Officialsubs Review: [PonyCan] Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Episode 04)

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Went with the English title cuz people can’t decide whether it’s Yuki Yuna or Yuuki Yuuna on the Japanese one.


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Match me, faggots.

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Review Time


All right, let’s roll through this. I’m starting to feel lazy and just need one more notch on my belt before it has more holes than the ozone layer.



Pretty fucking dismissive for the rando who got a bloody hands’ amount of applause.

“Thank you.” is a more appropriate send-off.


Understandable that there ain’t any karaoke here. I only paid $80 for a 4-episode disk after all.


Character outbursts are sometimes untranslated. I’d audio it, but I assume you’ll trust me.


Oh, and here’s a bunch of 42 typesetting examples.

Spoiler for

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_00-29_2016-11-07_17-47-38 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_00-32_2016-11-07_17-47-46 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_00-51_2016-11-07_17-48-14 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_00-58_2016-11-07_17-48-27 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_02-25_2016-11-07_17-50-08 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_02-36_2016-11-07_17-50-33 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_02-43_2016-11-07_17-50-44 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_02-52_2016-11-07_17-51-17 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_02-57_2016-11-07_17-51-29 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_03-26_2016-11-07_17-55-08 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_03-31_2016-11-07_17-55-32 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_04-27_2016-11-07_18-15-38 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_05-43_2016-11-07_18-18-11 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_06-04_2016-11-07_18-19-09 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_09-18_2016-11-07_18-42-05

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-01_2016-11-07_19-04-34 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_15-33_2016-11-07_19-16-13 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_15-17_2016-11-07_19-15-38 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_11-48_2016-11-07_19-11-41 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-34_2016-11-07_19-10-00 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-09_2016-11-07_19-05-18 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-05_2016-11-07_19-05-01 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-04_2016-11-07_19-04-55 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_10-02_2016-11-07_19-04-47 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_23-27_2016-11-07_19-30-49 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-46_2016-11-07_19-27-10 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-36_2016-11-07_19-26-55 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-32_2016-11-07_19-26-46 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-31_2016-11-07_19-26-40 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-28_2016-11-07_19-26-34 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_19-26_2016-11-07_19-26-26 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_18-57_2016-11-07_19-20-14 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_15-56_2016-11-07_19-17-06

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_23-31_2016-11-07_19-31-09 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-25_2016-11-07_19-33-25 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-22_2016-11-07_19-33-16 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-19_2016-11-07_19-33-10 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-19_2016-11-07_19-33-05 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-18_2016-11-07_19-33-00 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-15_2016-11-07_19-32-54 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_24-13_2016-11-07_19-32-41 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_23-45_2016-11-07_19-31-57

Even PonyCan can’t into TS.



Every now and then some fuckwit will come up to me and be like “oh wow D_S how come you only ever drop a bunch of typesets into a spoiler write a one-liner and call it a day isn’t typesetting important?”

And to them I can only say, “No. Nobody cares about typesetting except illiterates whose only means of comparing subtitles by themselves is eyeing the different signs and seeing which one looks more like the inside of a gay bar’s toilet stall on Glitter Thursdays.”

Typesets are boring, discussing typesets is boring, and typesetters… Well, okay, most typesetters I know are cool kids. But you get the point, right? My Autism is English-oriented and I ain’t directing it at visuals until Taylor Swift herself offers me a night of anal & memes in exchange for pontificating upon the values of /blur for about three paragraphs more than should be acceptable.

Anyway, I’m getting carried away — this onesie + tequila combo is leading me to levels of thought never before thought possible. Back to the review.



yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_03-05_2016-11-07_17-52-12 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_03-11_2016-11-07_17-51-50 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_03-13_2016-11-07_17-51-56

This is an unenviable situation for the translation team. nibosshi = sardines.

But since she’s only called Nibosshi… like twice, going with an English nickname should work. So never mind, this is totally enviable cuz the answer is as clear-cut as the Amazon’s getting to be.

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_05-09_2016-11-07_18-17-06 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_05-56_2016-11-07_18-18-55

There’s no text-based indicator for when people are singing. Positioning isn’t standard, the font’s the exact same, and shit there ain’t even any italics.

