Pre-Gaming Otakuthon 2018 – Wednesday/Thursday

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Best con let’s go.


Meme.crew 2018

If you wanna hang, DM me or something.



-Con So Far-



Nailed it.

Matt and I got in at 2:00 cuz we wanted to spend Thursday doing stock-ups for bestcon. Once customs determined we weren’t Muslim, we regrouped with booms and then checked into our connecting rooms cuz who sticks 6 weebs in one room these days?



“There’s a place called Hottu Doggu”

“oh shit let’s do this”

Fuck Montreal.


Dinnertime Try 2 – Sake Bombs at Biiru

“All right, so it’s ‘ichi’ ‘ni’ ‘san’ ‘sake bomb!’ Ready? Ichi–”

*Matt immediately smacks his drink like it made him a bad dinner*

The betrayer was among us all along. ;_;



Spent the rest of the night watching 18+ wrestling and French-dubbed dramas. The only thing I regret is that the French language exists.




Montreal’s Finest Breakfast – Le Egspectación

I wanted to go to Gingko cuz they have fucking chorizo bennies but got veto’d because the waiters might speak French and how the fuck are we gonna handle that situation?

Instead I got sent to a place that cuts their pampelmouse like it’s a modern art display.

How do you eat this? I sure as fuck don’t know, but I am pretty sure I did it wrong.


Chinatown/IGA Shopping Trip

Me, except I’m neither 5’11” nor the worst girl from a shitty anime.

Got some bubble tea after our initial round of stock-ups. It was Matt’s first time drinking it and he refused to two-boys-one-straw with me, so we had to get two.


Waste of plastic since he decided he didn’t like boba after one sip. Then after this he had the nerve to call Astolfo gay.

Before any blood could be spilled, lunr and dbx came in and defused the situation with their manly musk. Lucked out this time, Matt.



Now we’re heading out to hit on IRL twitter thots until hikage arrives. Once we fail it’s probably a couple rounds of shots and then a couple more during Russian roulette.

Real cosplay hours.

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