, doesn’t mean three Twitter accounts getting temporarily suspended means jack shit. Certainly not enough to get this kind of a reaction…

No. Yes.
1. No.
2. Yes.
Patience, please.
Patience, please.

A little perspective before we get into all this — back in 2010/2011, one of the first directions I thought of taking Crymore was turning it into a fansub drama blog. Group takeovers, translator poaching, revenge releases (don’t lol; shit was serious)… before official simulcasts dominated the scene, there was legitimately enough content to fill the blog on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

Now? The most drama in the scene comes from subtweets that the people being “mocked” won’t ever see. And what’s the fun in talking behind someone’s back when you can’t even be just loud enough for them to hear it?

Bitches can't even do sass right.
Bitches can’t even do bitchiness right.

So here’s my take on the situation: everything that happened over the past 24 hours doesn’t matter, it’s been a soul-crushingly boring waste of my mindspace, and now I need to go look at Sarada pics to learn what it’s like to feel again.

Madarada_01 Madarada_02 Sasurada_01 Sasurada_02

…okay, if I feel anymore I’m gonna get arrested, so let’s just straight dispense of my emotions with an investigative report by Detective_Sage. Thanks for killing my fucking Saturday, anime kids.



Drama in Paradisio


Our (bad) story starts off with a young fansubber named skiddiks (he’s a typesetter or something). Like many fansubbers, skiddiks was desperate for the loving he could never acquire in real life, so he tried to get in on some cyber action with the chick behind Senketsu Subs — LadyMatoiRyuko. Over the course of his failed foray into the halls of vagina, there was some misunderstanding between the two and skiddiks flipped his shit.

From an email convo I had with LMR (edited for clarity per LMR’s request) :

Basically skiddiks of Commie/Scribbles followed me two weeks ago, and I followed him back too. We had some conversations on my #SenketsuSubs IRC channel where he asked me about jointing with him on KochinPa. But I declined, saying I wasn’t interested in another joint. Around this time, we had a misunderstanding and he got angry over something I said about “death”.

Well, I’ve never cared about “death”. After all, we all will die someday. But he got angry, saying he had lost a friend, which I wasn’t aware of prior to my comments.

Then in response to my follow-up question (also edited):

We were just talking about random stuff on IRC until I said something about how death didn’t really concern me. He said he had a friend who had passed and stated I must have some kind of mental disease for talking about death the way I did.

But I think he was mainly upset because I had earlier bashed Commie a lot. He began getting super angry at me, to which I apologized, but even that didn’t stop his ranting. He eventually went silent and left the discussion we were having. 

Apparently whatever was in the convo set the kid off, and he thought he’d “get even” by getting LMR’s Twitter account nuked. And so he came up with the brilliant idea of contacting an anti-piracy account directly, to get LMR kicked off Twitter.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.
I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Yup. So what happened is skiddiks reported LMR’s twitter account to “@removepiracy”, the Twitter account for a fly-by-night dmca-takedown group called Remove Your Media. And RemovePiracy issued a dmca takedown notice, which Twitter responded to by suspending her. In turn, LMR directed RemovePiracy to skiddiks’s & herkz’s accounts (getting them suspended as well) and then removed all her SenketsuSubs torrents from Nyaa as an epic fuck you to the meme cartel.

What drama.
What drama.

The only twitter accounts suspended during all this were as follows:

  • @senketsusubs (due to skiddiks)
  • @_skiddiks_ (due to LMR)
  • @herkz2 (due to LMR)

You’re welcome to check Lumen for yourself, but that’s as far as this particular side of the drama goes.



But that can’t be it! I need more oppression points!

Well I've already made the molotov. Ain't no point in letting it go to waste!
I’ve already made the molotov. Ain’t no point in letting it go to waste!

Of course, the easily riled lack interest in the truth. Not when there’s tables to be turned. And especially not on anitwitter…


herkz is literally a martyr plz follow him to defend ur freedoms!!
herkz is literally a martyr plz follow him to defend ur freedoms!!


Trying, and abjectly failing.

