Kumoricon 2016 Cosplay Pix: Only Poor People Use Flickr

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There’s nothing else to do here but walkcon, so walkcon I did.


A Spooky Instructional


If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the larger versions (that are like 3 GB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself, you’ll get some small/fucked-up version instead. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.





Keep in mind that for all the Friday pics I was rocking these pantsu, while slowly dropping other articles of clothing as the day went on. Otherwise there is a less-than-0 chance that I’d be grabbing all the below Re:Zero pix. (Yeah, I was pretty much willing to throw a day away for the meme. But don’t expect that again.)



I collect rare cosplay of good shows.


“Hey Dark_Sage, it’s your waifu.”

Fuck yeah it is.


Normally I wouldn’t bother with a Prison School cosplay, but seeing as how this wasn’t in the (shitty) anime adaptation, I knew its rarity would be significant enough to justify a shot.


Dude was chill, think I saw him like 5 times through the con and I got to pretend I gave a shit about any Re:Zero cosplay other than Elsa.

Shine on, Subaru~n. Also, the other Subarus sucked so I’m gonna give you a secret protip and tell you that DC makes shoes in the right color.


Whenever I see a girl covered in blood, I’m like already halfway there, but… you know, on the offchance she’s an illegal target, I’m not gonna finish that sentence.

Top cos. Thanks, Yandere-chan.


The only thing I know about Overwatch is the porn. …which, while not being the line I used to grab the shot, is still a relevant and accurate description of the degree to which I care about the series.

Lazy-mode nee-sans, though? Absolutely my jam. Had to go for it.


I wasn’t aware there was pokemon cosplay that didn’t involve $5 barrettes and gaudy eeveelution dresses. Learn something new every con.


For those of you keeping tabs, ears are absolutely my jam. Fire Emblem is too, as puddi can well attest. (Money match @ Sakuracon2017?)


Furuba is probably my favorite show that I acknowledge is objectively trash.



His friends noticed before he did, but we got there eventually.


“Is that Zone-tan?”

“I don’t fucking know, cute is cute. Go roll the dice and find out.”

For the record, the answer was Sombra.


Gero-chan <3

kumoricon_2016_-_friday_-_rem_pose_a_-_rezero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu_small kumoricon_2016_-_friday_-_rem_pose_b_-_rezero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu_small

If I knew I was getting a two-for-one with the poses, I would have run after her even without the ReZero weeb gear on.

…No, I don’t know where she got the rose from either.


In case, you were wondering, no she’s not from Akuma ga Kill, and yes, I instantly regretted asking the question. She was kind of definitely a Senran fangirl and I don’t know shit about that series.

Fuck it though, got the pic.


The lighting sucks, but rule #1 of cosplay hunting is that you’ll never get another chance for a shot, and I’m all about playing by the rules.


I asked her for a shot before I realized she came with her mom — and before her mom noticed what my pantsu were depicting.

The crew pulled me away rather quickly after this.


“Could I grab a pic?”

“I suppose.”

Oh Betty~


For those not aware, there is no such thing as a good Subaru wig, so going for the crossplay was a solid idea. Respect.

[…Time passes, many drinks are had…]


Right after this, the crew took my phone away from me. Probably for the best.

“just kill me now, fam”

Her friend (not pictured) was at least appreciative of my pantsu game… I think I made a misplay by going straight for the meme here. Oh well, fuck Portland.

Anyway, look to the write-up for the con shenanigans that transpired after this. The Friday cospix end here.





Saw Frog-chan again. Got a pic of Frog-chan again.

…I like Frog-chan.


As she was putting her paws on (great), I was trying to explain to her friend what the fuck she was from. Which was like… do people not talk about this shit beforehand? And how the fuck do you not know about Yurikuma Gaorashi?

They don’t make fujoshi like they used to.


Someone mind telling me where the fuck all these Yuno cosplayers are looking?


Yes, this is the best pic I could drag out of them, and I took several. Judging by the makeup on the narcoleptic Wilhelm, this was some wannabe pro group that were pissed I wasn’t some gelatinous blob of a cc reject with a whole $200 worth of photography equipment, throwing my sample-made business cards at them like it was monopoly money night at the strip club.

The Anastasia they were rolling with straight up told me she didn’t wanna stand for a pic, which was cool because her cosplay looked like a Steven Universe knock-off compiled solely from a 10-minute trip to the Clothes Closet. Shit, I don’t think any of them even had badges.

In short, fuck these kids, and no I’m not salty. :<


I originally had a paragraph orgasming over the positioning here, but on second thought, only the people that can appreciate this pic deserve to appreciate it.

Fuck, I am still impressed.


I may have fanboy’d a bit hard at this one.


Charlotte is rare even if cosplaying while Asian is easy mode.


I am (not) familiar with this reaction.




I was way too dead to spend more than two walkcon rounds on fucking Sunday of all days, but on the way out, we ran into a group that I had to snap for all the hipster cunts out there.


Apparently I was “only the fifth person” to recognize their cosplay. Which for a Sakamichi no Apollon group gig… I mean, I don’t think you can be surprised or disappointed at that. Lower your expectations, friends, the show wasn’t even that good.


And yeah… that’s about it. Haven’t bothered to post cosplays from the past several cons, but when there is literally nothing else to do but walkcon, you tend to find enough content for a full post. Lucky you, and happy Halloween~

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  1. the only use for cons in brazil is to quell the fetish of hitting girls dressed like your waifus, so here’s the question
    how many in the north hemisphere the dark_sage’s troupe had the lip(s) deflowered?

  2. Dark_Sage has no chin confirmed!

    Best outfit I’ve ever seen, wish I could get away with something like that. Last Anime Boston a few friends and I made Miku mafia costumes and ended up triggering people on Facebook.

    • There was a gangsta’ Homura (Madoka, not SK) at Otakuthon this year. Pretty neat costume, actually. Had sunglasses, a pistol iirc and the typical “bling” stuff.


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