Nan Desu Kan 2016: Thursday/Friday

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These posts are way better when I write them weekend-of. I need to start doing this again.


5:00 D_S arrives

I dunno what I did here. Think I just ate sweet Denver burgers and watched bad anime from this season (91 Days is shit, sorry not sorry).


12:30 Soup arrives

Soup: “you ready to partttty?”

Me: “fuck yeah bro”


12:31 D_S falls asleep

Sue me, I was tired.
Sue me, I was tired.





12:30 Walkcon, outside of the con

Since nothing started until 2:00 and press badge pick-up was around the same time, we did a bit of exploring.

Like this, except we're cuter.
Like this, except we’re cuter.

Hit up Taste of Colorado (turns out, Colorado tastes like shit), and then went to the food district to check out Larkburger. At least the Lark was decent.


1:30 Went into the con, looking for the media sign-in

At the press table, the press manager (John) told us the badges would be ready in like 15 minutes and to just loop around to pick them up.


1:55 Shoop de loop

“Uhh, yeah, badges will be ready in 30 now.”


2:00 Sharing Otaku Literacy in Higher Education and Research

We still didn’t have our badges, but we rock the beautiful look, so we found our way in anyway.

It's good to look this good.
It’s good to look this good.

In the 30 minutes we managed to tolerate, I don’t know which was worse — that the presenter had not the slightest idea how to present information, or that he was in full kigurumi gear and fucking talking. Not cool, bro.


2:30 Badges Nao?

Nope. Which was sorta fine because apparently you don’t need a badge to get anywhere in the con. Still wanted ’em though.


3:15 #GotThere

They ain't great looking but whateves
Sure, they ain’t great looking but whateves


3:30 Dance It! Love Live!

Oh my god.

This was easily one of the most entertaining panels I’ve been to. Entire thing was nothing but a dance workshop in a room filled with genki as fuck fujoshi.

Danced this song. I think I’d heard it like twice before.

At “split into teams of three”, Soup and I gave each other the bro nod and started looking for cute nee-sans to dance with, until the only other guy in the room glommed onto us and was like “I guess we’re a unit”


Whatever, we fucking killed it. Apparently the secret to mastering Love Live is just not giving a fuck about anything or anyone. It’s like this shit was made for us.

Speaking of, chirpy birds is gonna be my go-to rave move now. Watch out, ladies.


5:00 Walkcon/”holy shit Chipotle has chorizo now let’s do this”

Nothing too exciting. Did catch a Shiki though.



7:00 Pokemon Go: An Academic Discussion

We knew it would be bad. Had no one to blame but ourselves.


7:15 Bulleit to the head

See you later space cowboy
see you later space cowboy


8:00 Kisanzi & Radical_Yue Present: AMV Hour

From the people who brought you


…came possibly the worst taste in anything since fujoshi discovered the combination of Fall Out Boy and Attack on Titan.

Panel included such gems as “Windows Movie Maker is a perfectly fine editing tool”, “I watched Free! for the plot and characters, I’m so quirky come at me bro lol”, and the vomit-inducing “Onodera best girl I don’t even care that she lost.”

Well you know what, you should care. The mangaka canonized Onodera’s worst girl status like he was the anime pope. Deal with it.

Respect the facts.
Respect the facts.

…Oh, and they played mediocre AMVs too. I was kinda too trashed to remember what they were though.


9:00 Bang bang bang

Every 9:00 panel was filled to capacity by the time we got out of AMVs, so we went back to the room to refresh.

Also, boy talk. Boy talk is great.


10:00 Anime Girl Fight

Shit was set up as a girl vs. girl bracket, where “judges” selected from the crowd determined who would win a fight. Satsuki lost to Medusa in the first round, and after that, heckle mode was fucking engaged. Soup was not having it. Even I learned some new curse words.

Srsly, how does Satsuki lose to anything?
Srsly, how does Satsuki lose to anything?

Soup and I lasted two more “fights”, but we couldn’t support the tyranny of stupidity any longer, so we ditched to walkcon for a bit.


10:30 Dedcon

Basically this, except more hallways and fewer butterflies.
Basically this, except more hallways and fewer butterflies.

I should mention that walkcon at NDK is pretty much a waste of time. And late night’s apparently way worse.


11:00 Dating Game After Dark

Soup and I saw the line for the panel stretched way to the back and being impatient motherfuckers we decided to social engineer our way in. “John said as press we could get in first.” (John said no such thing.)

...but we got in first anyway
…but we got in first anyway

Shit was rowdy since everyone at an 18+ panel at a con is going to be drunk. Panelists weren’t too great though, and the panel concept paled in comparison to the Newlywed Game from Otakuthon, so after an hour we bounced to see how the rave was faring without our presence.


12:00 J-Pop Dance aka The Friday Night Rave

RIP. Noticing a theme with con raves?

Soup and I tried to perform the advanced technique known as “saving the party” with the sweet moves we had learned earlier in the day, but not even our best Dash! was enough of a defibrillation.

Having determined that if the rave was dead, so was nightcon, Soup and I went back to our hotel to pass out and/or cuddle. I’ll let you fanfic out what happened.





All right, I’m hungry and the bennies are calling to me. Here’s hoping Saturday doesn’t suck~

But the schedule ain't looking all that promising...
But the schedule ain’t looking all that promising…

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