Deaf/hard-of-hearing readers, this ain’t gonna be the kinda release that panders to your fucked-up ears, gomen.

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_05-50_2016-11-07_18-18-35 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_07-25_2016-11-07_18-24-44

Stutters are randomly represented in the dialogue. QC is cheap guys, christ.


You mean Vertices arrive in peaks.

…no, I’m just kidding. Don’t leave.


More like “As my junior”. “a junior” would indicate all middle school juniors would naturally follow her. Which… No, that’s not as hot as I originally thought. Never mind.


“the karaoke” or “karaoke is”

The first fix refers to the karaoke session they just had directly, and the second indicates that karaoke in general is probably not good practice for her. I’d lean toward the former as the best fix here, but I wouldn’t knock an editor if they went with the latter instead.

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_08-47_2016-11-07_18-39-21 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_08-52_2016-11-07_18-39-30 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_08-55_2016-11-07_18-39-37 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_08-56_2016-11-07_18-39-42

Some lines are blatantly & nonsensically transliterated. Almost makes me not wanna look up H for the series.


Lines like this make me turn on the dub track just to make sure I’m not crazy. And then I turn the dub track off because let’s be serious.

If “problem-solving skills” is supposed to mean something here, the TL will wanna go back and find an alternate phrase, cuz this shit does not fit.

“Nothing personnel, kid.”


This is one of those lines that an editor may think is clever at first blush, but on second blush… well, that’d better be one of embarrassment. Shit makes no sense.



Old yeller’s daring the tsundere to pound that shit like it’s prom night.


will be*

should be*

Either one is a better option than what’s currently wedged in that sentence.

yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_21-59_2016-11-07_19-29-27 yuki_yuna_is_a_hero_disc_1_t03-mkv_snapshot_22-53_2016-11-07_19-30-09

The ending song remains untranslated even when it carries into the post-credits part of the episode. Christ, PonyCan, song translation licensing can’t be that fucking expensive.


This doesn’t mean anything.

Onee-chan’s doing the standard whinging about how she’s only living her life for revenge. Yeah, that’s “personal”, but this line is typically written as “selfish” or “self-centered” cuz “oh wow maybe revenge isn’t the greatest thing in the world after all, and living life as a limp-dick is deep & cool!”

Fuck Japanese storywriting.




The Results


Going into Yuki Yuna, I was expecting both a terrible show and terrible subs. In the end, I got about a third of each of my expectations.

Despite being notably worse than Madoka, Yuki Yuna seems like the kinda girl who fucks halfway through the first date. And PonyCan… Well, apparently their trailer for the show was not entirely representative of the final product.

Gonna break the plastic wrap off my other Yuki BDs and finish this damn thing off. Then we can get back to not caring about Fall 2016 together. <3


10 thoughts on “Officialsubs Review: [PonyCan] Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Episode 04)”

  1. When you finish it, you need to tell me if the second to last episode hits you in the feels as hard as it did to me. 

    I watched it at the airport while thoroughly sleep deprived after working 60 hours in a 3 day period. I can only imagine what people thought when they saw a fully grown man in business clothes crying his eyes out while watching a magical girl anime, but fortunately my coworkers haven’t ever said anything about it.

    • I hope so. Cuz it’s been… hard to call how good it is thus far.

      Finished disk 2 last night before the liquor hit and I just… watched reactions. Plan on finishing tonight.

    • Episodes 1-8: Meh whatever
      Episode 9: Yeah, sure, that’s sad, but generic is generic
      Episode 10: I… Wait, what? Hold the fuck up, was this show good all along?
      Episode 11: Ehh…
      Episode 12: Japan is unsalvageable.

      The fuck made you cry? A show purportedly about weighing consequences had nothing on the scale to begin with.

      • My sleep deprived brain was saddened by tsundere-chan losing all of her limbs and stuff, and then I completely lost it when the two best friends were fighting. I didn’t even make it to the last episode where they erased all of the consequences.

        Also my flight was delayed.

        • Okay, tsundere part was pretty sad, I’ll give ya that. I nearly learned what emotion was. But then they couldn’t clinch it for me and I remembered why I wish I never specced into anime.

  2. Hey Dark_Sage i have a simple OT question. Which score would you give to Crunchy’s release of Girlish number?

    Ty in advance for your attention.


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