Spring 2018 Anime Opinions – It’s Like Consequence on Repeat but Twice as Depressing

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In a world where the art of subtitling has been perfected, how can our intrepid hero keep a site which lost its purpose alive? Clearly, lazy aniblogging is the way to go.



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Still Watching – 6 Episodes In

3D Kanojo Real Girl – 6/10

tl;dr: Bad romance for bad people.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

The only thing more fucked than the Chinese-style pacing is that I still kinda like the show. It’s awful, awful wish fulfillment for losers. Seeing as how I could never fall into that category, I watch it as more of a way to connect with the anime community at large.

…yeah, I should probably drop this before I contract something from the normalscum.



Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season – 4/10

tl;dr: DC x Japan got a third season, yay.

Episodes Seen: 6/25

Lacking imagination or purpose beyond poisoning the well, My Hero Academia is the worst of what anime has to offer. With not a single original bone in its feces-filled corpse of medicority, Academia proves the world still needs chemical warfare.

Academia fans, with all sincerity: please kill yourselves. I hate everything about you, and if you’ve gone three seasons without seriously contemplating how fucking stupid it is to have a world economy revolving entirely around a fully armed citizenry beating the shit out of a handful of villains less threatening than Team Rocket in a wheelchair, you are beyond salvation.

(No, Toga can’t save the show no matter how much I love that stupid slut.)



Cutie Honey Universe – 7/10

tl;dr: Wait, Cutie Honey is lesbians?

Episodes Seen: 6/?

Tits on tits is fucking genius. Why did nobody think of this before?

A beast has been awakened in me.

If you’re fapping to DxD instead of this, you’re wrong. Oh and spoiler alert:

This is 100% a Go Nagai series.

Pay respect to the only reason Ikuhara ever had a job.

Still, it’s kinda weird how all those people who ruined their towels over Devilman Crybaby aren’t paying attention to this show at all. Sure gets them neurons firing.



Dorei-ku the Animation – 2.5/10

tl;dr: It’s not even worth explaining.

Episodes Seen: 6/?

I was really liking this shit until I binged the manga. What a smack to the sack. Perhaps I should tone down my optimism for “death game” series. Mirai Nikki 2, when? :(



Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou – 8/10

Even after getting Frederica’s gender wrong, this is still a better translation effort than episode 1’s.

tl;dr: They remade a shameless Code Geass rip-off, and now it’s somewhat good.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

This is easily the show I most want to see the next episode of, and actually makes me interested in the source material (which as every real fan knows is the OVAs and not the LNs).

You can definitely tell why everyone thinks this show is the most intelligent anime of all time. I mean, when Reinhard came up with the brilliant strategy of taking out his enemies separately instead of all at once, I knew I was watching the exploits of a future-day Sun Tzu.

Don’t even get me started on the Assault on Iserlohn.

Trojan horse, huh? What a brilliant and obscure military tactic to use!

I guess everyone in the future is born retarded. Maybe the present too, since people seem to like this crock. God, I can’t even imagine watching the OVAs and having the inherent plot stupidity paired with stop-motion space fights.

Still bought the OG LE though, lul.



Golden Kamuy – 7/10

tl;dr: Japan finally made an anime with Native Americans in it. Very progressive.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

I was loving the show up until Ainu-chan went heavy on the “ugh don’t kill anyone cuz killing’s mean” and it turned into every Japanese series ever. There a law over there that tells writers everything they have to make is shit?

As a western (genre), however mediocre and stupid it is, it’s still scratching an itch I had forgotten about. So yeah, I’m probably higher on this than I should be. Maybe I’ll read the picture books once the show finishes to see why people gave a shit this was getting animated in the first place.



Hinamatsuri – 9/10

[Vivid] was a mistake.
tl;dr: Almost quirky enough for you to forget how derivative it actually is.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

This show is bait, but god is it delicious. If you’re one of those few folks who haven’t heard much about it, go in blind and enjoy the experience. This is the kind of show that can be wholeheartedly recommended to any sort of anime fan. Srsly, watch it, fence-sitters.

When all is said and done, in this city we’ll always have happy days.



Hisone to Maso-tan – 5/10

tl;dr: The Japanese military is actually made of dragons. Sorry, no, these ones aren’t fuckable.

Episodes Seen: 6/?

Rarely do I finish an episode interested to see the next, nor do I see much of a point to the show.

Well, unless you have a vore fetish.



Juushinki Pandora – 2/10

tl;dr: You’ve seen this before, and it was much better back then.

Episodes Seen: 6/?

The only reason I have this in “Watching” is because after episode 1 I was too fucked up on tequila to figure out how to stop the autoplay. God, I wish I could take that night back.



Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi – 7/10

tl;dr: “Your grandpa went into debt and offered you up as collateral. So now you’re my fiancée, unless you want to try and work off his debt instead, and make me fall even more in love with you in the process! What a crazy, heretofore-unheard-of scenario!”

