Shurim Scanlations Provides Retarded Guesslations for Retards

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The theme of tonight’s post is friendship.


Enter Sage Left

Knowing I let y’all down last season by not providing my sagey season previews, I started early this time, and got caught up in a little isekai series about a dude who gets turned into an OP slime.

Yes, this one.

After getting a bit into it, I realized fansubbing doesn’t have a monopoly on translator stupidity, so I thought I’d help the group doing the series by sending them a couple friendly QC reports.

For a group that advertises themselves as “high quality (sic) scanlations” I figured that would go over quite well. But when faced with the slightest amount of constructive criticism, their response was rather uncouth.

I mean, banning Dark_Sage? In 2018? Wow.

Pathetic. And… weirdly racist.


After my totes unfair (everyone knows it) ban, I thought I’d take advantage of the contact page to clear up any misunderstandings. A bit unaware of the contents of the original message due to my regularly scheduled blackout, but it probably involved an offer to send TL-chan some rusty old razor blades so she could afford to have something to slit her wrists with. I’m nothing if not generous.

This is what I got back:

So yeah, newfriend, here’s the post I just linked you. Hope you find it useful.


Also, before we get started, I just wanna let everyone know that the big tiddy oni is best girl. By far.

Good Jesus. She is entirely as good as these scans are not.



[Shurim Scanlations] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – QC Report, Episode 1

Diminished is a meaningless word here — there’s no scale to it. Diminished by 1 orc? 10%? Half the army? Learn the language for the love of Christ.

F*ck? Are you showing your mom these scans or something? How disappointed is she?

Highly. Guess that answers that.


meant -> mean

These two look similar, but they are, in fact, different words.

Why does the comic relief goblin use Christian slang? Wait, don’t answer that.



[Shurim Scanlations] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – QC Report v0

The last section was actually covering the re-scans that Shurim did. Meaning, yeah, it’s about to get that much worse.

But there are hot pix ahead, so you at least have something to look forward to~

You’re gonna notice this throughout, but visually these scans are a mess. Poor styling, non-existent typesetting… Hell, this bitch can’t even clean properly.

Sure, I could make a sexist joke here, but the man once labeled fansubbing’s most eligible date rapist is a tad classier than that.

Also they uploaded everything as a “.jpeg”. I don’t know either.


Close, but the term is “not to be trifled with”. And actually not close, because toying with something means you’re necessarily in a stronger position than it. Cats toy with their prey, as an example. Whereas, if you trifle with something, that means you’re not treating it with respect or taking the situation seriously.

its is a possessive and it’s is a contraction. I know you don’t understand the difference, but that’s not because it’s difficult; it’s because you’re stupid.

TN: Good call on putting a TL note here. Really coulda ruined the reader experience otherwise. Also it’s don’t, dolt.

What a fucking sentence. What a fucking script.

How can a skill manipulate one’s body… freely? The literal fuck is this?

Almost like it’s an orc.

Things is getting bad. :(

Bethren? It’s like we’re in a knock-off Harry Potter.

Im crying ;_;

“inedible miss”? “Trainee-san”? No, I’m calling bullshit here. Translate this again, but study your Japanese first.

…English too, while you’re at it.



Big Tiddy Orc GF Break Time


Okay, back to the grind.



Presented Without (Much) Commentary

Shurim’s translations are so fucking bad that if I continued going chapter by chapter I would slowly lose my mind. So instead, have some selected stupidity out of a couple chapters smashed together.

Trainee-san wasn’t the master? Holy fuck kill me now.




This next one might be my favorite:

Girl, this is why we’re having an intervention.



“why did you come here?”

“eh, the girl to my left forced me to come, but I was busy with other shit so so that’s why I’m not here right now”



What’s her name again?


Perfect note to end on. I could keep going for the other 16 chapters of this shit that’ve been released so far, but I think even the internet has laws about dumping too much garbage at once.



-End Card-

Look, I get it, I really do. Doing a good job is much harder than doing a bad job. But Shurim, what about your racist Discord fans? Or the various people on your site who are constantly finding basic translation errors in every goddamn release?

Don’t the people paying you $5500 a year deserve a mite more than what you’re offering?

Perhaps you could take some of that money and invest it in a children’s dictionary. Failing that, always remember that Target sells the cure for what you’ve got.

5% off this week, just saying.

10 thoughts on “Shurim Scanlations Provides Retarded Guesslations for Retards”

  1. Confusing ‘their’ and ‘there’ is one thing, but confusing them with ‘they’re’ multiple times is a different level of special.

    In other nitpicks, I see Shurim favour the banginterro as well. Actually the Japanese often use it that way around, but still.

    • Having read plenty of pixiv stuff on danbooru, I notice that most Japanese are rather practical in their usage of interrobang / banginterro.

      If it is a question said in a shocked tone, then it’s interrobang
      e.g. “Who’s there?!”

      If it is a shocking statement / rhetorical question, then it’s banginterro
      e.g. “They have dragons as well!?”

  2. I figured it out. This group is so dirty they don’t clean the shit from their fap-misted glasses before scanlating; it’s also why they’re most definitely not ripping off the people paying them for the worst kind of quality.

  3. I just started reading the manga yesterday after watching the first two episodes, and have also gotten into it. I got to the one of the panels you critiqued above, and remembered this article. I have to say, as meh as these scanlations are, they are a hell of a lot better than the gibberish I had to suffer for chapters 12-21 by “namakemono.” I’m convinced they just took whatever their “translator” gave them and copy-pasted onto the page.
    What really blows my mind is they put a watermark on every other page, like they truly believe they had achieved something great, that their work was the epitome of all scanlations (seen bottom right).

    Also, I concur on best girl. Tfw no oni onee-san lap to sit on

  4. 4 things that I figured out from this:

    1. Do NOT criticize mods/admins in any site
    2. Do NOT be constructive in Discord (at least from my own experience)
    3. You’re always upset
    4. I’m 6 months late into this.

  5. whatever the hell did you just tell the admin that got you banned from Discord, the hellpit on earth?? The admins in a server I joined in are always chill. XD

    I’m strongly curious on this even if I’m one year late.


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