Crymore Con Schedule 2016+ – Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Youmacon, & Anime Impulse

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Stalking me has never been easier. (Real posts eventually, promise!)


tl;dr: these are cons I’m gonna be at

Time to live vicariously
Time to live vicariously




Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 – Sep 29-Oct 2 (Worst City in America Other Than Reno)


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I hate Atlanta, but I’ve worked here for the past year and a half, so I may as well go to this one. Wanted to hit up last year’s, but they denied my press pass for no given reason and I got bitchy about it.

For the sake of your entertainment, I hope they do it again, cuz this time I’m going no matter what.

Time to save Atlanta.
Time to save Atlanta.



Kumoricon 2016 – Oct 28-30 (Portland, OR)


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All I really know about Kumoricon is that Portland’s supposed to be cool.

Image unrelated.
Image unrelated.



Youmacon 2016 – Nov 3-6 (Detroit, MI)


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SoupRKnowva: “Hey D_S, we should go back to Youmacon.”

Me-sama-senpai-san: “Youmacon was boring, Soup, what the fuck are you thinking?”

SoupRKnowva: “Bunny girl is probably legal now.”

Me-sama-senpai-san: “Oh.”

To Detroit.
To Detroit.



Anime Impulse 2016 2017 – Jan 14-15, (Pomona, CA)


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As far as I can tell, this is less an anime con than an excuse for Asian girls to dress up and viciously judge each other. Which… I mean, that’s why I’m going.






As always, I’m willing to hang with any readers. Hit me up – [email protected] or @feedmeyourtears

If you’re gonna be at these cons and are boycotting online communication for… fuck if I know, you can simply look around to see who the drunkest assholes in the weebest gear are. That’ll be me ‘n the meme crew — I talk exactly how I write, just get away with it cuz I’m cute.

Play your cards right and you'll get to see all of it.
Speaking of ky, these bad boys girls may be the best $20 con investment I’ll ever make. Ladies~

5 thoughts on “Crymore Con Schedule 2016+ – Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Youmacon, & Anime Impulse”

  1. jesus christ how you can stand all that awkward teenage/manchild… awkwardness will forever be a mystery. i mean, why just not cough up the cash for a ticket to glorious nippon, walk over that stupid bridge in odaiba and attend that comicfestconwhateverthefuckitwascalled

    • Cons are simply a good excuse to be social with your friends. I am in a unique situation where the stars are aligned to make going to cons a worthwhile experience — flights are mostly free, hotels are discounted, I get to explore sweet cities with my friends that aren’t stuck in this fuckhole of a state known as Minnesota… Plus, I get to meet random readers.

      Yeah, most of them get frightened the fuck away after like 10 minutes and resolve to never let me speak to them or their son again, but… like 10% of the time we get super trashed and hit on ambiguously gendered Yuno cosplayers, so I will roll those dice any day of the week.

      And I couldn’t give less than two fucks about Japan proper. My place is better than Aki anyway.


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