Episodes Seen: 6/26

This is very much a bad Kamisama Kiss. Then again, pretty much every supernatural shoujo is.

Genre fans, this is worth a watch. Everyone else, look elsewhere.



Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari – 10/10

tl;dr: Mobage adaptation that spends every second shitting on its source material.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

This show’s top-tier.



Mahou Shoujo Site – 7/10

tl;dr: ….

Episodes Seen: 6/12

Pretty sure the only people who dislike this show are just too stupid to get it. Yes, it’s about magical girls but

Would’ve liked it more if bubble gun wasn’t a fucking pussy. But since she clearly fucks pussies I’m 100% down to watch.



Megalo Box – 7/10

tl;dr: If this seems nostalgic, that’s because it’s generic.

Episodes Seen: 6/13

Wake me when the antagonists get interesting. Or Joe, for that matter.



Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori – 5/10

tl;dr: Slow slice-of-life about boys running a restaurant.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

I would like this show a lot more if it was better.



Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-hen – 7/10

I love you, Crunchyroll.

tl;dr: You know the previous seasons of Shokugeki no Soma? Yeah, this is that.

Episodes Seen: 6/?

If the central conflict of this arc made any sense whatsoever, I’d be in. As is, I’m just barely getting by fapping to how I imagine Erina’s armpits taste. It’s a struggle, but I’m enduring somehow.



Steins;Gate 0 – 9/10

tl;dr: More Steins;Gate, but not the shitty movie this time.

Episodes Seen: 6/23

I dunno, it’s Steins;Gate. 90% of the problems could be resolved with slightly better communication skills on the part of literally anyone, but all nerds are autistic so I guess that was never a viable option in the first place.

Legal loli sucks btw.



Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 6/10

tl;dr: All filler no killer.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

Sword Art Online is bad. Pito, tho? H N G H

Think her seiyuu sells used panties?



Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai – 7/10

tl;dr: Let’s take a decent joke and then fuck it to death like an overweight redditor.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

This would be better as a good movie than a mediocre series.



Tokyo Ghoul:re – 7/10

tl;dr: Let’s take all the good parts of Tokyo Ghoul, throw them out the window, then try to add in better parts as replacement but miserably fail.

Episodes Seen: 6/12

As a middle finger to the people who wanted more gruel, this show makes sense. Doesn’t make me like it any more, though.



Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii – 7/10

I’m sure I would enjoy this show more if the translation wasn’t so ass.

tl;dr: What if beautiful people were just as boring as I’m not?

Episodes Seen: 6/11

The draw of romcoms is supposed to be watching characters you care about getting all lovey dovey and shit. This? This is just a bunch of assholes slobbering over each other’s egos while making Monster Hunter references like that puts them in some cool kids club. No, fuck these characters, and fuck the lazy writing. I deserve better.





Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari

tl;dr: I’m sure it worked well as a VN.

Episodes Seen: 2

I have just been informed this is not based on a VN. Then what the fuck transpired here?




tl;dr: You know that shitty RPG you’ve never heard of that they made an anime of? Yeah, uh, this is that.

Episodes Seen: 1

I’ll play the upcoming remake though.



Comic Girls

tl;dr: What if Japan really didn’t have enough unfunny comedies yet?

Episodes Suffered: 1

Watched this with a crew at Anime Detour and they ended up having to hide all the sharp objects in the room from me. While my heart goes out to the director for whatever misery he suffered in his life that led to this, I still want to punch him right in the kidney. Repeatedly. Until he dies.

I hate this show.



Devils Line

tl;dr: MySpace: the Anime

Episodes Seen: 2

Try not to make eye contact.



Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

If you can’t even be assed to run spell check on your overly wordy subs, I’m not going to recommend your release.

tl;dr: You remember watching this shit ten years ago? Cuz I sure as fuck don’t.

Episodes Seen: Like 5 minutes of episode 1.

The prospect of rewatching the unbearable S1 just so I have some fucking idea of who all these characters are, all in order to better teach begna basic English… Ugh, I’m out.



Gegege no Kitarou (2018)

tl;dr: Youkai of the week remake that did not need to get remade.

Episodes Seen: 1

Yes, Kitarou is aimed at children. But so are AK-47s. And it is for that reason, I am out.



High School DxD Hero

tl;dr: It’s High School DxD.

Episodes Seen: 1

I don’t care about this series. Give me more Queen’s Blade instead.



Lost Song

tl;dr: Disney done worse.

Episodes Seen: 1

Fuck musicals.



Mahou Shoujo Ore

tl;dr: Haha but like what if like when a girl tried to become a magical girl she actually became a magical boy? Do you think we could make a show based entirely off that one joke and not need to bother writing anything else?

Episodes Seen: 3

I don’t hate this show, I just don’t see the point of watching it over literally anything else.



