Crymore/D_S Status + Spring 2017 to Date, Parts IV-V

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tl;dr: I’m moving to Denver, and posts will be rather infrequent.


Status Update

v. Sick

I wanted to write out a bunch of posts on this season, Sakuracon, and how fucking cute my smile is. But I’ve been sick since Friday, alternating between hacking out my guts and googling what the most painless, yet effective, method of committing suicide is.

You almost got me, K-On.

Funny thing about bronchitis is it’s a virus, so the best my doctor could offer me is a bottle of codeine and a halfhearted handjob. Taking the responsible route, I pawned the bottle off on the first middle schooler I saw, and declined the doc’s support, cuz tbh no one else handles dick better than I do. (TL Note: I’m straight. Unless you’re a super-cute dude, and then I’d mostly just fuck ya for the twitter likes.)

Lean back.



v. Denver

As if bleeding from my esophagus weren’t enough, my job decided to fuck me in the ass over Sakuracon weekend. I’m still on payroll for a bit, but now I get to spend all of May trying to find a new role. And roll over me with a rusty tractor if I’m gonna do in bumfuck Minnesota. Baby, we’re going to Denver!

It’ll be like this, except far lonelier.

…So yeah, I’m moving to Denver (tomorrow), and plan to dedicate May to finding a new job. My skillset’s relatively in demand, I have some great references, and absolutely no ties to anything but my reflection. So all should be fine. Well, I should. Crymore won’t be.



v. Crymore

Had some long bullshit wrote up, but it boils down to: I ain’t writing until I get a new job confirmed. This shit takes time, and I’d feel guilty otherwise.

Summed up: Don’t look forward to new posts cuz there won’t be any.

Hey, at least I meet expectations.




Spring 2017 to Date, Parts IV-V

Don’t have time for full-fledged posts, so this is all you’re getting. You’re probably more likely to read it this way anyway.


Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai


Watched: With my boys @ Sakcon

Caught this one with the crew when half of them were almost high enough that I could get away with fapping under the covers. Well, surprise surprise, the fucking assholes caught me on a handcheck. Had to finish when they passed out, but I can’t really hold that against the show.

Rating: Excellent



SukaSuka Five Dolla

Better draft that will, sweetie.

Watched: One episode at Sakuracon, barely

The only thing I remember about this, besides being bored enough to do my fucking taxes during its runtime (yes, at the con), was how puddi and I got in a fight over best girl. Think he picked the snaggletooth, and I picked the girl who looked most likely to take it in the ass? Anyway, I don’t remember their names, but I’m 95% sure they were 12, and 100% sure puddi’s still wrong.

Rating: Shit



The King’s Avatar

Watched: 1 ep at home, 1 ep at Sakuracon

Not good. I’m pretty sure I said some racist shit while watching this one. But considering how many women China has clothes-hangar’d out of existence, perhaps we can call this one even. Make me a fucking anime that doesn’t suck, and maybe I’ll consider ya something better than budget-Koreans, China.

Rating: Shit



One Room Friends

tfw it’s 2017 and you still can’t fuck anime girls

Watched: Sakuracon, all 12 episodes

Yeah, this was last season or whatever. The boys told me it was super self-insert, so they had me roleplay the MC as our midnight festivity (#fucktherave). Let me tell you, shit got pretty misogynistic. And when I found out that one girl had cucked me into paying for our 2-bedroom? Well, I’ve had better moments.

Rating: Shit



Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

Watched: Sakuracon, 1epperino

I tried to pretend it wasn’t awful, but it was. It really was.

Rating: Shit



Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Watched: Away from the sight of anyone who could judge me

This is a show about an outcast furry who meets up with the strongest witch in the world and they go on adventures and shit because even though she’s the most powerfullest witch in the history of ever she totally needs some sadmad, limpwrist furfag to guard her.

Rating: 0/10. Even without the furries, this show would be shit.



Renai Boukun

Didn’t get to this part yet, but I’m sure I’ll get off when I do.

Watched: Alone in my hotel room

Episode 1 was awesome, but it also convinced me the rest of the series would be shit. Maybe Japan’ll come through?

Rating: Great




She’s great but the show ain’t.

“Wanna watch episode 2?”


Maybe Sakuracon wasn’t made entirely of bad decisions after all.

Watched: 01 @ home, 02 @ never

Rating: Shit



Idol Time PriPara

Watched: Alone in my hotel room

For some reason I thought this was PreCure when I downloaded it. After a couple seconds of involuntarily trying to tear my eyes out of their sockets, I realized my mistake.

Rating: Shit



Sagrada Reset

Watched: Unfortunately.


Rating: 2predictable/10



Berserk (2017)

Watched: 01, alone

It’s Berserk and it’s not the half-assed ’97 version or another retread of the awful Golden Age arc. Of course I love it.

Rating: 10/10





All goes well, guess you’ll see me at NDK again. If I fuck up, then I suppose it’s back to America’s dumpster. WML.

(Let’s go, CO)

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