Dark_Sage’s Anime Collection v.Jul2017 – No Scene Tourists Edition

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Cuz if you don’t spend all your money on anime you aren’t a *true fan*.



This would be me if the following section didn’t exist.

Manga volumes: 4k+

Anime BD series: 400+

Anime DVD series: 300+

Games (physical): 700+

Games (steam – anime only): 750+ | Link

Figures: 100+ | Link

Shame remaining: None.


If we as individuals are truly defined by the quality of our consumerism, then I think I’ve almost garnered enough content to fill out a Tinder profile.

Well, so long as that shit’s available on the Vita.



And now for the Pix

Beyond the BD expansion, things have not changed dramatically since my last post. But I needed an excuse to dust, so enjoy.

(Links default to “_Small.jpg” to save your bandwidth. If you want ’em 4 times bigger, change that bit in the URL to “_Large.jpg”. Case sensitive cuz fuck wordpress.)



Room 1

Yes, this is more manga than you’ve ever seen in one place. No, I haven’t read any of it.

I’d rather not burn you out on something as boring as books, so feel free to skip to room 2 or 3 for the granularity that reaches places you only ever dreamed of me reaching.


Have a patpat gif for making it this far though.



Room 2

This is the living room, if you use a liberal definition of the term.

Even deeper:


Yeah, I need to find some tack to keep these from crinkling. But that’s effort; I’d rather just buy new ones if these break lol.



My mobile station. Since I travel for work, I bring this setup (minus the keyboard) everywhere with me. Can confirm the TSA loves both Yuno and massaging my balls.



Ram is so best.


Some manga

Who cares what it is, or if any volumes are missing? All that matter is there’s a lot of it.



Everyone knows I have the best wall scrolls.


More manga, whatevers




If ya need to crash at my place for whatever reason (read: the roofies kicking in), I’ve got a blanket and my waifu’s crotch to borrow. We do hospitality right here in Minnesota.



One of these days I’ll open their boxes. Probably.



Best to end it on this one. Easily my favorite wall scroll of all time, ever. RA is a god.



Room 3

At Casa del Seiji, every night’s a threesome.

Oh god no that’s too deep:


Just cuz I shove it in a closet doesn’t mean it’s poorfag shit. I have over 160 LEs stacked deep in here, fight me.

Though as far as clothes go? Yeah, I do only own the one shirt. Gotta prioritize, y’know?



Ladies love me. At least the two I paid for do.



I still pirate all the anime I watch — who the fuck actually uses blu-ray players in current_year?


Wallshots / Side Waifu


Nothing like an alcoholic back-up plan. I’ve been relying on mine for the past decade.




You can ask me anything, just don’t ask me my age.


Q: How old are you?

A: Just turned 47 last June.


Q: So, do you rent a place, or…

A: No, I live in my mother’s basement.


Q: How were you able to afford all this?

A: You’d be surprised how much an assistant-to-the-manager at McDonald’s can make.


Q: Are you a virgin?

A: Clearly.


Q: Does this really count as content?

A: No, but I know you fucking like it anyway.



Okay, q&a over, I need to vomit up this handle. Marriage requests can go in the comments below. Rejections will shortly follow. <3

34 thoughts on “Dark_Sage’s Anime Collection v.Jul2017 – No Scene Tourists Edition”

    • http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Room_3_-_Deep_16_Large.jpg bottom left, plus the random BL I have scattered through the manga

      For the record, my ideal foreplay consists of watching Ninja Love in muted contemplation for the entirety of the its 60-minute runtime, followed by a 10-15 minute vigorous discussion of its themes and use of symbolism, finishing off with two minutes of halfhearted cunnilingus, during which I will pause and check my nonexistent watch at least three times. I’ve run my local Wal-Mart out of its towel supply more than once with this technique.

  1. did you literally buy some nerd’s collection? i can’t see why else you’d own all these shitty R1 dvds of late-90s/early-00s crap.

    • Oh, I did move down. But everything went to hell and now I’m stuck licking my wounds in Michigan/Minnesota for a while.

  2. One day you might get tired of the whole collecting business and the mundane triviality of life and develop multiple personality disorder. One of your alter egos would install a bomb in the flat without your primary self recognizing it, and when you are somewhere else the bomb would explode, transforming every single particle of the contents of your house into ashes. With the moral that things you own end up owning yourself and consumerism is a monstrosity ruining human minds engraved upon your soul, you would establish a club whose first rule is never to talk about it.

  3. Thank you for this indirect yet immeasurable contribution to Japanese economy.

    (That shirt is fucking dope tho.)

  4. You clearly have a hoarding problem.
    i will always be deleting downloaded anime as soon as i watch it so that i don’t remind myself how much of a disappointment or cliched the anime was.
    also emphasis on downloaded.
    i can’t bring myself to own/buy a single piece of anime merchandise. that may change in future if i come across a great poster that or godly figurine that doesn’t reek of weebness.

  5. An average McDonald’s assistant manager hourly pay in the United States is approximately $15.25, which meets the national average.


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