In this tweet, Kevin posts an example of someone trying to get him dmca’d, only to later admit that nothing came of it. But hey, 147 retweets means he’s liable to get some more followers out of this outrage, so… ride that persecution gravy train! After all, social media popularity is the primary metric by which to measure one’s life achievements.

This is what 7k twitter followers will do for the success of a blog.
And in case you were wondering, this is what 7k twitter followers will do for the success of a blog.


Yes, that is exactly what is going on here.
Fishing for that sweet, sweet e-validation. We tumblr now.


I’d tell you to browse anitwitter for a bit to see more such (sad) examples, but I’d feel responsible for the charring of your soul. (If you’re already broken, feel free to take the plunge, though.)



So… what? That’s it?

There is a legitimate discussion to be had here regarding dmca takedowns (especially on twitter) and the means by which individuals can dispute them. But acting like this is some noble cause where a hundred-thousand pure-hearted defenders of anime freedom were oppressed by the rapey hand of an evil mega-corporation… well, no. This all boils down to skiddiks being a fucking retard.

Which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Please bring me better drama next time. We all deserve better than this.

25 thoughts on “OMG Amazing Fansub & AniTwitter Drama Xx*Must Read*xX”

  1. Man, this drama is kinda boring. Congratulations on using DMCA as your personal botnet, because some people hurt your delicate e-sensibilities, I guess?

    Twitter would really benefit from a bot that would ban a fansubber at random at least once a week. A bit too lazy to set one up though.

  2. To wrap it all up:
    -Fansubbers are pathetic losers that didn’t get enough attention from mommy. Hence, they’re crying out for it.

    -Thinking, they are actually relevant or important, they always need to throw a fit or make a scene.

    -Stupid, beta-like rivalry and misunderstandings lead to 3 Fansubaccounts getting closed on twitter and Nyaa getting Ddos’d.

    -/a/ and affected Fansubbers are, as always, fucking stupid and think that “ANIME IS DED! TWITTER HATES WEEBS!”

    In the end, nothing happened. Fansubbing is still dead, Anime alive and the cancer never stops spreading.

  3. Very cool man! 8-)

    Nice editing you did in the e-mail messages I sent to you! And anytime you know where you can find me! Thanks! ;-)

    And people, I don’t care for this anymore… So, please don’t bother me. I won’t even reply this comment too.

  4. “before official simulcasts dominated the scene, there was legitimately enough content to fill the blog on a weekly (if not daily) basis.”

    God I miss the Age of Whiners. It was so much more entertaining back then.

  5. Cuz people only like to talk about this shit with me *after* the article’s up, I should mention there was a limited DDoS of some fansub sites yesterday, which partly affected the whole “sky is falling down” mentality people had.

    There is some evidence linking it to the Senketsu Subs IRC channel, but LMR has denied any involvement which is sorta uncharacteristic of her if she was indeed responsible (which is why I didn’t include it in the article). I mean, this is more her style.

    Nyaa was being DDoS’d before all this, in an apparently unrelated incident.

    • Looks like he/she has changed the past with his/her “rerun”.

      PS: 9.07 on MAL already, and we still don’t get your review. Aniplex made some TL errors, fixed in Commie release.


  6. God damn it, I need more drama to satisfy my broken soul and to shitpost about on /a/.

    How will fansubs survive without mentally underdeveloped children bickering about how their feelings are hurt, swinging their giant download count dick around, and begging for donations for work that they barely do?

    Quick, someone make some fuss on Twitter and/or /a/ about how UTW got $4k in donations and split, or how C*mmie beg for donations weekly to spend on video games.

    >one of the first directions I thought of taking Crymore was turning it into a fansub drama blog… before official simulcasts dominated the scene
    Thanks Daiz.

  7. Every time I look at this site my opinion of Commie devs somehow manages to sink even lower. Did you know there are levels beneath rock bottom? Well after seeing their shit dissected here every fortnight or so for several years, I do. Forgotten mineworks of forced memes, Dwarven treasure vaults packed with limp jokes, lost catacombs in which rest the mangled remains of the English language… One can only wonder just how deep it can all go.

    • I waste all day on /a/ debating about gender of traps from hxh. But I just realised that your gender confuses me the most. What the fuck are you ?


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