Nil Admirari no Tenbin

tl;dr: Idiots fighting books.

Episodes Seen: 2

The characters are cute. That’s about it.



Persona 5 the Animation

tl;dr: Another shitty Persona adaptation.

Episodes Seen: 1

The P3 movie weren’t good either; stop trying to fool yourself.



Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru

tl;dr: It’s not good.

Episodes Seen: 1

One of the characters is named Gigina Jardi Doruk Meleios Ashley-Bufh. That’s reason enough to drop.



Souten no Ken Re:Genesis

tl;dr: Have you finished JoJo’s yet?

Episodes Seen: 2

It is unclear why anyone would care about this series.



Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

tl;dr: The best way to make you hate your Twitter feed.

Episodes Seen: 2

Sports anime suck.





Top 5 Series

Spoiler for

jk, only three deserve attention.

3. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

best op lyrics

2. Steins;Gate 0

best steins;girl

1. Hinamatsuri

best gag arc


(Okay, Last Period deserves a mention too. But it takes a very specific sort to like it, and I’m fairly convinced I’m the only name on that roster.)

Top 5 OPs

Spoiler for
N/A. The OPs suck this season.

Top 5 EDs

For those on data plans, file size of the webms below is between 4 and 23 MB each.

Spoiler for

5. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl


4. Hisone to Maso-tan (Kara: Asenshi)


3. Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari


2. Steins;Gate 0 (Kara: LostYears)


1. High School DxD Hero (Kara: AoD)

I like boobs, sue me.


Hon. Mentions: Black Clover, Saiki Kusuo v2, Tokyo Ghoul Reee

Top 9 5 Waifus

Spoiler for

5. Rindy-chan – Shokugeki no Food Wars

All about her design. 90% certain she doesn’t have a personality though.


4. Mutsuki, Cat Mode – The Bad Tokyo Ghoul

Uta lucked out with this one.


3. Glasses Tiddies – Mahou Shoujo Site

I call her that because.


2. Mai Himiko – Babby’s First Shounen

But you already saw this one coming.


1. Pitohui – Sword Art Online Alt: GGO

Itty bitty psycho titties.

I was well enough into her before I knew just how batshit she was, and then I fell in love. Highly considering dropping SAO right here so I don’t have to see just how badly they ruin her by the end of it.

27 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Anime Opinions – It’s Like Consequence on Repeat but Twice as Depressing”

  1. It’s about time. I thought I’d have to waste a bunch of time watching shitty shows to find any good ones I’m not already watching. But it looks like I’m not missing anything. Also it’s nice to have my opinions validated.

    As much as I want to argue with you on Full Metal Panic! (as someone who’s read the full manga) really the best stuff was in season one. The rest of the series is basically “Taken: The Anime”, but with Robots. The action is spotty, the characters are lacking, and the plot is just ok.

    Was hoping the LoGH remake would add something, but it’s probably better that they just stuck with the source material. Also in universe it’s reasonable the leaders would make the bad choices they did that Yang/Reinhard exploit. It’s not a case of “lets make everyone have a 70IQ to make our 100IQ portag(s) look smart” and more a case of complacency, wishful thinking, not properly exploiting talent. Sure Yang/Reinhard get a bit overinflated, but it’s still in the realm of credulity.

    Thanks for the update! And here’s hoping for some timely posts next season.

    • The only point in watching FMP S1 is so you can enjoy Fumoffu, which happens to be the only good comedy Japan ever made.

      • Are you into wet little girls dragging little boys into public restrooms and stroking them while sitting on the toilet? Because that happens in episode 3.

        • Meh, I’m not so sure about you but watching a censored adaptation just to see edgy things happen seems kind of contradictory. The anime is censored. Just like Golden Kamuy. Just putting it out there.

  2. Wish I didn’t care as much for FMP, would have saved me the from the delusion that is Invisible Victory.
    Anyway, having re-watched the first season of FMP recently, I can say it is not THAT bad. It’s a mediocre series, but it never get to truly unwatchable levels. Worth it considering that both Fumoffu and TSR are masterpieces.

  3. You seem to like this season’s mahou-shoujo-but-wait-it’s-violent. Does it get any better? I gave up after the second episode because the plot didn’t give any reason to care about the characters before it started doing horrible things to them.

  4. Pls fmp is a fucking masterpiece… Just read the sigma manga if you can’t bear xebec crapstorm… They’re doing pretty poorly anyway.

      • If by no consequence you mean death. Sure. If only it was mediocre. It’s actually well-done but that’s just because of how low the bar is set for manga in general. It had some well executed twists and foreshadowing.

        Dorei-ku is written more intelligent than 99% of the shit it copied. You’ve got to give it some credit. The non-linear way it was written was also a great brainlet filter.

        What do you mean exactly by “no consequence”?


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