Let’s Talk Amanchu

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Because anything’s better than watching it.




23 minutes, 40 seconds. That’s the amount of your life Amanchu will callously steal from you with just one episode. Watching the full series would be the most boring and painful method of suicide. Would not recommend.

Heaven or hell, so long as Amanchu isn't there too, I'm in.
Heaven or hell, so long as Amanchu isn’t there too, I’m in.





Beaker meets Roadrunner meets radioactive genes.

Amanchu’s into cat butts, diving, and being a walking argument against only going halfway through with an abortion.


This Zatch Bell reject spends half the episode expelling her brain cells into the ocean, and the other half blowing a fucking whistle because she wants attention.

shut your life down

You know that “look at me, I’m so lelrandom” cunt from your old general ed classes? Yeah, they literally made an anime about her. Thank god smell-o-vision isn’t a thing yet.

You thought I was joking about her fucking cats.
And you thought I was joking about Amanchu wanting to grind cat ass.




The other character in the show is titled Blandie. She’s called that because she’s too fucking boring to have a real name.

She's got the kinda balloon face you just wanna pop with the spiky end of a hammer.
She’s got the kinda balloon face you just wanna pop with the spiky end of a hammer.

As far as I can tell, Blandie’s main hobby is looking at her phone and wondering why none of her friends from elementary school have texted her back yet.


With the power of context it’s probably because she’s a useless human being and also all friendships disintegrate when people move on with their lives. But I’m gonna say it’s mostly the former here. I hate Blandie.



But how about the plot?

There is no fucking plot. I thought there was gonna be some when Blandie was standing on top of a rock like she was about to impale herself on a reef,


but then the show cut to a scene of Amanchu blowing bubbles underwater so I figured we were good and fucked.

Just drown already.
Just drown already.



Okay, but how about the plot?

There’s fucking none of that either. The closest you get is the teacher-sensei, and even she can’t get my engine running cuz she looks like the sterile composite of a South Park Canadian and a retarded fish.

What is with these fucking faces I swear to everything good in this world

Look, even I’ll admit at rare points that my taste may not be the most erudite. But I fucking know my onee-sans, and I know my senseis, and this waste of pixels is not a good example of either. Trash-tier.



Final Score

death would be kinder

Amanchu makes me hate everything like it’s my first time. I’m not even gonna bother finishing it to come up with a final score. This shit’s a 0/10.

And fuck Aria too.

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  1. OMG. I don’t believe what I just read. Are you new to anime? I don’t think so. Are you expecting plot from ‘healing’ slice of life anime? Where was the plot in Tamayura, Non Non Biyori, Flying Witch, Aria and countless other productions? There wasn’t any main plot. And? And most of anime like this are simply great.
    Yes, I don’t like face deformations. But it is normal for this author (I bet that he forced it on JC Staff). The art is wonderful, animation too. They put a lot of budget into this. This is what I call a perfect visuals. Not the flashy, full of effects and filters, with rapid camera movement 3DCG shit from Ufotable, or even worse – GoHands for example.

    • Flying Witch was the only good show of those you listed, and that’s only because it was basically the Japanese remake of Rick & Morty, with Rick’s stand-in being the drunk onee-san, and Morty being the main onee-chan.

      Look, I get that the show’s cheaper than benzos, but that’s not a good reason for its existence. Shit’s boring, has fucked-up faces, and trash characters. Do not want.

    • You can’t compare full action shows with slice of life shows, moron.
      Gimme good action shows without CG if you can.

  2. >anything better than Amanchu
    >better than Amanchu

    I’ve removed your site from my favourite list and turned my ad block on.

  3. It’s because of idiots like you that we can’t have nice things anymore
    Go watch fairy tail/one piece or some other shit

  4. oh my god i fucking hate this show.
    I agree with your points, it’s boring and painful on a whole new level, i dropped it on ep 4, no idea how i made it so far… i still feel the pain


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